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AMEX Offer £10 off £20 at Dominos
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
£10 off £20 spend at dominos. Good when combining with Dominos offers! (y)

It’s on my AMEX Nectar too. These are the only time we will have Dominos now - prices are crazy and still unreasonable imho even using codes


Cheers, will be using it on a 2 for Tuesdays with a few dips to bump the price past the £20.


I have this on my Platinum Cashback card.


Pizza treaaaaat (ninja)


Not on my Amex Gold card. Not too fussed as I get %50 with my blue light card anyway.

Amex Paperchase Offer - Spend £10 and get £5 back (Can buy stamps)
Found 14th Nov 2018Found 14th Nov 2018
I've got a Platinum Cashback card and it was in the offers section in my account. May be account specific. First 10000 to save it. If you can't find anything you like, they sel… Read more

Not on my gold card (fierce)


Nice deal, not on my Platinum Amex though.


I've got platinum cashback. I'll edit the posting to make it clearer


Which Amex card, I have looked a mine and it’s not available?

Jack Wills 20% cashback on Amex offers
Found 13th Nov 2018Found 13th Nov 2018
Valid in store and online for every transaction posted until Dec 11. Likely account specific.

They currently have a number of items @ 50% off instore so combined with this deal makes for a cracking deal


Be careful, make sure you pay directly on Amex and not Amex via paypal as it doesn’t qualify.

£30 off £100 spend at harvey nichols with american express offer, accetp now and ue bfore 31st Dec so good for  sale AMEX
Found 13th Nov 2018Found 13th Nov 2018
Offer detailsSave to Card to get a £30 statement credit on an eligible transaction of £100+ in participating stores & online at Harvey Nichols by 31/12/18. Valid once per Card … Read more

My son was looking at some Giuseppe trainers ,which had 35% off the original price,then with another 30% off with the Amex Offer (I’d bought giftcards) ,they were literally half price.


Some of the more expensive beauty products are fairly competitive, but with the £30 off £100 and possible cashback, there could well be value. Maybe not as much value as waiting for any post Xmas sales, but still a saving. We'll see.


Their last weekend sale had some very good discounts.


I'm thinking of using this as HN have a few deals coming up this weekend. Hoping for free delivery and perhaps combine with a decent cashback offer.


The quidco £2.50 bonus are all the time.. should that just be one deal from months ago??

AMEX - £100 off £500 at United Airlines
Refreshed 13th Nov 2018Refreshed 13th Nov 2018
Just thought Id post for those that are interested to see it :) Any discount on flight tickets is always a plus from me!

Can you get £100 back if you book on, but the flight is one of their partners (eg Singapore Airlines?)


Thanks, on my Everyday cashback card.




Well that’s okay then...celebrate equality whatever way we get it (party)


I’d say it’s a fair chance either way

Amex (World Duty Free - Spend £100 or more, get £10 back) Or (Spend £200 or more, get £20 back) and More
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
Might be helpful for some people. Spend £100 or more, get £10 back World Duty Free Spend £200 or more, get £20 back World Duty Free OFFER DETAILS Save to Card to get a £10 sta… Read more



I've got both the £10 off £100 and £20 off £200. Given the way these offers have worked in the past I suspect I'd get £30 overall off a £200 spend. Shame I'm not going near a world duty free any time and they usually don't seem that cheap anyway.


Ah beat me to it! I just posted this too. Heat

Get 10% Back at Odeon Offer on AMEX (max £30)
Found 8th Nov 2018Found 8th Nov 2018
10% back max upto £30 Found on my gold card offers (ninja)

You legend! I didnt know you could do this and after realizing all I had to do was change browsers to access the live chat they manually enrolled me on the high street offers! So thank you for that one.. made my day (party) :{


Not on my platinum cashback card.


Where do you find the option for online chat? I could never find the option to actually open one! I got the email too yesterday and got happy for a second thinking there was a chance i could use the offers lol (ninja)


Bit s*** to be honest. Not the OP but rather Amex


Same email here. Rang up to complain and they "are looking into it" for me.

