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Having issued over 100 million cards, American Express is one of the biggest credit card providers in the world. Offering a range of different packages, American Express also make plenty of customer deals available to card holders, all of which can be found at HotUKDeals. Read more

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£5 cashback at Tescos & other retailers via Foursquare and Amex
Found 2nd Jun 2012Found 2nd Jun 2012
£5 cashback at Tescos & other retailers via Foursquare and Amex
Basically, if you have an American Express card and check into various shops using Foursquare - including Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge, Eat, House of Fraser, Nando’s, PizzaExpress, Pri… Read more
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Ever since the new update its stopped working. I managed to get the Nandos one before it broke spend £10 get £10 back


Would be great if this works on supplementary cards as well


Used this for the first time today, £10 back at Pizza Express, also used my Taste card, so pretty good deal, seems the 1 statement credit per card applies to each retailer as now when I look at other branches of Pizza Express the offer no longer appears, although all the other offers do, i.e. Tesco, Primark etc. Hope this the case anyway, plan on visiting all the others :)) I guess I could create a foursquare account for my other amex cards too and get all the offers again? And I wonder how it would work with my supplementary cards?... Beyond the intiail launch offers, I doubt the offers will be this generous in future..


There is a limit of "1 statement credit per Card" Any ideas what this means?


NO ....... You will only get the first one back, read the t&c's (only 1 cash back per card) apologies if you have 2 different cards.

£10 credit for £10 spend at selected retailers using Amex & foursquare
Found 30th May 2012Found 30th May 2012
£10 credit for £10 spend at selected retailers using Amex & foursquare
American Express has announced a partnership with foursquare. Sync your American Express credit card to your foursquare account and get special offers when you check in. At the mom… Read more

There is a limit of "1 statement credit per Card" Any one managed to find out what this means?


That's what I trying to find confirmation of!


I spotted this last night, brilliant! I think it is once per retailer at one branch until 15 August (when all current offers expire), maybe offers will be refreshed/repeated/changed then! How ace, it's basically £100 of free stuff, and vouchers can be used as as long as you spend £10 it doesn't seem to matter what on! Sooo glad I'm an Amex customer!


That's what it sounds like to me as well, but looks like you can only do 1 per statement.


I think I understand what I have to do. It reads quite complicated but I think that you have to put foursquare on your mobile, register your card at Amex with the app. Then when you visit somewhere, you have to log into 4square and pay with Amex, if there is a deal, you get cashback within a week on Amex statement. Correct me if I am wrong.

Amex Customers - Unlimited Gadget & Possesion Cover - ZERO EXCESS for £9.99 per month
Found 10th Mar 2012Found 10th Mar 2012
Amex Customers - Unlimited Gadget & Possesion Cover - ZERO EXCESS for £9.99 per month
Amex are doing insurance for phones ipad etc- unlimited for households, and a range of other products for only 9.99 a month, they rang me and also offered me 30 days FREE! The gre… Read more

My thoughts exactly, a year I thought, would have been nice. House cover will have to do


I thought "yay" then I read per month. Depends on your gadgets I guess. Most of mine could be fixed or replaced for £120


£9.99 a month is good?


Close on £120 pa? That's pretty expensive for what it covers.


is that expensive? or an unbelievable bargain?

£25 credit to your Amex account for using card 8 times
Found 9th May 2011Found 9th May 2011
£25 credit to your Amex account for using card 8 times
Earn £25 on the little things too You could earn a £25 statement credit just for using your American Express Card. It couldn’t be easier, just follow these three steps: Register … Read more

I've expired it - please feel free to do the same. :)


no invite for me either, but i logged in to my account and went to shopping offers and they had a printable voucher to get a £10 gift voucher when you spend £90 instore at Argos.


Remind me to invite you to my next party.


As this is by invite only, maybe this deal should be expired?


Think that makes it pretty clear if you dont have an 'official' invite you wont be able to register

SPG Amex - Free for the year plus 15000 SPG points (After £1K spend)
Found 7th May 2011Found 7th May 2011
SPG Amex - Free for the year plus 15000 SPG points (After £1K spend)
OK here is the deal. Amex give you the first year free worth £75. After spending £1K in the first three months they give you 15000 SPG Points which can buy upto 5 free nights in a … Read more

aliandk the interest rate is far lower as you do not pay the £75 charge in the first year.


