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Bowl for £1.00 during School Half Term @ AMF Bowling or Hollywood Bowl Centres
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Posted 12th Feb 2011Posted 12th Feb 2011
Bowl for £1.00 during School Half Term @ AMF Bowling or Hollywood Bowl Centres£1
It pays to start the day early! Visit your local AMF Bowling or Hollywood Bowl Centre between 9am and 10am this half term and enjoy:
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Thanks for this great deal! It was featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!


Thanks just booked


We have done this loads when it was 1p a game. Sometimes gets very busy, other times the place was empty. Drinks are not too overpriced either. Be aware though - they will charge the full price for the game if you do not turn up. This is to stop people booking a cheap game then deciding on the day they won't bother because it was only £1. It's a fair clause in my view, but you need to make sure you are definitely going before you book.


Excellent. Just booked this for 8 adults and 6 kids. Our bowling alley is gonna love us! :D


Er... when's half term, exactly? Because for my siblings it's not next week.

BOGOF bowling @ AMF via leaflet (January only)
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Posted 5th Jan 2011Posted 5th Jan 2011
BOGOF bowling @ AMF via leaflet (January only)£5.95
Went to the bowling alley in maidstone, kent last night and there were leaflets on the desk as we went to pay offering bogof on games (one leaflet covered up to four people). So w… Read more

Similar deal at Tenpin, leaflet at shoe change counter, bogof for up to six players!

Bowl for £1 per person over Christmas Holidays at AMF Bowling
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Posted 18th Dec 2010Posted 18th Dec 2010
Bowl for £1 per person over Christmas Holidays at AMF Bowling £1
BOWL FOR JUST £1 PER GAME, PER PERSON! *Offer must be pre-booked. Offer is available nationwide from 9am to 10am, valid from Saturday 18th December until 4th January only. Offer e… Read more

lolz cuz its empty at opening hours thats why! its clever for them to do this kinda offers to get more people in early and make money on snacks and drinks they sell.


they could have been a little more generous than only offering between 9am to 10am


bargain. heat,


Great deal didn't have hollywood bowl near me , but this is.


Your own I hope...but its been ages since I've went bowling, might give this a bash.

FREE game of bowling at AMF Weston!
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Posted 3rd Sep 2010Posted 3rd Sep 2010
FREE game of bowling at AMF Weston!
Whether you enjoy bowling with friends or family, or are aspiring to be the next World Champion, complete our survey on the link below and to show our appreciation, you'll receive … Read more
£1 per game at AMF Bowling
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Posted 24th Aug 2010Posted 24th Aug 2010
£1 per game at AMF Bowling£1
*Offer must be pre-booked via phone not online. Offer is available nationwide from 9am until 10am every day until Sunday 5th September 2010. Excluding Leeds, Bury and Glasgow.

Very misleading tbh.....alguest or mod please can you add between 9-10am into the title! Thanks. I was getting excited then too.


Thats very nice but most of us are at work at the time this is honoured


I couldn't book online, but managed to book a spot or next week to take the kids, great find and a great bargain :) I've spent so much money this Summer Holiday on the kids, fab to have a cheap activity for them x


can't book it on line


my nearest doesn't open until 10.00 am, so they are honoring the deal between 10.00 and 11.00

2 Adult Games £7 & 2 Kids Games £5 @ AMF Bowling
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Posted 28th Jul 2010Posted 28th Jul 2010
2 Adult Games £7 & 2 Kids Games £5 @ AMF Bowling£7
The offer applies to lane bookings between 6pm on Sunday, and 6pm on Friday throughout the holidays Just click on link for website
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Dont use the 0844 numbers. Type AMF in here

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Get 10% off booking online at AMF BOWLING. plus REDUCED GAME RATES!
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Posted 1st Jun 2010Posted 1st Jun 2010
Get 10% off booking online at AMF BOWLING. plus REDUCED GAME RATES!
I found this by visiting my local Nottingham AMF bowling centre, They've Reduced all their prices and if you book online you get another 10%off. If you want to go bowling on off… Read more
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Good deal

