American Dad - Season 6 [3 x DVD's] - £10.95 @ + 3% Quidco

American Dad - Season 6 [3 x DVD's] - £10.95 @ + 3% Quidco

Found 3rd Jun 2012
Have been waiting ages to get this for less than £10.

I also used a 10% off voucher that was sent to me to get this for £9.85 + Quidco on top.

It's also the same price at Zavvi if you have a 10% off voucher from them.

Episode List:

In Country... Club
Moon Over Isla Island
Home Adrone
Brains, Brains, and Automobiles
Man in the Moonbounce
Shallow Vows
My Morning Straitjacket
G-String Circus
Rapture's DelightDon't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth
A Jones for a Smith
May the Best Stan Win
Return of the Bling
Cops & Roger
Merlot Down Dirty Shame
Bully For Steve
An Incident at Owl Creek
Great Space Roaster


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Original Poster

Well it's taken them over 2 weeks, but my order has finally shipped.
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