So it's such a great deal it's still being voted cold! If it was that good it would be scorching! The minority of you who have the cash to pay it off every month, then good luck! But to some (not me) - the temptation to not pay is just too much to pass. They are not idiots, but weak. I just don't believe in promoting a credit card with a 35% interest rate. I am entitled to my opinion and you wanted to know why you were getting voted cold, so I explained why I had......


Voted hot, good post OP. Just because some people may spend money they don't have doesn't make this deal cold!!! For most people this should be a good deal, saving money on annual fee, getting SPG points and nights for free.


So, by this logic, all alcohol deals on HUKD should be voted cold because 4% of the population have issues with alcohol abuse? Heat added. Seems like a good deal. I expect everyone using this site (as intelligent consumers) reap the rewards of credit cards rather than using their debit card for purchases.


Done - applied and accepted :) For people voting cold just because it's a credit card, have a read of this article and you might understand why credit cards aren't always evil... (_;) As long as you pay them off at the end of each month you don't incur any interest charges (and you can set the card up to pay itself off automatically when you get paid) so the freebies are basically 'money for nothing'!

Use your MBNA American Express to shop at Tesco (£30 minimum spend) to get 500 point extra up to 2500 points
Found 12th Mar 2011Found 12th Mar 2011
Use your MBNA American Express to shop at Tesco (£30 minimum spend) to get 500 point extra up to 2500 points
*** THIS PROMOTION MAY ONLY BE VALID FOR EXISTING MBNA AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD HOLDER *** Spent £30 or more on your MBNA American Express credit card at Tesco (in store, at petrol f… Read more
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Nope ..... but MBNA issues Amex card ........ ;)


Merchant Offer Terms: The following Merchant Offer Terms are specific to the Merchant Offer above: The Tesco Clubcard Programme (the “Programme”) offers registered Cardholders 500 Tesco Clubcard points upon completion of a credit card purchase of £30 or more on their registered MBNA American Express Credit Card at Tesco (in-store, at Petrol Filling Stations and online at Cardholders who participate in this offer can earn a maximum of 2,500 Tesco Clubcard points. You will need to register at with a valid Tesco Clubcard number. If you do not have a Tesco Clubcard, please call 0800 59 16 88 to register into the scheme. The Programme starts on 28 February and ends on 31 March 2011 (inclusive) and is available to Cardholders with a valid MBNA American Express Credit Card issued by MBNA in the UK only. Eligible Cardholders will receive a direct mail or email invitation to register for the Programme and, in order to participate, must have received a confirmation email of their registration into the Programme. Only one registration per Cardholder account is permitted. Only credit card purchases made on the MBNA American Express Credit Card registered in the Programme are eligible for this Programme. Card purchases made on another unregistered credit card account or additional Cardholders with a different credit card account number are not eligible for this Programme. You will receive your extra Tesco Clubcard points with your 2011 Tesco Clubcard statement. In order for your points to be awarded to your Tesco Clubcard, American Express will share your Tesco Clubcard number with Tesco for the purpose of awarding the points under the Programme. Tesco Clubcard terms and conditions apply, visit for details. This offer excludes any financial or insurance related products, products that are excluded from the Clubcard Scheme (for example baby formula, prescription medicines and tobacco), Esso Fuel purchases and vouchers or services from a third party which is associated with Tesco. The offer is only valid for transactions made in the United Kingdom. You must not be in breach of the Clubcard terms and conditions or your credit card’s terms and conditions (so, for example, if you are late making any payment due on your card, you will be unable to earn or redeem Reward Points/Miles until your balance is back below the credit limit). Where MBNA believes that there has been a breach of the terms and conditions on your Card, MBNA may withdraw Reward Points/Miles already awarded.


I have just got an mbna amex card linked with american airlines. they are offering frequent flyer mileage for every £ spent on such things as groceries, petrol etc from UK supermarkets. if amex/tesco are offering extra points then this is a good deal!


