Amiibo Zelda Link the windwaker amiibo £7.99 GAME

Amiibo Zelda Link the windwaker amiibo £7.99 GAME

Found 15th FebMade hot 18th Feb
Cheapest I've seen it. None of the other new Zelda amiibos are cheap. Apologies if it's already been posted.




These keep popping up at GAME, along with the other Zelda amiibo for £7.99. I've managed to order this once and the the Ocarina Link 3 times. Each time, it was cancelled without reason or apology. Simply received a refund. The only one that turned up was the 8 bit link, and it was damaged. But what did I is GAME after all.

These are not being sold by game, the item is listed at £7.99 on the "customers also viewed" bar on the right of the website, but if you click on the link they're being sold by 3rd parties for thrice as much and have been for several weeks now.

Aaaaaaaaaaand its gone
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