Amex Naked Wines offer £100 off £149.99
Found 7th Nov 2018Found 7th Nov 2018
Amex offer of £100 off when you spend a minimum of £149.99 on selected cases. cheapest case above the limit comes in at £150.38 for non-members. Amex T&C's doesn't state actu… Read more

The laithwaites deal is better for those that have it on their amex. I'm expecting a delivery of a mixed 12 case of wine plus 6 of prosecco for just over £80 making it £4.33 or so a bottle. That's 20 off 100 with Amex. Even lower if Quidco tracks.


Ah yes, navigate to and the details should be populated for you. I'll update my earlier post too.


In addition to the voucher code at checkout I am also prompted to also enter a password for it :/


I posted the code (now edited) in my reply above. Just pop that in at checkout, you probably don't even need to pay on Amex if the discount shows correctly.


I can't see this offer on my AMEX either. It would be useful to clarify to whom it might be available - and how to claim.

AMEX £10 off £50 Spend at River Island
Found 7th Nov 2018Found 7th Nov 2018
Found this on my offers on my gold card.. £10 off £50 at River Island (y)

Best wait to get the 10k in the bag first then cancel as it's pro-rata fee refund and get small shop out of the way not that I make good use of it here. BAPP is a good card if you fly with BA and have Avios but cashback card may work better for you, who knows apart from you which one fits your needs. The gold is a great card as it has flexibility so I'd cancel and go back after 6 months.


They do seem to be getting tighter with incentives to stay so play them at their own game and cancel. I found them bad when I had some fraud on my account and they wouldn't cancel my card and re-issue a new one then a few days later they did just that after they found it had been hacked probably by BA fiasco.


I usually find it takes till the next day for them to appear on my offers from when I see them on here


Will need to try that as my annual fee is due this month :( Dont know what to spend my amex points on if I cancel tho? Any recommendations? Generally whats the best AMEX card anyway in anyones opinion


The last time I did (early last year) they just said I could move over to one of their non fee paying cards (annoyed) Have really only stayed with them because of the customer service (a fraudulent transaction on my card was dealt with immediately last year) but that’s not enough these days. Will call them after the small shop offer has finished and hopefully I can regain some of the annual fee I’ve already paid out (y)

8% cashback on one eligible spend at Sainsbury’s with amex American Express offers
Found 5th Nov 2018Found 5th Nov 2018
8% cashback on one eligible spend at Sainsbury’s with amex American Express offers
Cracking offer

Is fuel included ? Kindest regards


Actually you do have a point there d'oh!


Less likely actually as you are more likely to shop at Sainsburys.


You would think it likely this offer would show on a Nectar Amex considering it is Sainsbury's own reward scheme however no such luck..


Not on mine 😞

Amex Offers - £5 off £15 WH Smith - £10 off £40 Wilko - £10 off £40 Superdrug @ American Express
Refreshed 12th Nov 2018Refreshed 12th Nov 2018
Just checked two Amex accounts and found the following statement credit offers £5 off £15 WH Smith (instore) £10 off £40 Wilko (online and instore) £10 off £40 Superdrug … Read more
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That would have been a WH Smith Travel store. Only good for Wuntu offers.


Always check the location. Spent mine at WH Smith at the airport and it was not eligible


They removed a lot of cards of their stores. Managed to find one that sells Amazon, so grabbed that and redeemed.


Anybody else have issues with Superdrug buying gift cards. I even tried to purchase their own gift card but was told due to a recent hack they have suspended sales of gift cards. This was confirmed at both Stratford Westfield and Ilford.


Bizarrely they re-appeared as "used" offers again...and now they've credited my account (y) 🏻

10% cashback with Co-op food- American express user
LocalLocalFound 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
10% cashback with Co-op food- American express user
OFFER TERMS Offer valid until 29/11/2018. This promotion is intended for UK, Cardmembers only Offer only available in participating Co-Op Food stores. Offer only applies to spend … Read more

Only Co-op offer I've got is their will writing service and power of attorney. Are amex trying to tell me something? ;(


American Express and there are two phrases you don't expect to hear together :)


On mine and supplementaries. Thank you.


Not on mine...


Can be combined with NUS and coop card so 25% off , great for a big shop!

5% cashback on Sainsbury's purchase- American Express user
LocalLocalFound 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
OFFER TERMS Offer valid until 29/11/2018. This promotion is intended for UK, Cardmembers only. Offer only available at participating Sainsbury locations and online at https://www.… Read more

Anyone know if it includes gift card purchases, and if so if there's any good gift card offers on?