Mbna and Amex the same company? Eh?

£15 of gift vouchers when you spend £60 on Toys instore Argos when using amex card
Found 26th Nov 2010Found 26th Nov 2010
£15 of gift vouchers when you spend £60 on Toys instore Argos when using amex card
Recieved a mailing from amex for various Christmas offers. In in was one for argos, free £10 gift voucher when you spend £60 on toys and pay using … Read more

yes should work with all amex cards


Great find!


Have some heat! Nice one - voucher printed. Will this work with my Llloyds TSB AMEX?


No follow the link print the page off take into argos and pay with amex I did not need to log into my account to do this offer and it seems open to all amex users you also can print off addition vouchers if you intend buying more toys from argos



£25 when you spend at 8 out of 18 places using Amex* (T&Cs apply)
Found 23rd Nov 2010Found 23rd Nov 2010
£25 when you spend at 8 out of 18 places using Amex* (T&Cs apply)
Sorry, this offer is applicable to AMEX cardmembers only. Offer open to first 9000 cardmembers who register on URL for details, visit… Read more

I've just got this invitation through the mail.... a bit displeased that the campaign started early November, but only just got the invite... I suppose it means that I'm not a "priority" customer!! But quite a hot deal as no limit to minimum spend... so could go in and get a pack of gum, and it counts. 8 retailers is quite a bit, but if you consider Pret and WHSmith, BP, and Boots as <£1 spends, and then maybe HMV at £3 for a cheapo DVD and one Nandos and one Waga meal, then you only have to shop once more at the other merchants left to get £25.


All these deals are by invite only - so not all Amex cardholders can apply.


Worked for me and I haven't had the invatation!!


This is by invitation only. Tried my Amex, but it said, sorry - this is by invitaion only.

Get 1000 Clubcard points when using American Express on 2 x £30 spends in Tesco
Found 15th Nov 2010Found 15th Nov 2010
Get 1000 Clubcard points when using American Express on 2 x £30 spends in Tesco
I know this isn't for everyone as you need an American Express card and shop in Tesco, however for those that have/do both it seems to be worth doing for the 2 minutes it takes to … Read more

Just spoke to clubcard and operator told me it was automatic and didn't have to register - just use card twice with Amex payment during November 2010 and account will be credited with 1000 pts in February. She also said "keep the receipts just in case". Sceptical of this actually happening but won't know until Feb next year I guess!


As I read it. :-)


Unfortunately not, clubcard points will be awarded in February statement, so will only be worth 3x rather than 4x


it's work on me< just received email from AMex next things to do twice shoping at Tesco to get 1000 clubcard points.


Worked for me (I got an invite) but not for my wife's card at same address. So obviously down to account number and invitation

£35 off £200 on flights, hotels, or car hire using AMEX card on Opodo
Found 5th Jun 2010Found 5th Jun 2010
£35 off £200 on flights, hotels, or car hire using AMEX card on Opodo
Receive a £35 saving when you spend £200 or more on selected flight,car rental or hotel bookings with Opodo using your American Express® Card between 24 May and 31 August 2010. To … Read more
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Doesn't work for me. Just get a voucher-expired message. Happy Christmas to one and all!


I just got a ticket without an amex card, the system didn't complain, don't know when go to check-in they'll check this or not.


has anyone used this without an amex carD?


thanks.. would come in handy

£30 free for American Express cardholders if you use the card at 8 chosen stores by 25Oct09
Found 2nd Sep 2009Found 2nd Sep 2009
£30 free for American Express cardholders if you use the card at 8 chosen stores by 25Oct09
£30 free for American Express cardholders if you use the card at 8 chosen stores you pick 2 from Morrisons, Homebase, Tesco, Sainsbury's & Asda you pick 2 from Wagamama, Cafe… Read more

i remember this deal and it actually worked for me... i remember just buying my usual items and getting the £30, this was on top of the 5% (£200) i got back for spending £4000 in 3 months due to my wedding, we got a Dyson rollerball for free out of it!


oopsss does this one below work?


Drat......i could have easily met the criteria...but also not applicable to my amex :-(


I get the same error message, so cold from me im afraid. Only for cards ending ...61003. Good for those who can get it though!


