AML AML428 Semi-Pro Alcohol Tester, As Low As £11.74

AML AML428 Semi-Pro Alcohol Tester, As Low As £11.74

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Found 8th Feb 2007
AML AML428 Semi-Pro Alcohol Tester

There are cheaper alcohol testers out there but not as accurate as this one!

Easy to use, simply blow into mouth piece
Unique sliding action and built in straw
DON'T DRIVE warning, set at UK limits
Low power consumption with Power Save mode
Easy to read Backlit LCD Display
Clock Display Mode
Accurate to 0.2%
Pocket size
Dimension: 95 x 45 x 30 mm
Weight: 75g approx

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£11.74 (collect or if you can recieve free delivery)
£18.76 (delivered)
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I found a much cheaper deal here:

It's called being sensible and not drinking at all when you're out driving.

It's more reliable than this device, t's far, far safer and doesn't cost a penny.
Dont agree with these gadgets....they should be banned - its promoting drink driving in a way.
Thish thing ish f@ckin' wicked!! (urrp) Saved my butt many (hic) times, now i can drink at jusht below the legal limit, AND have fun and gamesh with my matesh Blood Alcohol Count % in laddish drinking competitions of manly bravado! 10/10 for thish cracking Filth evasion device!! :-D

IMHO you whinging types are obviously just a bunch of "goody-goody-two-shoes" who'd be too scared to even steal some condiments from a roadside cafe lol.. get a life and stop finding things to be all disaproving and huffy about ffs! - You'll be moaning on that you hate people being allowed radar jammers and speed camera alerts in their cars next!!! Honestly!! What next? - We wont be allowed to punch coppers in the face when they pull us over anymore?????? - What's this world coming to! - Join a bike gang or something and have some fun for a change... go on!.. Off you go!.. Get a life!... Not - long - till - u - are - dead!!
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