Not on my Platinum cashback card.


Nothing is on mine.


not on my BA amex


What about British Airways Amex

Amex - PayPal spend £30 or more get £5 back (Targeted recipients only)
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
Amex - PayPal spend £30 or more get £5 back (Targeted recipients only)
Spend must be billed to your Card account by 9/12/2018, to be eligible for this offer. If PayPal does not charge your Card during this period you may not be eligible for this offer… Read more

Finally got the credit after more contact + a JFDI instruction!


Credit now showing on my account.


I went on chat again. They told me they could see the query on the offer had be raised from last tile I spoke to them (over 2 weeks ago!). I said I wasn't happy as I've now had my statement including the spend, they spoke to manager, came back and agreed to apply the credit to my account that may take a few days to show up, so now to watch for that.


No movement for mine yet either. Will phone in the week.


Tried again usual script. Service gone downhill like many other companies. Strangely Dominos offer went on straight away.

Amex  - British Airways Spend £500+, get £100 back @ American Express
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
Spend £500+, get £100 back British Airways: Heathrow to Durban See full details and Offer Terms here ------------------------------------------------------ OFFER TERMS … Read more

It was during a 'sale' so the price had changed.. Things happen :)


in case anyone wants to know why this is so specific, currently there are no airlines who fly directly to durban from the UK (or anywhere else in most of europe, the closest is Istanbul) its a new route that BA have started so this is basically just to fill the planes. Good price if you're going there or even to S.A in general as internal flights between the cities are quite cheap.


Will not work on other routes - AmEx gets all flight details you book (they will also appear on your card statement).


If you were within the 24 hr cooling off period you could have cancelled and rebooked assuming the price hadn't changed.


Oddly specific.

Amex offer spend £50+ at Morrisons get 6% cashback
Refreshed 23rd Oct 2018Refreshed 23rd Oct 2018
Amex offer spend £50+ at Morrisons get 6% cashback
A little bit of cashback on large shops close to Christmas. 6% of £50 = £3. iIncludes online shops. Offer details: Save to Card to get a 6% statement credit on a transaction of £5… Read more
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Don't have this one only Sainsbury's. Doesn't bother me as I don't have a Morrisons anywhere near me


Anyone know if you can you buy Morrisons gift cards and if so are they accepted in petrol stations to get round that clause if the T&C's?


Any know any new customers codes or other good deals to stack this with?


That's expected, just refresh the chat a couple of times and you will get through


Not on mine ;(

American Express (Spend £5, get 500 Avios  Spend Anywhere)
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
American Express (Spend £5, get 500 Avios Spend Anywhere)
I've got this offer on my British Airways American Express card and it's only to spend £5. OFFER DETAILS Save to Card to get 500 Avios on an eligible transaction of £5+ in UK stor… Read more

Not on mine either :(


Not on mine :(


Nice one :)


Thanks on my PP but not supp



Starbucks 20% cashback (potentially 25%) with AMEX
LocalLocalFound 22nd Oct 2018Found 22nd Oct 2018
Starbucks 20% cashback (potentially 25%) with AMEX
I have two offers for Starbucks on my gold card ... one for 20% cashback and the other for 5% cashback. Both expire on 6th December and seem to have identical terms and conditions … Read more

Anyone tried this in store? Id like to top ul £150 to get the maximum. I don’t quite get the terms, it says valid for own time use. Whos going to spend £150 on coffee in one go?


I tried weeks ago to top up the app, and did not get any cashback. However, I must also say, that I did not top up the app in store, instead I topped up the app online. I wonder if that was the issue...


Can someone conform whther it works topping up the app or not. I spend a fortune on starbucks, might stock up


Can't see where that's excluded...


That would be considered fraud as it's clearly excluded in the terms and conditions. Kindest regards

American Express (Spend £250 or more, get £50 back   Hilton Hotel)
Found 19th Oct 2018Found 19th Oct 2018
American Express (Spend £250 or more, get £50 back Hilton Hotel)
More offers from American Express Spend £250 or more, get £50 back Hilton OFFER DETAILSSave to Card to get a £50 statement credit when you spend £250+, pay at hotel checkout… Read more



Stay home and save the rest £200.