AMF Bowling (Leeds only), Thursday 28th January, 3 games of bowling for £5
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Posted 11th Jan 2010Posted 11th Jan 2010
AMF Bowling (Leeds only), Thursday 28th January, 3 games of bowling for £5
3 games of bowling for £5. Plus drinks offers on the night. No voucher needed just turn up on Thursday 28th January, Leeds Merrion Centre
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Give the guy a break, its his first post! I hope you haven't voted cold just because of this!!!!


Please tell us who`s giving me £5 to make this a FREE DEAL ?


Why is this under freebies?

**FREE** AMF Bowling for up to 6 People
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Posted 14th Apr 2009Posted 14th Apr 2009
**FREE** AMF Bowling for up to 6 People
Go to and choose your nearest centre. Click "Book Now" and Enter your details. Tick the box next to "Sign up to receive news and o… Read more
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You can sign up at ] , not sure about the free game though!


This was on here last august- just as the scottish schools went back. Great deal though


can't see any sign up box


dont work


there's no box saying sign up, it's saying put in payment details too

be one of the first to join and receive your very own limited edition Bumper or Squeak ball!
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Posted 16th Oct 2008Posted 16th Oct 2008
be one of the first to join and receive your very own limited edition Bumper or Squeak ball!
We are Bumper & Squeak and we have a great new club for all our friends to join! As a Bumper & Squeak member, you will get to attend exclusive club sessions at your local … Read more
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FREE game of bowling for up to 6 people at AMF Bowling
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Posted 14th Aug 2008Posted 14th Aug 2008
FREE game of bowling for up to 6 people at AMF Bowling
To claim your free game of bowling you need to register to receive news and offers on the following link They will then email you the vou… Read more

Hot!! free bowling, can't complain at that, heat added and rep :thumbsup:


Ooh wicked, looks like theyve done it again =) i must of had like 20 games before for free lol


Posted before, been using it ages. Yes, you can use a different e-mail, and possibly a fake name and get as many free games as you want (tried and tested).


Good mine now and will take the kids before they go back to school!! Heat added.:thumbsup:


Thanks OP ...... cheers....

Free Bowling for up to 6 people at AMF
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Posted 16th Jun 2008Posted 16th Jun 2008
Free Bowling for up to 6 people at AMF
Bowlplex and AMF Bowled over for free What you get A free Ten Pin Bowling game for you and five friends. Plus VIP treatment at the AMF centres too! Any food you order will be deli… Read more

thanx 4 the link straight to the voucher


Is this offer still running? can i use the PDF as crave site is now only offer 2 for 1? and lastly T and C state not valid in half term but it expires 1st August so can I use it in Summer holidays(1st week)? Ok it is current offer. Missed it first time. Last question still stands.


I work for AMF, we don't charge admission, and the shoe hire is included. This is a great deal but bowling is overpriced anyway. Enjoy folks Edit: This isn't a cock up, the credit crunch is hitting the industry, better to get people in the centre, once they're there, they buy drinks, food, play the machines etc, the actual bowling lanes are there and paid for so better to be making money elsewhere in the centre. Think thats the way the company are thinking...


The voucher is for 6 people and does not specify adults or children, so I take it to mean either.


Wow, thanks for that. Was looking for a treat for the kids as they have an inset day off school on Monday. High Wycombe is not to far away from us.

AMF Bowling- free game voucher
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Posted 28th May 2008Posted 28th May 2008
AMF Bowling- free game voucher
Sign up to receive news and offers from AMF Bowling and receive a free game voucher!

Me and the missus went on Sunday night 8:30pm 3 games for £5. Cheap enough for me :thumbsup:


Are there any hidden fees? For instance I have to pay for the shoes rental and so on?


more unbranded and less known companys :roll:


so who are the cheapest then?


yeap ;-) juz go for the free game voucher.

