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2017 DISNEY AND UNIVERSAL COMBO TICKET (Adults £529, 3-9yrs £509) American Attractions
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Posted 22nd Sep 2017Posted 22nd Sep 2017
2017 DISNEY AND UNIVERSAL COMBO TICKET (Adults £529, 3-9yrs £509) American Attractions£529
Was looking at prices as I am going in November and been waiting for them to drop. The Adult prices are normally £540+ and the Kids (3-9) are normally £520+. I've never actually u… Read more

Save some money and don't buy 14 day passes, majority never return for a 2nd day so no need for them.


Glad it helped someone :)


Great deal, bought the 14 day Disney passes as cheapest they have been for a while now


These tickets went up a lot last year, but the £ to $ exchange rate has improved recently so I'm holding out for some Xmas sale price drops for the 2018 ones. I'm going to Disney World with the kids next April and 14 Day Disney only tickets are almost £400 each at the moment.


I booked ages ago. Got Flights and accommodation in Old Town for £1300 for me and the Girlfriend. There has been loads of deals for cheap flights as of late on here though - or use that skyscanner thing.

14 Day Disney Orlando Florida Ultimate Ticket With Memory Maker & Fastpass £349
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Posted 21st May 2017Posted 21st May 2017
14 Day Disney Orlando Florida Ultimate Ticket With Memory Maker & Fastpass £349£349
American Attractions have cut the price of their Disney tickets down to £349 for adults and £329 for young kids . Cheapest I could find for the Ultimate Ticket With Memory Maker an… Read more

This has expired now, price increased still cheapest I can fined though


5 months 2 late


My Experience is very different to yours! We did do all the parks, some like Universal and Magic Kingdom a few times each. If you apply yourself, use fastpass you can get round the parks in a day easily - half a day if there are some rides and attractions you are not interested in (Small World for example...) and you time it well using the app to check queue lengths before heading to the next thing. Disney and the fast pass system especially means you can do all the rides you want in the morning, then you get another fastpass. If you set that for a time that gives you enough time on the way then you are laughing. You just need to book FP a few days in advance to get the early slots. So we definitely managed to do it all and have a few days not doing the parks at all. We found the parks are only about a 10 minute drive apart too, however you would have to factor in leaving and entering in that time too. I expect the main thing here was that we were 2 adults, no kids. That will massively change the pace. Also not having to queue to meet Mickey Mouse and Elsa saves you a ton of time ;)


Loads of great replies here. This is my first time to Orlando but those Im traveling with have been 5, 6, 7 times so will rely on their experiences and go with the flow :D Ps we got our flights with BA, cheaper than all the holiday airlines!


​We went at the beginning of December one year and found it really quiet, Doing our research showed it to be the quietest time for parks. Plus everywhere looked lovely with all the Xmas decorations. Check out The Dibb website, full of great advice about Disney by mostly uk people.

Disney & Universal Combo Ticket including Universal’s Volcano Bay £505 @ American Attractions
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Posted 18th Feb 2017Posted 18th Feb 2017
Disney & Universal Combo Ticket including Universal’s Volcano Bay £505 @ American Attractions£505
Me & the Mrs are off to Florida again later this year so have been doing the rounds looking for the cheapest park tickets online. We always do all Disney & Universal parks … Read more

Hi. Yeah seems they have shot up since the start of April across all sellers. I got back from Florida on Thursday and it was pretty straight forwards. Basically if buying from Thomson or any seller that says "voucher codes" rather than sending you actual tickets, what you will get is a booking code to enter into the website. DISNEY: If it's 30 days before the start date of your ticket, go to yourparkcode and enter your Thomson reference, you will then be given a Disney 'Will Call' number which you can then print and exchange at the ticket booth of a Disney park or Disney springs for you actual park tickets. For universal, just take the voucher code Thomson issue you, they will scan and swap for real tickets, if staying on site at a universal hotel most hotels have a ticket booth on site to save you queuing at Park customer ticket booths. Hope that helps?


Not sure what you mean here could you clarify please: Switch codes for tickets ? Clicking thorugh £547 - maybe gone up?