Dear Robin Smith Card Number ending: 61003 :oops:

2 for 1 dinning and more offers fo Amex card holders (Pizza Express, Strada, Bella Italia and more.....)
LocalLocalFound 7th Jul 2009Found 7th Jul 2009
2 for 1 dinning and more offers fo Amex card holders (Pizza Express, Strada, Bella Italia and more.....)
Received email from amex today in the morning. Terms and conditions apply. Enjoy ;)
Recommend a friend @ American Express Cashback CC and receive £20 cashback.
Found 22nd May 2009Found 22nd May 2009
Recommend a friend @ American Express Cashback CC and receive £20 cashback.
Introduce your friends to the Platinum Cashback Credit Card® from American Express® and youll both have more cashback to play with. Complete the contact details, write a personal m… Read more

Nothing, you get charged interst like all other credit cards which will probably be more than the cashback you're receiving therefore renders the cashback pointless.


what happens if you dont pay it off at the end of the month?


Probably the best card on the market at the moment provided you clear your bill at the end of the month.....

AMEX cardholders - Get a FREE £10 Selfridges gift card, when you spend ANY amount in store
Found 29th Nov 2008Found 29th Nov 2008
AMEX cardholders - Get a FREE £10 Selfridges gift card, when you spend ANY amount in store
Basically, print the voucher off, go in store and spend any amount on your AMEX card. Take your receipt and the voucher to customer services to get your free £10 gift card.. simple… Read more
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Done it today at Oxford ST.. worked fine


Only one per cardholder.


ooo, will be doing this next saturday, hope they havent all gone by then as it's only the first 5000 customers.


Grr. I don't have a Selfridges anywhere near me and I don't have an AMEX. Please, somebody try to abuse this for me. £1000 of vouchers for 100 50p items bought separately (£50)? That would be good. :) hnr

Found 7th Sep 2008Found 7th Sep 2008
This is my first post and hope that some people will benefit from this. Only relevant if you are getting or just got a new car. I picked up my new car this weekend and was offere… Read more
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true it is an evil necessity, though imo the insurer should cover you for the loss on the car insurance policy anyway... what next gap part 2 which covers your loss in case your insurance and gap dont cover the loss


Voted hot. Just taken a Back to Invoice policy out with I picked up my VW Passat about 4 months ago and was shopping around for a quote. Due to the time I had owned the car, this was proving to be a bit of a problem and most companies wouldnt provide cover. I spoke to a very helpful guy and he told me that they could cover vehicles up to 12 months from date of purchase. Policy cost just £128 for 3 years and £12500 worth of cover. Great value! Used voucher code [COLOR="Blue"]STA1052[/COLOR] to get an extra 5% DISCOUNT. Thanks W.


Shopped around myself for one of these...this looks a good deal. Also looks like they are not as fussy about when you bought the car, many stipulate 90/120 days. The point about whether or not to buy GAP insurance is a personal choice. Voted hot.


I have just taken out RTI gap insurance on my new 58 plate Honda Civic Type R GT. I used click4gap, and it cost £209 for 3 yrs cover. My Honda dealer was quoting £349. Also £22.50 quidco. Normally, if you are the first registered keeper of your car from new, your car insurance SHOULD pay the full invoice price within the first 12 months. Check your t's & c's The RTI has to be taken out with 90 days (i think) from the date of purchase. Obviously i'm hoping i never have to use it, but if i do, then i wont be losing £££££


I did try this company before contacting [COLOR="Blue"] [/COLOR]but they were actually more expensive even without the promotional code.

FREE Comprehensive Family Worldwide Travel Insurance + Zero Excess Car Insurance for Car Hire for AMEX Platinium Cardholders!
Found 17th Aug 2008Found 17th Aug 2008
FREE Comprehensive Family Worldwide Travel Insurance + Zero Excess Car Insurance for Car Hire for AMEX Platinium Cardholders!
I was about to take out a travel insurance, I came about reading something in MSE that 'A few platinum cards or bank accounts do genuinely offer free travel insurance'. Went to che… Read more

This is confusing the Platinum charge card with the Platinum Credit card. The credit card is free but does not include the offer. The charge card includes lots of benefits but there's a hefty fee. The picture shown on here is the credit card


definitely cold for me: "Pay an Annual Fee of £300" not really *free* features if they're charging a ridiculous amount for the card. i have the cashback card which gives me back more than that amount per year, which i can use towards 3rd party cover instead and still save a hell of a lot.


There is some confusion on this card. The original Platinum card comes with a hefty £300 fee, yet I have the Platinum money back card (NO fee) and I am sure it doesnt carry the so called free Travel insurance package. Was about to recommend it to my parents as the policy covers upto 80 years of age.


Isn't this for the Platinum Card and not the Platinum Moneyback Credit Card that you have in the picture?


£300 a year fee!!!!! Think I will stick to my annual policy...

Get 1,000 FREE nectar points when you select paperless billing with American Express (AMEX)
Found 21st Mar 2008Found 21st Mar 2008
Get 1,000 FREE nectar points when you select paperless billing with American Express (AMEX)
Not sure if this is a deal or freebie but thought it may be good for someone who's not fussed about getting paper bills anyway !! Just so you know i'm pretty sure 1,000 = £5 (bef… Read more

i'm not actually sure, i've got a nectar amex BUT the email i got didnt mention my nectarcreditcard, it sounds something everyone with amex gets ??? you never know non nectar amex may get cas or something? my email was def just american express cards generally tho :thinking:


sounds good to me, just cant figure out how to register my nectar card with my platinum card??


It's worth £5 i believe ... it may be worth more in some places (it'll say one ] You can spend points at Argos .. i bought a necklace a few years ago with points. xxx


what can I get with 1000 nectar points?


:)voted Hot:)

AMEX card holders offer : Free £10 gift card @ Debenhams !
Found 12th Mar 2008Found 12th Mar 2008
AMEX card holders offer : Free £10 gift card @ Debenhams !
Debenhams are offering American Express Cardmembers a £10 gift card when you spend in-store. Simply click here (follow link opposite) to print the barcode that you will need to p… Read more

The missus got £10 off a £35 spend no problem today - and that was in Staines which is not on the list thanks edi


It did not work for me! I went to Debenhams, Manchester. I have been told that I will need to spend over £30 pounds with my Amex card, the 10 pounds will come off automatically. Not sure why? It does NOT say so on the website. Anyone has the same problem?


I can confirm that this works. Tried this in Debenhams, Bulllring, B'ham and worked twice. I had one transaction of £7 and they gave me a £10 giftcard and the second transaction they took £10 off my total bill of £16.80. Only had to pay £6.80


can the first person to get this to work post here!


Cold cold cold cold cold...there is life north of Manchester Mr. Debenham.

AMEX Platinum Moneyback Credit Card - now has 5% cashback !!
Found 1st Nov 2007Found 1st Nov 2007
AMEX Platinum Moneyback Credit Card - now has 5% cashback !!
Starting this week, American Express have increased the cashback rate on their Platinum Moneyback credit card to a market leading 5% for the first 3 months and 1.5% thereafter. Th… Read more

Time to bump this offer - and the Quidco has now gone up to £33.75. Get 5% cashback on your Christmas spending.


I have a MorganStanley, in fact it is a multiple of £15 not £5. You have to speand at least £1,500 first to get your cashback. 'The minimum Cashback Bonus award you can redeem is £15, followed by increments of £15...' I prefer those pay all cashback balance on a set date, will scrap MorganStanley soon! :whistling:


yeah, it's usaul for cashback card to pay the earned cashback after the anniversary. but i think MorganStanley lets you to cash as soon as you reached muiltple of fives. have been using amex for two years. it's acceptance is better than you think. a few who don't accept: Post Office Superdrug Council tax some restaurants. i think that's pretty much it. i use my amex for 95% of my credit card spending.


shame I've got one... sign up through quidco if you haven't got one and get £10 cashback straight away...


