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50% off Sale at American Soda - CHECK ALL CATEGORIES
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Posted 22nd Jan 2019Posted 22nd Jan 2019
50% off Sale at American Soda - CHECK ALL CATEGORIES
Reductions across all product categories - not just the handful of products in clearance corner. Not sure if they're closing down, or just having a stock clearance / sale. Loads… Read more

How weird... I did wonder why everybody hated it. I didn't go through a referral link or anything, and it's coming up the same on my work and home computers... I'm stumped :(


Nope, not getting any of that hence the previous response! MM


So you don't see what I see? Pretty much every item on the site has a WAS / NOW price when it loads for me... their original prices were (as with most sales) excessive, but I am still getting noticeable savings vs other sites...


Through every available menu/option.


Where are you guys looking? (lol)

Borden Premium Eggnog 946ml EXP: Dec ‘17 50p / £4.75 delivered @ American Soda
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Posted 13th Nov 2017Posted 13th Nov 2017
Borden Premium Eggnog 946ml EXP: Dec ‘17 50p / £4.75 delivered @ American Soda£0.50
Borden Eggnog - expiry date this Deceber however as it’s a Christmas drink, it’ll be gone by the end of next month won’t it!?! £3.20 postage, however if buying a bulk load (I got … Read more

It all gone (horror)


OoS (mad)


AF10FE 10% discount. Can be used on anything


This stuff's just milk, sugar, eggs and a bunch of chemicals, sounds revolting. Sodium Hexametaphosphate Also used in pet food, teeth whitening products, bath salts, bubble bath, and in factory boiler water (water used to steam foods). The US FDA notes that this additive may be used in paper and paperboard food packaging and that any Sodium Hexametaphosphate migrating to food from the food packaging is "generally recognized as safe." Due to the possible health effects of this additive, do not consume in high concentrations. **May have an adverse effect on activity & attention in children. That alone is enough to put me off! I will stick to the proper stuff.


Home made eggnog is pretty easy actually. Made it for the first time last week. Not tried this bought stuff, only ever had it in Starbucks in one of their Christmas coffees. Heat added as it's usually so stupidly expensive!

Mountain Dew 330ml Cans 48 Cans for £15 plus £3.99 PNP @ American Soda
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Posted 28th Oct 2015Posted 28th Oct 2015
Mountain Dew 330ml Cans 48 Cans for £15 plus £3.99 PNP @ American Soda£18.99
American Soda are doing buy one get one free on 24 cans of MTN Dew until the end of November, 48 Cans for £15 plus PnP USE CODE "HAVE20" for 20% off as well
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this is proper mountain dew as i have 4 cases in my hall


Voted hot - this may not be the American one but for £15.99 inc delivery im not gonna complain - steal of a price tbh :)


I much prefer the American recipe one but come on 48 cans for £13 is a very good deal for those who do like it. No need to down vote based on personal preference.


you add one to the basket and it comes up with another Free


Clue in the description makes it even more obvious ! Please Note:This is an EU product based on the American recipe.(_;)

24 cans of Mountain Dew for £11.34 after entering coupon code NK15 at checkout
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Posted 29th Sep 2015Posted 29th Sep 2015
24 cans of Mountain Dew for £11.34 after entering coupon code NK15 at checkout£11.34
From American soda. Will post link. 24 cans of Mountain Dew for £11.34 after entering coupon code NK15 at checkout. Just bought 48 and being delivered tomorrow. Not from Ameri… Read more

£13.99 mountain for me too


Yeah the English stuff is very different despite the name


This is not the energy drink btw


Are these starting to get discontinued in the UK? They often had the litre size for a pound in my local Asda for a pound then moved the remaining stock to reduced aisle and now dont sell anymore!!


Bring back game fuel I say!

Mountain Dew £0.49p per can @ American Soda (24 pack £11.76)
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Posted 27th May 2015Posted 27th May 2015
Mountain Dew £0.49p per can @ American Soda (24 pack £11.76)£11.76
Good price, usually 99p per can, better than the rubbish UK one we get over here use code 'NK15' for an extra 10% off.. Also, delivery is an extra £3.99 - adam_holcombe



a comedian you are not


In 70 years will they release Mountain Juslim?


This dew is European


The dew neo is very good but never saw it in UK

American Soda Black Friday Sale 50% off 30+ products, Mountain Dew from 49p/can + 10% off
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Posted 28th Nov 2014Posted 28th Nov 2014
American Soda Black Friday Sale 50% off 30+ products, Mountain Dew from 49p/can + 10% off
Free delivery over £50 Orders under £50 delivery is based off weight/products. Promotional code TYVM10 for an additional 10% off. Boston Baked Beans £0.29 Big Red Soda £0.49 Big… Read more

Mountain Dew isn't the American version...its the **** EU version :(

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Hostess Twinkies 13.58 OZ (385g) £7.49 @ American Soda
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Posted 12th Jul 2014Posted 12th Jul 2014
Hostess Twinkies 13.58 OZ (385g) £7.49 @ American Soda£7.49
Hostess Twinkies 13.58 OZ (385g) LIMITED TIME OFFER - PRICE REDUCED BY 50% TO ONLY £4.99 A BOX!
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hot hot! Thank you!


