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Pre-Owned AMD Ryzen 9 5900X (12C / 24T) - used with 24 month warranty £250 @ CeX

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Thought this was a pretty great deal on a 5900X. It's used, but it comes with a 2 year warranty, and given that the thing can't even be seen when in use I'm not sure how much more there is to take into account other than "does it work?".

Next lowest price I could find was £333 from Amazon in the Black Friday deals.

Added by @cyberbabenilorac

AMD Ryzen for CreatorsEncode, Render, Iterate. Create more with AMD Ryzen processors.

AMD StoreMI TechnologyAn easy way to expand and accelerate the storage in a desktop PC with an AMD Ryzen processor.

AMD Ryzen Master UtilityThe Simple and Powerful Overclocking Utility for AMD Ryzen processors.

Technical Details:
  • 3.7GHz.
  • AM4 CPU socket.
  • 12 CPU cores.
  • 24 Threads.
  • 6MB L2 and L3 cache.
  • TSMC 7nm FinFET processor technology for CPU cores.
  • Up to 4.8GHz Max. boost clock.
  • Unlocked for overclocking.
  • PCIe 4.0 express version.
  • DDR4 system memory type.
  • Up to 3200MHz system memory specification.
  • Windows 10- 64-bit edition RHEL x86 64-Bit ubuntu x86 64-bit OS support.
  • AMD zen 3 core architecture.
  • AMD storeMI technology.
  • AMD ryzen master utility.
  • AMD ryzen VR-ready premium.4062901-yuJyQ.jpg4062901-xyL8O.jpg4062901-Rn170.jpg

Store Finder:

CeX More details at CeX
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    What's the quiescent power on one of these beauties? Would love to have access to that amount of compute but not sure I can afford the electricity to run one!
    all depends onto what you will set this as, you can run this in eco mode 65w if the power is a concern, or using PBO boost this with around 185W, these cpus quite flexible in this terms plus you can undervolt and use curve optimizer lowering the power consumption and temps whilst keeping the most of its performance. ofcourse to use all of the above you will need an x370, b450, b550, x470, x570 with an up to date bios, can't do this on a320 a520 boards unfortunately (edited)
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    I was hoping these would drop a bit more but this deal has put paid to that idea :/

    I will wait for the 5950X to drop instead
    Top rules of HUKD:
    - never post about anything you actually want to buy unless you've already bought it (this is especially true for suspected misprices)
    - never post about anything you are hoping to come down in price.
    (Not that you are the OP!)
  3. Avatar
    Thanks! Just ordered! What's the best value for money motherboard for this CPU?
    I have an ASRock B550M Pro4 mATX Motherboard for my Ryzen 7 5800x, and I can peak at 5ghz clock, albeit briefly. So very happy with it. Paid £97 for it. Only issue is that it is now discontinued.

    There's a Gigabyte microatx from ebuyer for £79 currently. I think they'll be just fine.
  4. Avatar
    Is it me or why would you buy this instead of NEW 5 7600x for exactly same price and more performance?
    Depends on what motherboard and RAM you have already.
  5. Avatar
    To think I paid £710 quid for mine back in April 2021 - good price for a decent bit of kit
    I feel your pain although mine came bundled with a mobo which has sat in a drawer as I bought a better one!
  6. Avatar
    Bent pins ahoy
    Bent pins here, ahoy there matey!
  7. Avatar
    Burning smell comes free of charge
    Are you by any chance someone who hasn't kept up with the PC market in the last 5 years?

    You know AMD beat Intel for efficiency for quite a few years right? Only just similar now. (edited)
  8. Avatar
    Just sold my 3800x to them and got a voucher for 112 to buy this. Spot on
    I've sold my 3800x on Facebook marketplace for £200 last week, and there was huge interest in it. It sold in less than 1 day. I dont think you've got good deal from cex
  9. Avatar
    14 Core I5 13500 will make the price of these plummet
    No, because it's a 20-thread CPU while this is 24.
  10. Avatar
    I'm using a dual core. Oh my gawd at this
  11. Avatar
    Tough call. This is now effectively a niche upgrade chip for AM4 Users or somebody that wants to build a budget production rig. However it will become tough to find for exactly that reason.
  12. Avatar
    I bought this last week at this price from them it`s a nice boost for my production work.
  13. Avatar
    Ordered too thanks! Usually buy Intel ones without issue as they're pinless but AMD ones are a bit scary given what I've read here so fingers crossed.
  14. Avatar
    Amazing price
  15. Avatar
    I overclocked 12600kf almost to the level of 5900x In stock. Multi core that is, single core it beats it hands down. But I bought it new a year ago for £248. And this is 1 year later and used, should be cheaper! (edited)
    Zen 3 is almost a year older than 12th gen. It would be outright shocking and a complete failure if the 12600K couldn't even beat it in 1T.
  16. Avatar
    Got a 5950x from cex last year and that had loads of bent pins. Something as fragile as this is a bit risky to buy used.
  17. Avatar
    packaging is real bad. they throw away the plastic sleeve the cpu is supposed to be kept in. daft.
  18. Avatar
    Hmm, theyll give me 123 trade in for my 5600x.. Dont really need it, but tempting.
  19. Avatar
    Thanks op, bought and hoping it arrives in good condition. Upgrading from a 3900x 🏾 (edited)
  20. Avatar
    I bought a CPU from them before and via post it had no case, so had bent pins. I fixed it but still annoying.

    I got a 5900X from them last year but collected in-store. TAKE A CASE WITH YOU, THEY DON'T HAVE ANY.
  21. Avatar
    There's a seller on eBay selling the 5800x3d new for £300 if anyone is interested. They have been coming back in stock in batches of 3 every so often.
    Any chance I could get a link to that sellers storefront please, even if they don't have any right now
  22. Avatar
    I can't believe you guys cleared the cex stock.
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