Amoy Straight to Wok Noodles 19p at Home Bargains

Amoy Straight to Wok Noodles 19p at Home Bargains

LocalFound 11th Jun 2009
As the title says really.

300g packs (2 x 150g sachets) of medium-sized noodles in the new packaging; expiry date on the packs we bought is end of August 2009. These were found at the Crossgates store.

As a comparison these packs are currently £1.25 at Sainsburys.

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I guess nobody else likes these then? :?
hot from me as they do taste nice I have some chilli ones :thumbsup:
Picked some of these up last week. Only problem is that they seem to just fall apart.
are you over cooking them?. mine are ok they only take a bit to heat up and the wok has to be hot.

Picked some of these up last week. Only problem is that they seem to just … Picked some of these up last week. Only problem is that they seem to just fall apart.

If you let them warm up a little they seem to be a bit less brittle. :thumbsup:
Cheeky bump.
Final reminder on this. I think it's a great deal.
Cold cos he's a NUFC supporter........

Great price though I bought some a few weks ago.
Advantages: Quick and easy to cook.

Disadvantages: None, unless you don't like noodles.

Amoy, Amoy, my love.

(sung to the tune of Amore). *

As a nation we have embraced oriental cuisine to a point when almost every household has a Wok. Chinese food was one of the earliest types of Asian food to tickle the nation's taste buds as far back as the 1950's. Indian food followed and nowadays we delight in sampling Asian dishes and trying to recreate them in our own homes. However, as any cook will tell you, the art of stir fry is not as simple as it seems. There comes a point when juggling meat, vegetables, noodles and soy sauce can result in a soggy mess of overcooked food swimming in thin sauce.
Personally I like the challenge of putting a good stir-fry together, but I'm not a purist and when suitable quick aids come along then I'm the first to try them.
There is also the added bonus of being able to make a meal for one, using ingredients that I know I can eat.(I have a lactose allergy) and also knowing that I can knock up a meal with just some store food essentials and things I can buy from a corner shop.

I discovered Amoy Straight to wok noodles a long time after it was first advertised on television. Noodles are fairly easy to cook and to be honest I thought that they would be expensive to buy. That was until about eight months ago when a friend phoned up and invited herself to a meal with me. (My few friends know that I like to cook from scratch). No problem, I thought. I'd pop into my local supermarket and pick up some stir-fry vegetables and some medium sized noodles along with some thin chicken pieces. All went well until I reached the shelves for rice, noodles, sauces etc. I couldn't find my normal egg noodles anywhere, instead I found a variety of the Amoy straight to wok noodles. At ninety pence per packet I thought they were rather expensive, but then I read the packet and found that there were two sealed servings inside that were enough to serve 2 to 3 people. Better still, they didn't need refrigerating so I could use one and keep the other for a good few months.

The packet itself was quite heavy, the total weight was 2 X 150g servings. Later I found that they were available in thin, medium and thick noodles. In my haste I had picked up the thick noodles. I couldn't understand why they didn't have to go into the fridge, they looked as if they were already cooked.(Which they are). Reading the instructions I saw that these were added at the final stage of cooking, just needing one to two minutes to mix with the stir fry. I thought this, 'the proof is in the tasting' and so it proved to be.
There are several varieties of noodles and normally I had chosen egg noodles as being the easiest to cook. The Udon thick noodles are made up of water, wheat flour, sunflower oil, modified tapioca starch, salt, gluten, lactic acid and stabiliser. They are primarily carbohydrates, with some protein and a very small amount of fat. In fact the fat content was much lower than my normal egg noodles. At just 139 kcals per 100g they are well within the healthy eating range as well. The package is quite distinctive, a white and red background with the name easy to read without using reading glasses. Ideal for me. I was also surprised to find that these are made in China and distributed by HP foods.(Heinz).
I find it rather ironic when buying food to see a label, 'made in China' on a supposed UK item, so this was a reverse irony.

But you want to know what these taste like and how easy are they to use. Noodles are like rice, they take on the taste of the other foods and sauces. They are meant to complete a dish, not to be an accompaniment. I expect this would be possible with a dash of soy sauce and some ginger though.
I used my own recipe for my trial. I like a "bite" to my dishes, so I don't often use packet sauces or ready- prepared jars. Amoy does sell ready made sauces but I haven't tried any yet. I call this simply stir-fry chicken.


1 pack of chicken pieces, or two small sliced chicken breasts. (Sliced).
1 onion.
½ lb chopped mushrooms.
½ lb chopped fresh assorted peppers.
Garlic, salt and pepper.
A pinch of ginger.
1 carton of bean sprouts.
1 tablespoon olive oil.
2 tbls soy sauce.
1 packet Amoy noodles.

Heat the oil in the wok and add the onions until they "sweat". Add the chicken pieces and keep tossing for five minutes until browned. Season with the garlic, salt, pepper and ginger, adding a small amount of the soy sauce. Now add the mushrooms and peppers, turning frequently to heat. Don't allow the mixture to burn, but only add soy sauce as required. Lastly stir in the bean sprouts followed immediately by the noodles. Turn for one to two minutes and then serve.
The noodles add some bulk to the recipe and as they are already cooked there aren't any juggling pans which can be difficult to get on the table at the right time.
N.B. Serves two, reduce the mushrooms and peppers for a single serving.

These noodles have now become a store cupboard necessity for me. The usual method of cooking noodles is to add them to boiling water and allow them to stand for six minutes. It can be a hit and miss affair, especially when you want your food crisp and piping hot. I like the texture of the Amoy noodles and the ease of using them. The website suggests other uses and recipes, if you like Chinese then you'll find some good dishes on here. Recently I've been experimenting with Thai as well. The benefits for me are two fold. I save time and I can make a milk-free dish, substituting coconut milk for butter in a curry.

Prices per packet range from 89p to 95p. Since they contain two separate sealed packets then you can use one and store the other. I recently bought three for £2 from Tesco, enough to keep me going for quite a while.

Finally, I asked for this range of noodles to be added to dooyoo because I feel they are such good value and an excellent store-cupboard standby with a sell-buy date of at least 6 months. I don't endorse food which doesn't meet my standards, and I hope, that like me you will enjoy experimenting with these.

· For those of you that don't know the's an oldie that talks about love. A bit cheesy I know, but I hope it catches your attention.
^^^ Wtf?!!?! :?
H & R added - very handy to have in to make a quick meal and my chooks like them too ! I think they think that they are catching very pale worms !

It was copy and pasted from here. Strange :thinking:Anyways, these are … It was copy and pasted from here. Strange :thinking:Anyways, these are OK. As somebody said, they fall apart...which isn't that good seeing as they aren't very long to begin with. At 19p you can't go wrong, but they aren't a scratch on Sharwoods Medium Egg ones, but neither is the price tag :P

Trick is to put them in last and just stir them through for a minute or two and serve. Much better than Sharwoods!:thumbsup:
I found these to taste very artficial, I LOVE noodles and eat them all the time, the Amoy sauces are a steal in Home Bargains but these noodles just dont cut it, not a patch on the sharwoods egg noodles or the fresh noodles that they even sell in my local tesco express.

Geat price if your desperate and handy to keep in the cuboard for emergencies, would never use them for a 'proper' meal though.
Went in the same store today; still the same price.
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