Best Price for a while cheers OP, if your happy to exchange voucher codes for the real tickets when your there, then this deal can be had for £459.612 Adult £434.69 child through Thomson as well. After going through far to many sites and comparing prices, it seems that even for 3 or 4 days this is cheaper than Magic Your Way tickets etc. EDIT: Those prices are only up to April 2017, after that they go up to adults: £489.61 children £463.03 (3-9 years)


Think the wdw ones are non hopper thou and cheap... if you consider min $110 pp cheap for a day lol


Sorry no, generally though you can buy 1 day passes there in many of the gift stores they have. They're usually quite cheap but the $ to £ rate may affect that at the moment

Kennedy Space Centre Orlando Adult Tickets same price as kids for Ltd Time now £29 @ American Attractions
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Posted 15th Jan 2017Posted 15th Jan 2017
Kennedy Space Centre Orlando Adult Tickets same price as kids for Ltd Time now £29 @ American Attractions£29
American attractions are selling adult tickets for same price as childrens for a limited time only. Adult tickets are usually over $50,some sites seling adult tickets from £37 upwa… Read more

We're going this august, i cant wait!


Did it a couple of years ago - amazing! Kids loved it - shuttle reveal is emotional. Wife wasn't really looking forward to it but she was blown away and it's on her 'must do' list for our next visit.


I mean PAYDAY5


Update: if you order via Floridatix website and use code PAYPAL5 you get extra 5% discount


Put Trump and Netanyahoo on a one way ticket to Mars

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Posted 28th Dec 2016Posted 28th Dec 2016
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deal finished all disney sites prices back up sale started boxing day monday


Showing at £295 before the code?


These tickets are relatively cheap as it is, when compared to prices on the gate. We paid $110 per person for 1 day's entry to Magic Kingdom, so to get 14 days for all these parks for anything under £300 is a bargain IMO.:{


Only £6 off?

Disney World 2017 - 14 Day Adult Ticket Reduction
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Posted 14th Dec 2016Posted 14th Dec 2016
Disney World 2017 - 14 Day Adult Ticket Reduction£297
Had heard a rumour a couple of weeks back these prices were set to drop on the 15th December, looks like it was right! Yes I know it's expensive, but definitely a hot deal compare… Read more
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Sorry for delay. Yes I rang to book mine, but she assured me it would lock in the prices.The official Disney site is running a similar discount also.


Is there any offers on for Disney California?


Thank you OP I've bought mine with MSE discount too! Very happy as I've been waiting for these to drop missed out two weeks ago! They honoured MSE discount even though I hadn't entered it correctly excellent customer service!


Thank you Ski


I spoke to Orlando Attractions and they said it would be until March next year but it is a chance you take. I also spoke to American Attractions and they will give you a quote that lasts for 7 days if that helps?

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14day unlimited access Busch Gardens, Seaworld, Aquatica, Legoland Florida 2015 £109pp American Attractions
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Posted 1st Apr 2015Posted 1st Apr 2015
14day unlimited access Busch Gardens, Seaworld, Aquatica, Legoland Florida 2015 £109pp American Attractions£109
Great priced alternative to the usual Disney or Universal Studios. Last time I bought these I only used the Legoland tix (due to party member poorly) and then sold the others on w… Read more

With this ticket you really wouldn't need any other ticket


Nice find

14 Day Combi Ticket For Orlando SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens £80, FREE Delivery @ American Attractions.
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Posted 16th Feb 2014Posted 16th Feb 2014
14 Day Combi Ticket For Orlando SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens £80, FREE Delivery @ American Attractions.£80
SeaWorld®, Aquatica™ and Busch Gardens® - Three great Florida parks, one great ticket, one low price! With the 3-Park SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens Ticket enjoy UNLIMITED a… Read more

Worth checking out - - for those thinking of visiting.



Can't find anything about the ultimate package referred to in an earlier post. Can anyone help me find info and prices.


Discovery cove is a must if you go to Orlando and aquatica is great for kids of all ages.


All amazing places well worth purchasing tickets before going. We visited them all kore than once in our 14 day holiday

Universal Orlando 6 Park Combo Ticket - £185 with American Attractions
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Posted 23rd Apr 2012Posted 23rd Apr 2012
Universal Orlando 6 Park Combo Ticket - £185 with American Attractions£185
Currently researching tickets for Orlando holiday and noticed this one. You get the same parks as included in the Orlando FlexTicket Plus £14 cheaper, with the advantage that you g… Read more

We are off to Orlando in September, looking for tips on food costs, clothing etc, whats it cost to play a round of golf? anyone care to share some info? Thanks




Best price I have found for these parks... but does this ticket include unlimited access to all the parks throughout the 14 days? And can you go to more than one of the parks in one day?


yeah they are valid for 14 days from 1st use so you could do whatever you want within the 14 days.


