American Gangster / Gladiator / Black Hawk Down £4.99 delivered @ Play.com
American Gangster / Gladiator / Black Hawk Down £4.99 delivered @ Play.com

American Gangster / Gladiator / Black Hawk Down £4.99 delivered @ Play.com

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American Gangster: Drug-kingpin Frank Lucas smuggles heroin into the US by hiding it with the bodies of soldiers killed during battle in Vietnam. By delivering a product that is far superior to his competitors, Lucas has rapidly established his status as Harlem's most innovative drug dealer. While Lucas delicately constructs his own criminal empire, Richie Roberts (Russell Crowe), one of the few honest detectives in a corrupt system, senses a sizeable shift within the hierarchy of the drug underworld and sets out to investigate this hitherto unknown power player that has come out of the shadows to dominate the drug trade. But with Detective Trupo (Josh Brolin), Roberts' crooked and jealous colleague, wanting to obstruct and ruin the integrity of his idealistic counterpart, Roberts is left with little option other than to take desperate measures to end Lucas' rule in Harlem.

Gladiator: The great Roman General Maximus (Russell Crowe) has once again led the legions to victory on the battlefield. The war won, Maximus dreams of home, wanting only to return to his wife and son; however, the dying Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) has one more duty for the general - to assume the mantle of his power. Jealous of Maximus' favor with the emperor, the heir to the throne, Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), orders his execution - and that of his family. Barely escaping death, Maximus is forced into slavery and trained as a gladiator in the arena where his fame grows. Now he has come to Rome, intent on avenging the murder of his wife and son by killing the new emperor; Commodus...

Black Hawk Down: Ridley Scott directs this fast moving action adventure about the disastrous mission in Somalia on October 3, 1993 where nearly 100 U.S. Army Rangers, commanded by Capt. Mike Steele, were dropped by helicopter deep into the capital city of Mogadishu to capture two top lieutenants of a Somali warlord which leads to a large and chaotic firefight between the Rangers and hundreds of Somali gunmen which destroys two U.S. Black Hawk helicopters in Mogadishu.


nice find amibees

Such a great box set.

Anybody know if this is the steelbook edition?


Wow that's cheap!

great price bought it

voted hot buddy =]

Cracking price, all gr8 films, scorcher me thinks!!!!!

Great Movies...Cracking Deal...Hot from me!


Anybody know if this is the steelbook edition?

From the picture I'd say yes, plus play don't normally state these as steelbook versions when they are:thumbsup:

yep its a steel, might get it even though i have the films in other steelbooks as i have every uk steelbook release, well except this lol.
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