Posted 14 January 2023

AMD Ryzen 9 7900X CPU AM5 12 Core 24 Thread 4.7GHz Processor With Radeon Graphics - £413.36 with code @ Tech Next Day

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Cheapest this has ever been.

Model & Type
CPU Type AMD Ryzen™ 9
CPU Model 7900X
Socket AM5
Architecture Zen 4
Manufacturing Process 5 nm
Cores & Clocks
No. of Cores 12 Core
No. of Threads 24
Clock Speed 4.7 GHz
Turbo Speed 5.6 GHz
Turbo Speed (On 1 Core)
Unlocked CPU Yes
Bus Speeds
FSB/HT Speed
Memory Support
Max. Memory Size 128 GB
Max. Memory Speed DDR5 – 5200
Max. Memory Channels Dual (2)
ECC Memory Support Yes
Lanes & Features
Scalability 1 Socket/Processor ONLY
PCIe Lanes Supported 28
Integrated Graphics
Features Integrated Graphics Yes
Integrated Graphics Model/Type AMD Radeon
iGPU Compute Units N/A
iGPU Cores/Streams 2
iGPU Clock 2200 MHz
CPU Cache
L1 Cache 768KB
L2 Cache 12MB
L3 Cache 64MB
Smart Prefetch Cache
Thermals & Package
Max. TDP 170W
Thermal Specification 95 °C
Heatsink/Cooler Included? Not Included, Sold Separately
Package Type Retail
Tech Next Day More details at Tech Next Day
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  1. Avatar
    Bought the 5900X more than this just over a year ago. Shame the motherboards are still quite pricey.

    If you run this in ECO mode, 105W, you’ll pretty much the same performance with far lower temperatures, ~62C vs 95C+ on stock
    running my 7900x undervolted 0.1v with PBO -15 at 185W i get 82C max under prime95 with NH-D15 cooler, getting 30k points cinebench r23 bit more than my 5950x with PBO at 200+W
  2. Avatar
    I just can't justify these chips when we know the X3D versions are out In feb
    everyone thinks that but you will have to pay a premium regardless, cheapest 5800x3d i've seen is around £320 vs 5800x cheapest i've seen £180... not getting that much of an uplift as it costs, and at 4k doesnt matter which one you pick anyway
  3. Avatar
    I bought 5900x maybe 2 years ago for £500 great to see you can get something cheaper with higher performance yes boards are expensive

    Shame same can't be said for graphics cards :( 
  4. Avatar
    Thanks Op