Amir Khan - Boy from bolton - £1 at poundland RRP £16.99

Amir Khan - Boy from bolton - £1 at poundland RRP £16.99

Found 10th Dec 2008
Got the Amir Khan book today, hardback, for £1 in poundland. There were only a couple of copies left in my store so im guessing these will sell fast... bargain! Currently selling in zaavi for £15.99!


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This wasnt available in my local Poundland today (had gone to try to get a copy of 'Himalaya' - posted on here yesterday) but that wasnt available either. Wonder if these deals are few and far between.

Not that i'm fussed about the book but his name is . . . Amir KHAN

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thanks ive updated the typos, no idea why i spelt it Kaan !! (bedtime i think lol)
Yeh im guessing prob few & far between but it may be worth it asking ur local store if theyre due to get any in, sometimes they even have things kept in their storeroom and just havent had a chance to put them out.

or they're on ebay . . (staff), wouldnt bother reading meself but a good deal.

Not bad for a Pound to read whilst commuting! :thumbsup:

£1, now thats reasonable- voted hot. considering the itretails for £16.99 normally

always have had good hoped for this guy. hope he can get this country a world title gold one day.


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im seriously confused - why would this be voted cold!!! What do u want for a pound??!!!
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