Prepaid are normally a better rate, and despite the T&Cs prepaid stays have always counted regardless of when the actual stay is. It certainly worked for a recent bonus points offer on a different stay I have next year.


Only valid until end of 2018 so I would not cancel. Unless you get a better rate.


Hilton is on my BAPP and Platinum (y) 🏻

£50 statement credit with £100 spend at Harrods with AMEX
LocalLocalFound 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
Selected cards only. Didnt show up when checking the app for offers, just came through via email for my amex gold card. Not sure what group to put this in so apologies in advance … Read more

Yes I believe so :)


excellent! I'll give that a go btw, can I use the gift card online and instore?


I just bought a giftcard online at harrods for 100 and got the 50 credit today :)


Yes I have. And as always I’ve found them to be reliably excellent. I use them primarily as a company offering credit cards though, rather than a company providing special offers. Maybe that’s the difference


Sadly, I agree. A year or two back they were excellent, but sometimes a struggle now!

American Express - Harvey Nichols offer, spend £100 (or more) and get £30 back.
Found 14th Oct 2018Found 14th Oct 2018
American Express - Harvey Nichols offer, spend £100 (or more) and get £30 back.
Just loaded it onto my Platinum cashback credit card. In the past, when I've used this offer, I bought a HN gift card for £100. Just to add, I bought the gift card in store (rathe… Read more

Ah ok thanks :)


I made the purchase on Sunday 21.10 ,and I received the emails instantly. Today my Amex account is showing as HN offer redeemed.


Do u know how long after the purchase it came up?


I just checked my Amex account now,and it actually says the HN Offer has been redeemed. Hopefully should receive the credit in a few days.


I bought the gift card instore and I got the email but it hasnt come up as redeemed on my statement like the harrods and amazon offer has? Also got another email saying to use my HN offer before it expires? Anyone else have this too? American Express Membership Rewards £5 off £20 spend (excludes purchases made with Amazon Prime)
Refreshed 9th Oct 2018Refreshed 9th Oct 2018 American Express Membership Rewards £5 off £20 spend (excludes purchases made with Amazon Prime)
On my MR gold charge card



I got it. Takes a few days to show up


Can someone please confirm whether they actually received the £5 credit after buying an Amazon top up? Thanks




Thanks that worked!

*** NOW LIVE ***  Amex - Shop Small - Spend £10, Get £5 Credit - 1st–16th December 2018
Refreshed 6th Nov 2018Refreshed 6th Nov 2018
*** NOW LIVE *** Amex - Shop Small - Spend £10, Get £5 Credit - 1st–16th December 2018
Just received an email confirming Shop Small dates for this year! Time to apply for an Amex card if you don't have one and get £5 back on £10 spend per card, per retailer. Supp… Read more

I had a wry smile when I saw the average. Another £350+ for myself, although I wouldn't class it all as savings due to some higher prices paid v what I could have paid. What happened to the Post Office offer?


The stats are in for 2018.... ...and compared to 2017... It'd be interesting to segment the average saving by HUKD members who Shopped Small! (lol)


69 transactions 68 no issues 1 chased + £15 freebie credits for non acceptance across 3 cards


Checked my credits today. 73 transactions. 71 no issues. 2 added due to map issues. Surprised and happy.


The last of our credits arrived today. All-in 22 transactions giving us £110 back. Almost all of it on restaurants out...

7000 Amex Membership Reward Points with £250 online spend across select merchants
LocalLocalFound 3rd Oct 2018Found 3rd Oct 2018
7000 Amex Membership Reward Points with £250 online spend across select merchants
Just got this offer by email for my Gold Charge Card. Save this offer to your Card to get 7,000 Membership Rewards points when you spend £250 online at participating merchants be… Read more

Only some cards. Not mine :(




I have about 15k in my ac and still rejected me to have this card how sad can they be


So it's OK to post all of the other combinations of this deal i.e £100 for 4k?


Apples and oranges would definitely need a seperate deal

2000 reward points with £50 online spend with Amex at selected retailers
Found 2nd Oct 2018Found 2nd Oct 2018
2000 reward points with £50 online spend with Amex at selected retailers
Reward points This offer is only applicable to online spend made at the following participating websites: ( , (… Read more

I got 5k for £150 on the gold card


Not available on my card.


nothing in any of my gold cards


None on mine sadly :/


Account specific. Nothing on my Gold card.

