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Amex offer: 20% back at Jimmy Choo (participating stores - online and instore)
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Amex offer: 20% back at Jimmy Choo (participating stores - online and instore)

Posted 11th Sep 2018
Came up in my Amex offers section. 20% back online and in-store at participating stores (none specified). No minimum spend stated.

I have the BA Credit Card, but worth checking to see if it's in your offers (if you're interested). I activated it as I know the OH will be all over it, and she doesn't have the offer with her Gold Rewards Charge Card.
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Any deals!?
Save money and shop in primarks.
I have the BA standard card, no tempting offer for the wife thankfully...
steveieboy153 m ago

Any deals!?

Sorry steveieboy1. Just thought I'd give people the heads-up, especially if they're looking to buy Jimmy Choos soon anyway. I thought it was a blessing when I saw the offer, as the OH is looking to buy some for an upcoming wedding. This will potentially save me £100, so a bonus!
Lifeistest51 m ago

Save money and shop in primarks.

I'm sure this was a one off but my wife bought some Jimmy Choo shoes for our wedding from Westfield. They were about £400. Once she got them home (and thankfully she checked) she noticed they had put two different sizes in the box. They could not have been less helpful when she called them. Hopefully they now double check before packing them at the till.
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