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AMD Ryzen 9 7900X Retail - £428.55 Delivered @ Amazon

£428.55£439.993% off
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After monitoring pricing since launch, I saw this fluctuating the last few days between £439.99 and £428.55, I think it's a pretty good price for an actual Amazon stocked product. Whilst I appreciate the Tech Dealz price is a few pounds cheaper, I prefer purchasing from Amazon in case of any issues.

Just a side note the price changes between £439.99 and £428.55 multiple times a day so if it's showing £439.99, just check back after a few hours, that's what I did.

Hope this helps some others


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    Not sure why you would bother with a 7900X when a 13700K will trade places with it for less money for the CPU and the platform cost (e.g cheaper Z690 with choice of going with DDR4 or DDR5). The only thing the 13700K is missing is AVX512... (edited)
    AM5 motherboards should support the next 2-3 gens of Ryzen processors. Don't think the Z690/Z790 (LGA1700) will support the next gen Intel processors. I think Intel are moving from LGA 1700 to LGA 1851 for their next processors.
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    Anyone thinking about buying this for gaming should wait for the AMD 7800x3d. It should be available in about a month for a similar price and be a lot better.
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    Am5 cpu prices are getting better I think. DDR5 prices better than ever. I think it is the AM5 boards prices that need improving.
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    Yes keep going down
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    Bought 4 for my Kodi build.
    You what
    Do tell please
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    Up to 4.94% with Cardyard, so at least another £20 off
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    I think I would support AMD as they are doing much better, and whilst they aren't the good guys, intel need to know they can't fleece us anymore.

    Intels and nvidia have been feeding at the troughs of us Gamers far too long
    What? Intel is currently offering more performance per cost than AMD across all performance tiers.
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    Think I'll wait for PCIe 5.0 M2 Drives (Some have Fans or hugh Heatsinks)
    Nothing from Samsung yet.

    Gigabyte x570 v1.0 Master cost me £480.

    Early buyers always pay more.

    RAM is cheap though.

    Silent PC, PSU and GFX Card Fans have never turned on.
    Two Fans on the Radiator - very silent.

    The last Game I played was Bioshock 3 on a x58 MB + i7-920 CPU. (edited)
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    Same price I got the 5900x a year ago and that was an amazing deal then. Wish the GPUs were experiencing a better pricing situation.
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    Just a note for anyone thinking of buying this cpu. It features a chiplet design with two CCDs which can cause issues in certain games and apparently has particular problems on the Windows 11 22H2 update due to scheduling issues.

    If you are buying mainly for gaming, my recommendation is to go for the 7700x which is single CCD (and therefore doesn't suffer from these chiplet issues) and keeps up for the most part. In games which are sensitive to CCDs, it will feature much better minimum framerates.

    I own the 7700x and performance is roughly equivalent to the 12900k and the 13700k on a good day. Perfectly fine for 99% of titles and keeps my 4090 generally well fed. Only a couple of titles that are fiercely CPU limited cause any trouble eg Spiderman and in certain configurations, Cyberpunk.
    A 13600K will beat or match a 12900K or 7700X.
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    Price increased back to £439.99 at the time of writing.
    Check back in a few hours, it will revert back to £428.55, has been doing this for quite some time
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