AMEX - spend £100 at Selfridges and get £30 back
Found 29th Sep 2018Found 29th Sep 2018
OFFER DETAILS Save to Card to get a £30 statement credit on an eligible transaction of £100+ at Selfridges in-store and online by 17/11/2018. Valid once per Card for the first 12,0… Read more

Ok building my confidence now thanks (y) (unicorn)


I made the purchase of a £100 Selfridges giftcard on 20.10 and it got applied to my Amex account on 21.10. And I received the £30 credits on 24.10. I’m guessing if you purchase today,then it should be applied by tomorrow. I don’t see why you wouldn’t get the credit.


Oh and by the way how long before the end date of the offer did u do the purchase? Example mine finishes on the 17th.. how soon before do you think i could do this? :)


Ooooh great! Thank u :) (y)


I had a similar issue with a Small Shop Credit,and they were fine about it and gave me the credit.

£50 gift card, free with £1000 spend on Amex - New Users Only
Found 19th Sep 2018Found 19th Sep 2018
£50 gift card, free with £1000 spend on Amex - New Users Only
10000 bonus reward points (redeemed for a gift card worth £50) when you spend £1000 in your first three months. Pay balance in full by direct debit to avoid paying any interest and… Read more

The Amex Nectar card works out at around 5% on a 2k spend, factoring in £30 TCB cashback (tracked and confirmed within 7-10 days) and the 20k Bonus Nectar points. However, converting the bonus nectar points in the Sainsburys double up event can net well over 10%, depending on what you buy. I usually buy Ps4/Xbox games and then immediately sell them to CEX for cash as this is really easy to do. Works out around 11-12% (£220-£240 back) on a £2k spend within the 1st 3 months, which isn't too shabby for just a little bit of effort ;) You can ditch the card once the points are transferred to your Nectar card and then re-apply 6 months later as a new customer , same bonuses again, thank you very much.


What happened to their old 5% back on the first 3 months, capped at £3k spend? That made me open my account with them.


Hi. You’ve opted out of PMs. Drop me a PM and I’ll see what I can do. :)


Can you refer anyone? Could you refer me for example?


Saw that but thought 2k in 3 months may have been difficult on my normal shopping

Amex offer: 20% back at Jimmy Choo (participating stores - online and instore)
Found 11th Sep 2018Found 11th Sep 2018
Came up in my Amex offers section. 20% back online and in-store at participating stores (none specified). No minimum spend stated. I have the BA Credit Card, but worth checking to… Read more

I'm sure this was a one off but my wife bought some Jimmy Choo shoes for our wedding from Westfield. They were about £400. Once she got them home (and thankfully she checked) she noticed they had put two different sizes in the box. They could not have been less helpful when she called them. Hopefully they now double check before packing them at the till.




Sorry steveieboy1. Just thought I'd give people the heads-up, especially if they're looking to buy Jimmy Choos soon anyway. I thought it was a blessing when I saw the offer, as the OH is looking to buy some for an upcoming wedding. This will potentially save me £100, so a bonus!


I have the BA standard card, no tempting offer for the wife thankfully...


Save money and shop in primarks.

400 Amex Membership Rewards Points - £10 spend at Tesco
Found 10th Sep 2018Found 10th Sep 2018
400 Amex Membership Rewards Points - £10 spend at Tesco
Save to Card to receive 400 MR points on an eligible transaction of £10+ online or in-store at Tesco by 21/10/2018. Valid once per Card for the first 60,000 Cardmembers to save the… Read more

Is that essentially 4£ off 10£? Warm but I don't shop at Tesco.. Still waiting for the M and S or Waitrose deals... Kindest regards


Was just going to post this. Got the email from Amex and have applied it my card.


Heat for those that have it!


Thanks OP, I have the offer on my gold card.


showing on my gold card

Amex sunglasses offers - Ray-Ban Spend £100, get £25 / Oakley Spend £100, get £20
Found 8th Sep 2018Found 8th Sep 2018
Amex sunglasses offers - Ray-Ban Spend £100, get £25 / Oakley Spend £100, get £20
Both on my Gold card

Is the leather case to be ordered separately? Seems to be listed at £17


Ordered. Stacked UNiDAYS, Amex and quidco so went from £166 down to under £90 after quidco


Just had a look and you can also apply 25% Student Discount on top!