Does anyone know if these tickets allow you to park-hop? Thanks

Disney's 14 Day Ultimate Ticket, 14 days for the price of 7! Book by 30 April., Adult £229, Child £209 At American Attractions!
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Posted 19th Apr 2012Posted 19th Apr 2012
Disney's 14 Day Ultimate Ticket, 14 days for the price of 7! Book by 30 April., Adult £229, Child £209 At American Attractions!£229
For a limited period American Attractions is offering a 2012 Disney 14 Day Ultimate Ticket for the same price as a Disney 7 Day Premium Ticket. That’s 7 additional days entrance to… Read more

Since I said it was a bit of a waste for new visitors, I'll back that up... These all count as extra days. So if you've got a 5 day pass, you get an extra 5 days to spend at water/"more" locations. I've only gone to Disneyquest once and spent most of the morning and then most of the afternoon there with my kids. My four other "extra" days were at the two waterparks (for pretty much a full day each time). So, talking just about hopping because you want to see the fireworks in another park at the end of the day - I'd suggest that most new visitors would be happy with the current park's fireworks rather than hopping. Others have said it, and I'd agree, you'd need a holiday if you spent anywhere near 14 days in parks in the course of two weeks! Never seen that before - is that always people renting out their annual passes with a deposit and promise that the user won't attempt to use them to enter the park (and will return them) ?


Aii, I do know what your saying re: faffing about, getting in and out of parks etc. but we like to start early, siesta by the pool for the afternoon, then hit Epcot for dinner and cocktails at about 7pm etc ;) Staying a whole day from start to finish Is pretty tough on the old feet and would personally drive me a bit mickey mad. Lol. :)


I have used these at least 3x and on all occasions they allowed for 2 weeks unlimited entry to any disney park.

actress Thinking of using this this year, reviews look OK so long as you don't take deliver to hotel option.


Again, horses for courses. I think you're paying quite a premium to hop to see fireworks or the like - why not just stay in that park when you visit it to do that? In 9 visits we did it only once and wouldn't do it again. It may be suitable for some people but it never has been for us - in practice we just never found the need to. The parks are massive and all the walking and waiting is very tiring - we always go when it's hot so maybe that doesn't help, but just the time spent leaving one park, finding your car, driving to another park and then parking and getting into that park takes at least an hour, possibly more. But I guess everybody is different.

Orlando 5 Park Combi Ticket - £153 @ American Attractions
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Posted 19th Apr 2011Posted 19th Apr 2011
Orlando 5 Park Combi Ticket - £153 @ American Attractions£153
5 park orlando combo ticket - universal studios, universal islands of adventre, seaworld, aquatica, busch gardens. child price age 3-9 is £139 . orders over £400 get £5 off.
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if you look at prices for this year will give you a good idea. they tend to be really cheap the later you book


Good price will take a look


For me discovery cove was the best, swim with dolphins and all food etc included. That ticket includes entry to sea world, busch gardens, aquatica. Then bought separate deals to include universal and Disney etc.


another tip is to go to the time share meetings if your budget is tight. my friend did this it said 4 hours was more like 6 hours they provide lunch and stuff and they sell you half price ticket bundles for disney or combinations of your choice. handy if there is a lot in your party to buy tickets for lol


Final tip is get your Disney world tickets from a local Disney store in the UK, slightly cheaper than the agents at 220 for adults and you get them in hand.

Best Price I've found for 6 park combo ticket Orlando £177 @ American Attractions
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Posted 23rd Jun 2010Posted 23rd Jun 2010
Best Price I've found for 6 park combo ticket Orlando £177 @ American Attractions£177
6-Park Orlando Combo Ticket The amazing value 6-Park Orlando Combo Ticket is the cheapest way to visit 6 of Orlandos best loved Parks this summer. In addition to SeaWorld Orlando, … Read more
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Thanks for that. I looked at this site last week and the offer was free Congo River Golf. I'll have a think about it. We don't eat out much when we go over. We're BBQ freaks!


we're going this year ...just been looking . we're going to go to discovery cove so its acually cheaper do do the ultimate discovery cove (includes unlimited Seaworld, Aquatica and Busch gardens) - costs £196 for adults. if i then add on the universal tickets, they're £85 for the 2 day ticket which works out at 281 all in. 281 for discovery cove, busch, Aquatica, seaworld, universal, universal IofA. if i booked discovery cove plus the 5 park ticket it works out 316 so I'm well chuffed with that :) off to look now to see if i can get universal for cheaper than 85 lol (edit...found them for 83 so far... edit...82...


Aquatica is included in the 5 park ticket and is much better than Wet & Wild, I would go for the 5 park ticket too ;-)


We stay in the Quality Inn Plaza on i drive it very nice with exellent service really clean and we going back again in September x:roll::roll::roll::roll:


ah right...missed that. ive found this...not sure if its any good to you? £179 for adults, £166 for kids but they give you a kids eat free card with the tickets (worth £10 each )