American Dad! - Volume 3  & American Dad! - Volume 4 DVD Boxsets £7.85* each delivered @ Zavvi

American Dad! - Volume 3 & American Dad! - Volume 4 DVD Boxsets £7.85* each delivered @ Zavvi

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Found 14th May 2010
Volume 3: -
From Mike Barker, Matt Weltzman and Seth MacFarlane, the twisted comedic mastermind behind Family Guy, comes another outrageous animated farce, the sublimely subversive American Dad! - C.I.A. weapons expert Stan Smith is back, keeping the homeland secure while alienating his family and terrorising his neighbours in the process. Whether he's saddling up for a mad cow cattle drive or destroying evidence of President Bush's drunken debauchery, Stand does whatever it takes to ensure domestic tranquility and make the world safe for democracy of the ultra-right-wing variety! Join the Smith family and Roger, their alcoholic pet alien, for this hilarious Volume Three of American Dad! God Bless America!
Three disc edition contains 18 hilarious American Dad Episodes!

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Season 4
From Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman and Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) comes this hilarious, star-spangled salute to the American race; American Dad! Attention, terrorists, pinkos, and hippies: your days are numbered! CIA Agent Stan Smith is back, stopping at nothing to make the world safe for right-wing democracy and provide for his outrageously dysfunctional extended family. Amid botched kidnapping and beefcake body doubles, Stan hosts a torturously funny CIA telethon; his wife, Francine, is reunited with her ex-fiancé; and resident-alien Roger hosts a booze-soaked spring break that may just push favourite son Steve all the way through puberty. God bless American Dad!

I like American Dad.

Better now that on TV, its finally went HD. It looks good in Widescreen as well now

Thanks, ordered. Don't forget Quidco.

I got series 1-3 for £25 a year or so ago, bought vol 4, and now waiting for vol 5 in mid-June.
Far more consistent that FamGuy, but still does that irritating frequent digs at anything British that FamGuy has an annoying habit of doing (still got all THEIR dvd's too though) The digs at Britain were reasonably funny at first, then "THIS again ?" then "Jesus wept...change the f*****g record will you ?"
What doesn't show Yanks up well is that it's sparked a genuine belief that all Brits had bad teeth* and were gay.
I understand Americans view of the world was set by TV, but cartoons ?
And they honestly believe every word, which doesn't say a great deal for them.

Still - apart from that little rant, love the series, and regard it as FAR better than the Cleveland show (And I think Cleveland is great)

* Like everything else FamGuy, they even nicked this idea from the Simpsons, who haven't went on and on and on and on....about it.

Coming up as £17.85 and code not being accepted :-(


Coming up as £17.85 and code not being accepted :-(

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