AMERICAN Cheetos Cheese 90g Bag £1.29 in tesco!

AMERICAN Cheetos Cheese 90g Bag £1.29 in tesco!

Found 18th Jul 2013
Shocked to see these in tesco, probably like normal ones but wanted to try.
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I have bought these a few times but prefer the crunchy ones and to the puffs
These Cheetos you're seeing in Tesco's AREN'T the American Cheetos, they're actually made by a Polish company and not Frito Lays, they're not bad for a bag of cheese puffs but they're definitely not the American ones sadly.
£1.19 or 2 for £2 in morrisons, they do ketchup as well but cheese are best!

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And top cash back!
Euro trash not the Americans ones!

I would also like to see the various flavours of 'crunchy' in tesco stores. And wild cherry pepsi - I'm sure Cheetos, Pepsi and Tesco bosses are reading this post!
Yeah I'd like to see "crunchy" Cheetos in UK stores again. We don't need these, we already have Wotsits.
All the supermarkets need to bring the American style crunchy cheetos to the UK, they are amazing! Please supermarkets!
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