The price makes no different in my opinion if its cheaper than normal, and the best price available. In the example you have given, yes it would still be worth posting and hot for some people, as they could get twinkies for less than they would normally have to pay. I personally have never had a Twinkie and would not pay this price for them, but I can see that for 'Some' people this is a good price and would be grateful for the info.


How much do the good old British equivalent Cadburys mini rolls go for in america? I'm thinking of shipping them over and charging $10 for a pack of 6. Should go down a treat with the US consumers


I need my fix of milk duds and ding dongs :-D


They are not 99c, $2.50 in Walmart the other week when I was there, £1.50 What mad me laugh was the calorie content advice had 260 calories per serving, nearly spat it out when reading it and eating one, then realised their serving is two cakes, bonkers, no wonder they are all fat. Went to cicis pizza for a takeaway, two huge pastas and a medium pizza for £6.80. Golden coral all you can eat and drink buffet was £35 for 4 of us.

Buy a case (24 cans) of nice Mountain Dew, (not the horrid energy one), and get 24 CANS FREE at American Soda. £17.09 + £3.99 delivery
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Posted 11th Jul 2014Posted 11th Jul 2014
Buy a case (24 cans) of nice Mountain Dew, (not the horrid energy one), and get 24 CANS FREE at American Soda. £17.09 + £3.99 delivery£21.08
Personally i don't like the UK mountain dew but i love the american mountain dew, as do the kids. Usually pay about £1.40 a can when i can find it but just found this deal on Ameri… Read more

Just went and ordered it and it's 18.99 with the code, not 17.99- so it's £21.08 for the lot


The Polish one in this deal is (IMO) somewhere inbetween the old classic Mountain Dew, and the new UK "energy" Mountain Dew. It's quite good actually :D


Is that not the uk's "energy" mountain dew you're on about?


my fav drink and i get it from poundworld 2 for £1 so that's 50p for 500ml bottle. Or whenever they have them at Farmfoods and Heron foods its 29p per bottle. So this is only hot for people that cant get to shops.


This is the Real Mountain Dew.

American soda BOGOF on dad's rootbeer - 48 for £18.99
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Posted 3rd Jun 2014Posted 3rd Jun 2014
American soda BOGOF on dad's rootbeer - 48 for £18.99£18.99
18.99 for 24 cans buy one get one free on dads rootbeer so 48 for 18.99

Bet it tastes like crap


Technically £22.98 with delivery. However use code HB10 to get it down to £21.08.



His dad's!


Where from??

Tootsie Roll 0.35 OZ (10g) £0.10 @
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Posted 10th Jan 2014Posted 10th Jan 2014
Tootsie Roll 0.35 OZ (10g) £0.10 @£0.10 currently have a January sale going on which ends 12/1/14. These tootsie rolls are particularly good value as they normally cost almost 3 times as much on other … Read more
Mountain Dew (imported) x24 cans for £20.13 with code [american soda]
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Posted 27th Aug 2013Posted 27th Aug 2013
Mountain Dew (imported) x24 cans for £20.13 with code [american soda]£20.13
Using discount code NK15 you can get some of the proper stuff - not the rubbish 'energy' version we get stuck with over here. Very good price considering most stores sell cans at… Read more
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I am a wholesaler of usa candy. There are plenty of people still doing the usa stuff.


Finally someone who knows what they are talking about agrees :) I don't know why people bit my head off for trying to inform people that this isn't the American version....


There's a store in The Triangle in Manchester City Centre that sell the real stuff too.


Utterly not true. The last time I purchased from american soda, they were US Imports. And my local corner shop sells the American ones too (albeit for £1.55 per can!)


Oh dear! Perhaps it's worth going down before the 31st - they might be flogging stuff off cheaply!

American Soda's quite-good Black Friday sale - a small selection of items reduced a little
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Posted 23rd Nov 2012Posted 23rd Nov 2012
American Soda's quite-good Black Friday sale - a small selection of items reduced a little
American soda is a company which mainly imports goods from America - they have a good selection of sodas, candy and crisps. Mmmm cheetos and Mountain Dew. They've got a few things … Read more
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Asda now also have a lot of the Hersheys and Reeces products at much cheaper than American Soda


Vanilla Marshmallow fluff same size is £2 normal price in Asda, Morrisons & Waitrose/Ocado!!


Have some heat for your amusing title description!


Yep, that's why my title and description is a little lacklustre :p There's a "backed1" discount code listed on hotukdeals for free delivery but it didn't work for me :( The sale was handy for me, but i was ordering stuff anyway.


A little disappointing. Last year they had discounts on products + free delivery with no minimum spend. Was hoping for the same deal this year.