FREE Bowling for up to 6 people at AMF Bowling
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Posted 18th Mar 2008Posted 18th Mar 2008
FREE Bowling for up to 6 people at AMF Bowling
If you register on their website and tick the box that says ' Sign up to receive news and offers from AMF Bowling and receive a free game voucher!' you will receive an e-mail with … Read more

Thanks to OP

not one near me, but great deal with easter hols coming up. voted hot rep left :thumbsup:


Thanks OP


For anyone that has a Hollywood bowl near them see this... £3 for 3 games on a Sunday and Monday is very cheap with no hastle.


Great deal if you can get it to work then! Bowling can work out pretty expensive really

Free Bowling For upto 6 people at AMF this Christmas
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Posted 15th Nov 2007Posted 15th Nov 2007
Free Bowling For upto 6 people at AMF this Christmas
I know this was posted earlier this year, however, as Christmas is fast approaching I thought this would be perfect to post again - in case some friends or work mates want to get t… Read more

Bit late I know, just spotted this. The correct answer is, stop abusing the heat system. You've completely missed or avoided the point, voting cold for any reason not related to how good a deal it is is pointless, petty, and detrimental to all of us, your personal conventions notwithstanding. It's **** like this that stifles this site. HUKD's pointless glory hunters should be banned and their cheerleaders should be sought out and subjected to a slow and painful death.


The correct answer is the deal should be reported as a duplicate with a link to the original so that it can be validated as a duplicate and if necessary bump the original deal.


Make sure that you print out the email inculing the voucher. When me and a few mates went the woman behind the counter asked for the actual e-mail to check the reservation (idiot).


hi pine cladding if you pm me your email i can just send you an email of the gift voucher as it has no details on. This will work as long as you have booked in.


recived confermation letter but no luck in finding gift voucher any where?? wondering if i set it up correctly ??

2 games for 1 at all bowling alleys
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Posted 26th Sep 2007Posted 26th Sep 2007
2 games for 1 at all bowling alleys
Hi, this may be a useful tip to some of you. If only a couple of you are going bowling then why pay for two games when you can just enter your names twice on the electronic scorebo… Read more
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Stealing is pushing it a bit, how many of the deals here involve using discounts you're not actually entitled to? Im sure this would work, i've never seen an employee at any bowling alley pay any attention to the people bowling after they've paid their cash. However, I only go when its £5 for as many games as you want/ your arm can take, so I won't be using the random tip. An evening paying £6 a frame with chavs all around isn't the greatest idea ever lol


What a random "tip"! Isn't it more like stealing than saving money....?


lol no you book a party for as many people as you want but tell them you're from the claustrophobic society so that they only assign 3 people to a lane. Then you can all have 4 games instead of 2, but unfortunately not twice as many chips!


From their website: Our standard party package includes 2 games of Bowling + diner meal or Buffet option. We can organise tailor-made party packages for any event or occasion. So you book a party for one person? Do you suggest that people share the chips too?

Free Bowling For Upto 6 People at AMF
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Posted 20th Apr 2007Posted 20th Apr 2007
Free Bowling For Upto 6 People at AMF
To claim your free game of bowling for upto 6 people follow these instructions. Click on Link Choose Your nearest Centre Click "Book Now" Enter Your details and the date you'd li… Read more

This deal is not expired


Booked for Glasgow, got confirmation voucher stating Monday to Friday. I then got e-mail from them confirming it was booked but any vouchers i had were only valid Monday to Thursday! I phoned and they were adamant. Changed the goalposts no use to me.


Good deal,but none near enough for me. Saw the other thread,but voting hot on this one as this was the original.Nothing wrong with the repost though as it brought it to the attention of a lot of people who otherwise would not have seen it,although a simple bump on this thread would have. :thumbsup:


Little nudge for the tea-timers :whistling:


indeed it is...