:giggle: funny

AmEx Annual Travel Insurance £30 - now £18 back via quidco
Found 18th Oct 2007Found 18th Oct 2007
AmEx Annual Travel Insurance £30 - now £18 back via quidco
This is my first deal posting so go easy...! The quidco cashback for an annual travel policy with American Express has just gone up to £18 (was £15). So if you get their budget Eu… Read more

Posted before.. except Quidco is £18 instead of £15 :)


Thanks iieee, just got myself a policy :)

Amex Platinum Card : 3% cashback for first 3 months & 1.5% thereafter* !
Found 8th Oct 2007Found 8th Oct 2007
Amex Platinum Card : 3% cashback for first 3 months & 1.5% thereafter* !
Amex Platinum Card : 3% cashback for first 3 months & 1.5% thereafter* ! £10 Quidco for new applications. 3% cashback for the first 3 months and up to 1.5% thereafter, depend… Read more

Gave me a £700 Credit Limit. Virtually Useless for my conservatory.


Sainsbury/Tesco/Asda/Waitrose/Marks and Spencer/Boots do All the main petrol stations do Main clothing chains/Currys/Dixons/Amazon/airlines/car rentals do You can easily put at least 90% of your annual card purchases on Amex and save a significant amount. The membership rewards programme paid for the flights for our last family holiday in the U.S. - saved us a couple of thousand quid - very nice:thumbsup:


I've got one of these and it's great but be warned that they don't give particularly good credit limits and they only review it after 6 months (which is when the 3% has long gone!)


I'd go for the Capital One cashback card 4% 1st 3mths 1% thereafter. I applied for the Amex (before CO launched their cashback card) and was declined. Appealed and no joy, even had been a amex member of the green charge for years and being invited for the Platinum charge 3 times. Luckly CO launced their MC cashback card which is earning me 4%, having max'ed out my Egg money cashback Hope this helps:thumbsup:


Quidco Validated for me after about 5 days

American Express Annual Travel Insurance £30 (£15 through Quidco!)
Found 30th Aug 2007Found 30th Aug 2007
American Express Annual Travel Insurance £30 (£15 through Quidco!)
I was looking for cheap travel insurance as ive had a few of the good ryanair 1p flight deals and won the £200 off easy jet holidays. It worked out cheaper to get annual cover wit… Read more
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I did not know this, but I do now Thank you:thumbsup:


oh i didnt know that... thanks!


also don't forget to keep your European medical card with you (the new version of the old E111) because most Euro travel insurance won't cover any medical expenses which would've been covered if you'd had your medical card with you to claim them free...


Thanks for this, it seems quite a good deal as it's quite confusing, there are so many different insurers offering different deals. Having a big name could be good, and £15 is cheap :) I don't suppose anyone has seen any good deals on business travel insurance have they? I need to take a laptop and the business insurance seems to be annual and about £100.


I did this with European Annual insurance which worked out £30 then £15 back through quidco. As my trips are only to Dublin, Spain etc this worked out best for me

The Nectar Credit Card
Found 6th Jul 2007Found 6th Jul 2007
The Nectar Credit Card
5,000 Nectar bonus points as soon as you start using the Card in your first 3 months as a Cardmember. Double Nectar points on spending within your first 3 months as a Cardmember. … Read more

Click on the OP link and copy the URL...then open up another window for quidco/American Express, then paste the URL in and HEY PRESTO....:thumbsup: Shame I already have a Nectar AMEX... Just realised it's not a PLATINUM applied for another....then can cut the other one up.. Thanks OP..HOT HOT HOT


I'm on firefox, first visit to link came up with an error, next went through to the nectar card sign up. I'd suggest trying the link again as I suspect some of their servers are redirecting incorrectly It isn't uncommon for credit companies to reject card applications if you have a perfect rating. Similarly to mortgages, it's easier to get them if you have at least one or two bad marks on your rating (missed at least one or two payments, nothing major). If it's perfect then they can't expect to make any money on you, especially if you always pay off your balances to 0, in which case they may decide it's not worth the cost. Happened to my mum a few times a while ago


The link gives you no option to select the Nectar card...... Platinum only!!! :x


Rawsy look again - £35 for each successful application (Nectar) - I can confirm i have done this and received cashback. So vote hot


You cant stipulate for the nectar credit card thru quidco. Its the platinum money back only!!! Warm deal