Black Friday Deals + 15% OFF CODE @ American Soda
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Posted 25th Nov 2011Posted 25th Nov 2011
Black Friday Deals + 15% OFF CODE @ American Soda

The original Mountain Dew is not the US version btw, try got stopped selling it. Good company though, the shop is awesome if you are in the Manchester area


only had it once... tastes a bit like mouthwash in my opinion :)


Always worth checking polish convenience stores along with the oriental ones, they'll often get some of these things in ,and then you'll pay less along with not paying silly money for delivery. I'd order bits now and then but the delivery costs tend to make it not worth it for a treat. My local polish shop in Redhill, Surrey has cans of Dew and Root Beer for 80p and cheetoes for 85p.


I normally buy American sweets/drinks from Just a shame they stopped selling cans of yoo-hoo


Whats root beer taste like never had it , got some in Amazons black friday , hope i like it lol

Lucky Charms 3 Boxes 326G £9.97 + Delivery (free if over £20) @ American Soda
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Posted 20th Jul 2009Posted 20th Jul 2009
Lucky Charms 3 Boxes 326G £9.97 + Delivery (free if over £20) @ American Soda£9.97
After searching high and low and refusing to carry on paying £8 a box for my lucky charms ive just placed an order with these guys. Keep in mind these are slightly smaller than th… Read more
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Last day for free delivery guys


How much did you spend? JULY24 Free delivery on £20 spend


Nice to know that oranges still need to consider to cost of apples...


No marshmellows or gift voucher for me!!!


I did spend a bit :oops: Thank you for that Well im glad youve given your reason :roll:

BOGOF on 24 case of American Premium Rootbeer @ American Soda
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Posted 16th Mar 2009Posted 16th Mar 2009
BOGOF on 24 case of American Premium Rootbeer @ American Soda£24.97
So here it is Buy One case of American Premium Root Beer and get One FREE !! Just put 2 cases in your shopping cart and then enter the code APRB in the discount box as you check o… Read more
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brilliant!!! Ordered yesterday when this was posted, arrived a few minutes ago!!! Tastes amazing too :) Rep to the op (yes i was drinking root beer at 8:00am this morning)


Another vote for dave here. Always had great offers, great service and of course the best root beer. A & W's Oh, and that filth from asda someone mentioned, is not root beer. It really is bloody awful. G


If thats all you have had then I'm not surprised that stuff is awful. American soda is pretty good price wise and Dave is always sending out promo codes so I would recommend :thumbsup:


I hate the stuff, but my girlfriend normally gets ]Carters Root Beer from Asda.


This is only for the first 100 orders!!!! It's a new root beer, that's why you won't have heard of it. Dave, the guy that runs the company, has had some made up, supposed to be really good. Very good company to deal with!!!

326g box of Lucky Charms cereal for £4.47 at Normally a really expensive cereal. Also £5 gift voucher for first time customers!
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Posted 8th Feb 2009Posted 8th Feb 2009
326g box of Lucky Charms cereal for £4.47 at Normally a really expensive cereal. Also £5 gift voucher for first time customers!£4.47
Am completely hooked on the stuff lol. Cheapest I've found by far. Next day delivery available in case you really need your fix! £5 voucher is for use with purchases of £20 or over… Read more
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Probably be cheaper to fly to America with an empty suitcase and fill it with this muck!


OK deal but not great. If you live in Ipswich check out Granspen R U OK, they do all american food cheaper than american soda. Lucky Charms for £5 in a local store.


By voting this cold, you're basically just admitting that you have no soul, and should be exterminated like the lifeless zombie lizard that you are. It's not a box of cereal, it's a box of dry marshmallowy awesome.


if you'd checked the postage properly, you would have realised that the postage stays the same for about 6 boxes so its not too bad. You can take the reward back ;-)


I had no idea you could no longer buy these in UK stores. Doesn't suprise me though, these things are/were minging. There's a Lucky Charms flick-book freebie that's been in our junk drawer for years. I wonder if some fool with more money than sense would pay a silly price for it on ebay? :p EDIT: Only things I miss from the US is Apple Cider, Taco Bell and Pumpkin Pie!

American Soda - Free Box of lucky charms with £25 spend
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Posted 9th Sep 2008Posted 9th Sep 2008
American Soda - Free Box of lucky charms with £25 spend£25
Just recieved this e-mail from American Soda. Hope you are well and not sitting in a foot of water after all this rain ! I want to cheer everyone up this week so I am going to gi… Read more
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lucky charms are possibly the best creation.ever. and i did a comparison once - they aren't that much worse for you than Special K haha!


mmmmmmmmmm paydays love em but not enough to pay those prices. selfridges in birmingham sold lucky charms last year


i know you have to pay £3.99 postage for orders under £50 but if you really want to stock up [url][/url] has all of these items and more. there is a 10% off code round about here but dont know if it works corinne


Lol why you think most american cereals and stuff tastes so good? LOADED with sugar and you have seen the average size of an americans butt :p Probably stricter guidelines on sugar content of things aimed at kids over here , and rightly so :thumbsup: