Amira 500g Traditional Basmati Rice - 79p @ B&M

Amira 500g Traditional Basmati Rice - 79p @ B&M

Found 16th Dec 2014
Yes, I know you can get cheaper basmati, but this on par with Kohinoor Platinum. At the minute a 1KG bag of this costs £4.29 in Asda/Morrisons, or £4.79 in Waitrose.. so this is a bargain in my eyes!

Heritage: This rice is born in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, and is nurtured by gentle hands from tender saplings to slender shafts. This stately grain has been the selection-of-choice by kings and emperors through centuries. This is AMIRA Traditional Basmati. Nurtured by nature and perfected by science, these grains stay untouched by hand. AMIRA Traditional Basmati is the grain of choice to bring home and to spread an appetizing aroma all across.

Cooking benefits

AMIRA Traditional Basmati has the finest grains
Its grains have been matured for 18 months
The grains double in size when cooked, making for an ample portion size
Its rich in taste and has a tantalizing aroma
Ideally recommended for white rice preparations, or a lightly garnished rice dish
AMIRA Traditional Basmati is a culinary delight and an owner’s pride. Wait no longer … pick up your pack of AMIRA TRADITIONAL BASMATI and indulge in a fine pure Basmati dining experience.


I need glasses, I thought this said Amiga 500

I assume it has gold sprinkles going by the normal full price - like vodka. oO
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