It's though Bannatynes but seems to generate a new one each time

Domino's / Amex Offer - Spend £20, get £5 back
Found 5th Sep 2018Found 5th Sep 2018
Found this on my Gold card. OFFER TERMS Spend must be billed to your Card account by 31/10/2018, to be eligible for this offer. If Dominos does not charge your Card during… Read more

:S Tried to use that 35YUMSEP code last night and it didn’t work on chicken kickers which are a staple of our regular order. There was an offer on the home screen for 40% off which very clearly stated excludes chicken so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s across the board now which will probably mark the end of my gang’s relationship with Dominos as the prices have rocketed up again. How can they not give discounts against chicken nuggets costing OVER 71p EACH?? £5.99 for 7 chicken kickers. Talk about a moment of clarity i might use this against a meal deal as an au revoir (highfive) but I think we will feel keenly the loss of the second garlic bread we always (used to) get. hey ho - nothing stays the same! now there’s meerkat meals who’s thinking we can all go out for a half decent meal for the same price as a Dominos


Thanks op, on my Platinum but not my gold


Check out this link for finding vouchers that apply to your local store, should be able to find a 50% off.


Probably not one simple answer to this, but.... There is different pricing between stores and different offers available. Worth getting onto their website, enter your postcode to select your local store and then check the store specific offers - I think the BOGOF on collection is quite a popular promotion, so select 'Takeaway' (recently changed from 'Collection'?) and see if that offer shows - or just call your store and ask about their promotions, especially for takeaway. With the typical large pizza ~£18 - £19 either customise one with some extra toppings or add one of the cheaper sides to get it just over £20 to pay to trigger the Amex offer. If you need delivery compare the offers your store is providing against a 35% off orders over £25 - 35YUMSEP (it's from VoucherCodes). Ideally price wise you'll want to actually have your basket total at £30.78 or more (as 35% of £30.78 is ~£10.77, so once the code knocks that off your total should still be £20), after the Amex cashback your total would then be £15, so just over a 50% discount. Also worth testing code THEBIG50 - I know my local store is running this for 50% off pizza on spends of £20 and above. It's definitely store specific as I've tested a few others. I have a feeling it's been used lately due to a Papa John's recently opening close by! Really depends what you actually want to eat and drink and what deals your store does. Enjoy.


Got the email earlier and saved as it’s my turn in a couple weeks

Spend £200 or more, get £50 back  American Express Travel
Found 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
Spend £200 or more, get £50 back American Express Travel
It's on my Gold Card
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Both £50 credits confirmed.


Used this offer last week on two cards. Email notifications, but payment still showing as pending. See how it goes.


I find the Amex travel site to be dearer and taking into account possible discount codes and / or cashback sites, I reckon the saving is approx half the £50, based on a near £200 purchase. I accept that though and have used a similar offer/s in the past. Better when it was £50 off a £150 spend, obviously.


I'm not seeing this. Initially went to the US site and priced a hotel in dollars. Was competitive until I realised that taxes & charges are added on at the end. For the UK site, the GBP£ price was almost the same as dollar price, absolute con given we are already being shafted by a weak pound. cheaper than the AMEX price with £50 cashback applied. On top of this, both awful websites to use.


Shocked to see that AMT offers even cheaper prices than some well known travel agents.

Amex (Spend £800 or more, get £100 back  Emirates Air Lines)
Found 31st Aug 2018Found 31st Aug 2018
Amex (Spend £800 or more, get £100 back Emirates Air Lines)
Emirates Air Lines: OFFER DETAILSSave to Card to get a £100 statement credit when you spend £800+ at by 31/10/2018. UK departure flights only. Valid once per Card… Read more

argh annoying it is on none of my cards. I have Emirates flights I need to book....


Does anyone know if this is still available?


Which card is this on?


