AMD Threadripper 1950x CPU £899.50 @

AMD Threadripper 1950x CPU £899.50 @

Found 27th Aug 2017
Great price for the newly released Threadripper CPU, obvioulsy this deal isn't for the casual PC user, but those who require serious Multi threading capabilities.

I've just ordered one as I need the excellent number of PCI-E lanes, just need to find the workstation style board now!

Pricing is between €965-972, and if paying with a zero fee foreign currency card, even with the pants conversion is about £899, including the €6.00 shipping.

£90 off the best UK price is pretty good imo.
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£100 off the RRP? If I had the money I'd be getting this right now as it destroys Intel's offerings.
Heat added.
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Good price, I could get one but this is so overkill for my needs lol Heat added non the less
so now $999 equals £999 for computer components? lammmeee
adamspencer9526 m ago

so now $999 equals £999 for computer components? lammmeee

Winter is coming
adamspencer951 h, 0 m ago

so now $999 equals £999 for computer components? lammmeee

$999 is the price without any tax, or V.A.T. so add 20% to the converted dollar price, and you get about £1007 (£840 without V.A.T.)

hotttttttttttttttttt price

Amazing processor

16 cores at 4ghz
A CPU like this would be wasted on me but have some heat.
Will this run minecraft
tempt5 h, 41 m ago

Winter is coming

In their pants. Hot deal.
Great processor if you have the need for it, ill stick with my ryzen 1700x but this is a good deal for an already competitive priced chip.
Threadripper sounds like something my dad would call a decent loud fart.
Oooooh, Finally I can run Crysis!
tempt19 h, 31 m ago

Winter is coming

I think you'll find that it's here.
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