American Gangster £9 in store at asda DVD
American Gangster £9 in store at asda DVD

American Gangster £9 in store at asda DVD

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american gangter 9 pound at asda not sure if its online too

- littlehoneyz


awful film imho!

Awww.. is it?

I was thinking of getting this for my Hubby for Easter.

Brilliant film!

perhaps one for the guys but i found it really really dull departed is a much better film imo

well i have no idea how this film is, but comparing this film to the godfather is this any good?

good film, good price, definately.

gonna watch tonight on HD
pushing 3 hours but am expecting greatness after the hype

Good price, not so good movie !

Save your money and rent it, you wont have the patience to watch it all again.

definitely bad when compared to the godfather. I've not seen the extended edition (is this the standard or EE?) but I doubt it does much to fix that.

Departed is ace, this story is not as good, nor as good as We Own The Night but as it's basically a true story that sold it to me. Russel Crowe is totally underused but D Washington is very charismatic- almost as good as in Man On Fire IMO

whilst we're on this genre, can I recommend 'Inside Man' with Denz and Clive Owen- an amazing story, great twists, and available for £3 almost everywhere.

That is a very good film I agree

This is also in morrisons for £9 at the moment

i am a big denzil washinton fan, i thought the movie was not his best, but i enjoyed it none the less, its a very slow movie, with a great cast and a few good scenes, a lot of the film is spent building up to the end which was a bit of a let down.

I thought this film was very disappointing. It's overlong and challenging to get through. I kept on waiting for something to happen and when something finally did you'd think the tempo would move up a bit - but it didn't at all.

Films like this are best left to Scorcese.

i liked this move, at least it was interesting.

same price at tesco jersey

hmmm theres alot of mixed views on this film, well i have godfather, goodfellas, scarface, and was wondering if this is worth adding to the collection, but i dont know now since theres a lot of mixed ratings lol.

For £9 take a punt. There were a lot of 'overlong, no real story' reviews of The Godfather back in 72! Might be more fair to compare this with films like Donnie Brasco, but what do I know, I still think Miami Vice is one of the best films ever made!

I have to say that this isn't the best film ever. I would give it 4 out of 10

ahhhhh see you got one person saying mite as well what you got to lose now another one saying no, so meaning its a 50/50 vote lol.

Brilliant film!

Excellent film :thumbsup:

good film but there are beta ones and im sure this price will be lower soon too
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