American Gothic Boxset (6 Discs) £12.99 + Free Delivery @ Play.com
American Gothic Boxset (6 Discs) £12.99 + Free Delivery @ Play.com

American Gothic Boxset (6 Discs) £12.99 + Free Delivery @ Play.com

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Found on Play.com
Posted for those who may find it of interest.
4% Quidco I believe
also available on Amazon at £12.98
will post amazon link below.

Hope it's of help



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Amazon link :thumbsup:

Remember watching it years back, shame they ended it after only one season.

Remember this, it was great.

Worth ordering at this price, H&R to you!

Could never quite believe AG was cancelled to make more Zena!

The yanks never did like anything that required any sort of attention span...

excellent series,heeeaaaattt

Best, most dark, series I have ever watched on TV.

Well recommended.

Buy it.

Bought it about 6 years ago from fleabay from a tv dvd recording (very low quality).

Worth noting that the order of the episodes on the discs is not the order to watch them in. They were aired out of ordered when originally shown on telly and the discs are in the same order. Also four episodes were not shown at all. Hence if you watch them disc by disc it doesn't make sense sometimes and things happen out of order. The correct sequence to watch them is:

A Tree Grows in Trinity
Eye of the Beholder
Damned If You Don't
Potato Boy
Dead to the World
Meet the Beetles
Strong Arm of the Law
To Hell and Back
The Beast Within
Ring of Fire
The Plague Sower
Doctor Death Takes a Holiday
Learning to Crawl
Echo of Your Last Goodbye
The Buck Stops Here

Indeed paulgee31 I agree!?

The American Gothic boxset, I bought my girlfriend was in order. Can't remember which boxset it was, but play.com no longer seem to sell it. Great series, very weird and dark. Just a shame it ended too soon.
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