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Posted 4 December 2022

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Processor (16C/32T, 72MB Cache, Up to 4.9 GHz Max Boost) £469.08 @ Amazon

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AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, AM4, Zen 3, 16 Core, 32 Thread, 3.4GHz, 4.9GHz Turbo, 72MB Cache, PCIe 4.0, 105W, CPU


The Fastest in the GameGET THE HIGH-SPEED GAMING PERFORMANCE OF THE WORLD’S BEST DESKTOP PROCESSORThe AMD Ryzen 9 5950X boasts a huge 16 Cores and 32 threads making this processor an ideal all rounder for gaming, content creators and to even power a high end workstation. When you have the world’s most advanced processor architecture for gamers and content creators, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are playing the latest games, designing the next skyscraper, or crunching data, you need a powerful processor that can handle it all—and more. Hands down, the AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series desktop processors set the bar for gamers and artists alike.

AM4CPU Socket

3.4GHzBase Clock

4.9GHzBoost Clock

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    Currently on a 3950x…

    Do folks think its worth it? My use case if mainly 3D rendering in Blender and Unreal Engine 4/5 and some gaming. GPU is a 4090. Appreciate any thoughts! (edited)
    Wouldn't recommend rendering on the CPU for blender unless you keep on running out of graphics memory. If you haven't already you should set your rendering device to GPU in blenders preferences, choose either CUDA or OptiX in the system section. If your working with cycles, you will need to go to the render tab and select GPU in the device menu

    Rendering times will be substantially lower than CPU.

    A lot more applications now favor GPU compute over CPU compute as GPU can be hugely faster

    For UE4/5 the GPU is more important and you already got one of the best, it'll be harder to CPU bound, one instance of CPU bounding might be high draw calls, but you could optimise that.

    For gaming its a bit more varied depending on title, you probably won't see huge gains. Might be good for games that are heavily CPU bound.

    Short answer, you probably don't need to upgrade. If you want extra frames in games you could save a bunch of money and get the 5600 or 5600X
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    mixed feelings about this considering 7950x is around £550ish
    (Yes I know 7950x is on am5, while 5950x is on am4) (edited)
    Only generally makes sense for an upgrade from a lesser AM4 chip.
    If building new, I would save £50 and buy the 7900X and put the saving towards the expensive AM5 boards.
    DDR5 isn’t too bad now unless you chase the high end.
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    I'm currently using a 5800x and am hoping to upgrade to this when it's circa £300 in a few years just to squeeze a little more out of AM4 before I upgrade to the latest platform.
    3700x here and was hoping to do the same thing with a 5900x but they're holding out on us.
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    Would this be any good for someone who wants to stream and game, cod, f1 and fortnite.
    My lad has 3700x, 2070 super, x570 mobo 16gb ram.
    But his games are struggling, having to turn all setting to low since unreal5 and the new updates of the games.

    That is more likely due to the 2070 Super if you are turning on things like DLSS, RTX and are gaming at 1440p

    Its a great card (I have a 2070 spare sitting here) but on modern AAA games its more a case of 1080p High/Med or 1440p Med/Low

    There are a couple of exceptions where certain games are poorly optimised (Warzone) or CPU intensive (RDR2) but you would get a better value boost from installing a 5600x, 5700x or 5800x
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    The price on this has dropped further to £478.08 at time of writing this comment... I will also add that people shouldn't forget about the "virtualization" benefits from a CPU with more cores such a 5900x or 5950x if you are so inclined to go down the route of running multiple OS's on one piece of hardware for example. (edited)
    Yes, Home LAb these would be great. The days of most of us needing Server Grade HArdware are behind us, for th e time being?? ;-p
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    As an AM4 upgrade this is a great chip (I have one) but now AM5 is the new standard I'd think very carefully about it. If you need this many cores then the AM5 7950X is probably what I'd go for. The only downsides about the new AM5 chips is that they use a lot more power and currently motherboards and RAM are quite expensive.
    Agreed, I would not be going AM4 on a totally new build (unless it was budget focused), but then AM5 is hard to justify at the moment too.

    However, this is a great upgrade for people on 3xxx CPUs, or even 5600x heavy users
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    The next gen is worth it over this, only a bit extra.
    It's not though
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    Certainly if you looking to save on a new gaming build or even a workstation the AM4 option is still a great option with lots of processing power paired with a GPU either RTX 3080 or RTX 3090 will out perform any game console second to non with good optimisation.

    Yes I agree the new platform AM5 is a bigger jump in a few areas but the issue is the bottleneck this lays with the CPU if running 1080p,1440p monitors as even a 5950x AM4 can not keep up with the RTX 3090 at the best of times computing and rendering the 3D graphic processing hand over to CPU and often will not allow the GPU to run 100% usage in high demand 3D games (Battlefield 2042) large maps multiplayer games at higher refresh rates max ultra settings constantly high FPS clock speeds at 1080p,1440p the CPU will have a more of a role in the gaming experience.

    A AM5 Would be possible a better middle ground if looking to run at high refresh rates ultra graphic settings gaming and utilise 100% of your GPU all the time.

    Don't get me wrong the above can be achieved with a 5950x with no noticeable differences with good user optimisation in windows and Nvidia control panel and a good OC and cooling but will often find the GPU will fluctuate its usage swing from 80-96% and not be a constant will drop where a new generation AM5 CPU paired with a RTX 3090 will keep up and utilise usage 96-100% of the time achieving better FPS