American Buffalo - Dustin Hoffman DVD - £2.96 @ uWish

American Buffalo - Dustin Hoffman DVD - £2.96 @ uWish

Found 14th Apr 2008
Deleted and being re-released in May, the cheapest price will be £9.99, but found it still in stock @ uWish!

Conning, Stealing And Lying Are All In A Day's Work.

Two-time Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman and two-time Emmy winner Dennis Franz deliver tour-de-force performances as volatile small-time hustlers in this edgy, electrifying story of trust, betrayal and loyalty gone dangerously awry. American Buffalo is a riveting study in human virtue and vulnerability from Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer David Mamet and director Michael Corrente.

For down-and-out junk dealer Don (Franz), life goes from unlucky to unbearable when he discovers that the rare, buffalo head nickel he just sold for $90 is worth ten times as much! Refusing to let himself be out-swindled, Don enlists the help of a young protege (Nelson) in a scheme to steal the coin back. But their plans are suddenly altered by the intrusion of Teach (Hoffman), a disturbingly aggressive would-be thief who badgers Don into cutting him in on the heist --a decision that carries explosive consequences for everyone involved

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Thanks, Never heard of this film but sounds good. Heat added.
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