Surprisingly :p not available on my BA card!


did they only serve you 'foreign' food? :)

Amex  (GAP Spend £30 or more, get £10 back)
Found 30th Aug 2018Found 30th Aug 2018
Amex (GAP Spend £30 or more, get £10 back)
It's on my "Platinum Cashback Credit Card". OFFER DETAILSSave to Card to get a £10 statement credit on an eligible transaction of £30+ in participating store(s) and online at Gap … Read more

i bought on GAP online site and got charged by Banana Republic. Has anyone else has this issue? will AMEX still credit the account as GAP falls under Banana Republic umbrella.


shame the deals only for crappy GAP


not on mine too, but i got the Boots one!


Me neither, got 2 at the moment, sunglasses and flowers! I've had my card 20 years and I'm thinking like you, time to find a new one.


Got it, thanks. I also have £20 off £100 at lululemon. All other offers are hotel, restaurant or travel ones.

Boots / Amex offer - Spend £20, get £5 back online or in-store
Found 28th Aug 2018Found 28th Aug 2018
Just saw this on my free Cashback Everyday card. Valid for the first 22,000 cardmembers. If you don’t have this offer you may have the other Boots offer here: 500 MR points wit… Read more

As above post. Platinum cashback - annual fee Platinum cashback everyday - no fee Much better offers on the no fee card. After Shop Small event in December, I'm toying with ditching the fee paying card.


Probably meant the Platinum Cashback Everyday Card


Non annual fee platinum card? How?


nothing on mine (fierce)


Not on my platinum cashback card.

500 MR Points with £10 spend at Boots - AMEX/American Express
Refreshed 4th Sep 2018Refreshed 4th Sep 2018LocalLocal
500 MR Points with £10 spend at Boots - AMEX/American Express
OFFER DETAILSSave to Card to get 500 Membership Rewards points on an eligible transaction of £10+ online and in-store at Boots by 06/10/2018. Valid once per card for the first 25,0… Read more
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Incorrect, MR converts to Avios at 1:1, which makes it worth £5 at least. I hope this clarifies the matter. Kindest regards


No, 500 MR points worth £2.50.


Works out at half price ..


I spoke to Amex today, this one is apparently highly targeted to those who have not used an offer before. I was told most of the Amex staff are annoyed as they want it!


yes i love my amex cards. its a bit of a ocd problem

American Express 500 Extra Points for Spending £10 or more on Deliveroo
Found 8th Aug 2018Found 8th Aug 2018
American Express 500 Extra Points for Spending £10 or more on Deliveroo
Check your emails as its for the first 45000 people who activate it
Avatardeleted1869945Get dealGet deal

500 MR Points with American Express when you spend £10+ on Deliveroo
Found 7th Aug 2018Found 7th Aug 2018
500 MR Points with American Express when you spend £10+ on Deliveroo
Found this in my offers for American Express Gold Credit Card 500 MR points when you spend £10+ on Deliveroo!

Aaah makes sense, thanks a lot!


You can’t, it sounds like you have a BA card not a MR card like gold. With gold you can use points towards Amex bill and when ordering Amazon you have the option of using points when paying on Amazon payment screen.


Not showing on my amex cards. Maybe it's because I order deliveroo often!


Sorry for the noob questions but how may one spend Avios points on an Amex bill or Amazon?


Potentially a stupid question. I have an everyday cachback Amex. Which card do I need to collect the points?

Nando's / Amex Offer - Spend £20 or more, get £5 back
Found 1st Aug 2018Found 1st Aug 2018
Showed up on my Cashback Everyday card. Save to Card to get a £5 statement credit on an eligible transaction of £20+ in participating restaurant(s) at Nando's by 25/9/2018. Val… Read more

Thanks OP. Saved to my Nectar Amex when this went live and purchased a £20 giftcard in-store. No tracking email this time, although offer shows as saved to my card, will keep an eye on it. Did others receive notification emails?


Different benefits! BA Amex is avios based and after depending £10k or £20 (depending on which version you have), you earn a compagnon voucher which a lot of people find useful. The points you earn on the gold card are membership reward points, which can be transferred to A LOT of other schemes like hotel, airline or even nectar! At 1:1, 1:2 or three times face value. Hope that helps


Showing on me nectar


I spotted that too. Why don't they do alerts of new deals? All they keep emailing me is that I can add on another card member... :/


Ironically, not showing on my "preferred rewards gold card".