American Gods £4.55 @ Book Depository

American Gods £4.55 @ Book Depository

Found 31st May 2017
Watched the new show, now read the book ! £8.99 retail price.
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Cheaper at Amazon £3.85 - though obviously have to spend £10 on books for free delivery, £or 20 if buying other things (or have Prime)…547
Read the book then watch show... same with GOT
Got it for 99p on Kindle a few months ago ...…450

Really interesting book ... bizarre, but good ...
Hope it's better than the show; 'cause it's pants

Hope it's better than the show; 'cause it's pants

​yeah im having a hard time making out whats going on in the show (im only on episode 3)
I almost gave up but episode 4 was really good. Had a plot and everything!
The book is an awesome read. Based on the premise that "Gods" are real and that they get their powers from worshippers. Great idea (also used by Terry Pratchett in the Small Gods DiscWorld book). Some of the characters used by Gaiman here also appear in "Anansi Boys" which is also worthy of a read and more lightweight and funnier than Gods. Basically anything by Gaiman usually is good. Personally I would recommend "Neverwhere", a book about an alternate London (Knightsbridge is a Bridge with a Knight on it, Black Friars is a monastery with Black Monks, the Gap is actually a real monster on the underground "Mind The Gap" etc) conceived with, of all people, Lenny Henry, "The GraveYard Book" which is all about a young child running away from home and getting brought up by ghosts in the local cemetery (not as weird and macabre as it sounds) and "Good Omens" co written with Terry Pratchett about the coming of the antichrist. Very funny. Oh and theres the standard fodder of "Stardust" & "Coraline" of course, both of which got turned into successful films in their own right. Basically the guy is just imaginative and anything he writes is basically worth a read.
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