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AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 3D Sixteen Core 5.70GHz (Socket AM5) Processor - Retail £749.99 + £7.99 delivery @ Overclockers

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The 16-core processor that can do it all with incredible performance from AMD for the most demanding gamers and creators. Plus, enjoy the benefits of next-gen AMD 3D V-Cache™ technology for low latency and even more game performance.

- 16- Core
- 32-Thread
- 5.7GHz Boost
- 144MB Cache (L1 Cache: 1MB / L2 Cache: 16MB / L3 Cache: 128MB)
- 120W TDP
- 5nm
Overclockers More details at Overclockers
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    If you're a gamer wait for 7800X3D, since the performance will likely be similar.
    If you need the cores for production get 7950X, since the performance will be better.
    Only if you need both of the above should you consider this product.
    Source: YouTube reviews for Gamers Nexus and Hardware Unboxed. (edited)
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    Been saying this since the announcement of these CPUs. If you’re just a gamer, wait for the 7800X3D. They’re the same clock, same cache, same cores and the same performance across the board. The only difference is in the normal cores which you’ll be turning off for gaming. All the fanboys come out telling me how wrong I am, then all the reviews come out confirming what I’ve been saying. It doesn’t take a genius to see behind AMDs marketing spin.

    That said Intels new socket will wipe the floor for these CPUs, so I’m waiting for that.
    Agreed 💯
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    Is that RRP or Overclockers being Overclockers?
    The video I saw yesterday seemed to showed the 13900k being neck and neck with it and I can get that on amazon £590. I dont understand the pricing.
    It's £50 overpriced. Hence the awch! The £ has been at $1.19 so this batch will be expensive in the UK. With the Northern Ireland deal yesterday the pound gone back over 1.2.
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    Waste of cache
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    What a beast... if only I had infinite money.
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    Become pre-order so I will now expire.
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    Broken scheduler means certain games fail to take into account the 3dcache gimmick, barely faster than a i9 in or even a i7 in gaming yet costs over £700, pair that with the insane motherboard costs its over £1k for a mobo and cpu when a i7 and mobo for £500 would be within 5% of it, poor poor value
    Captain Misinformation is back
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