American Pie Presents Band Camp £3.97 @ Tesco & £3.98 @ Amazon

American Pie Presents Band Camp £3.97 @ Tesco & £3.98 @ Amazon

Found 10th Mar 2010
American Pie Presents Band Camp

£3.97 @ Tesco

£3.98 @ Amazon

The "Stiffmeister" legacy lives on in this installment of the wildly popular teen comedy series that finds Steve Stifler's younger brother Matt (Tad Hilgenbrinck) sentenced to a summer at band camp after a wild school prank goes awry. It seems that mischief runs in the family, and when Matt is told that he has to spend the entire summer surrounded by trombones and clarinets, he plans a serious of outrageous pranks in a bid to make the best of his nerdy new surroundings. As the summer and the hormones heat up, Stifler sets up a series of hidden cameras in hopes of catching some revealing images of the nubile "bandies." When Stifler reconnects with his long-lost childhood sweetheart, Elyse (Arielle Kebbel), while serving out his sentence, the blossoming romance between the pair forces the perpetual prankster to consider the prospect of curbing his bad-boy ways. Original American Pie star Eugene Levy returns to offer some helpful advice for the band-camp bound Stifler sibling.


great film

who buys this rubbish?

£3.83 delivered here -
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