Amped 3 ( Xbox 360 ) - £9.99 delivered

Amped 3 ( Xbox 360 ) - £9.99 delivered

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Found 29th Sep 2006
Get Amped 3 for the Xbox 360 for the bargain price of £9.99 delivered from Hmv. Use the attached 10% off voucher and get it even cheaper. Cheapest i can find elsewhere is £17.99!!

Amped 3 stays true to its roots as the most authentic trick-based snowboarding game on seven new real-world resorts. Amped 3 is three times larger than the levels in the preceding Amped games. The Snowbox offers hundreds of challenges at various resorts, including the option for players to test their skills snowmobiling and sledding and then have their top scored runs, hang-times and crashes automatically posted on Xbox Live online gaming service. Given the vastness of the mountains, players explore the backcountry on snowmobile to find the perfect spots and then use the Park Builder for planting their own jumps and rails.


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Thanks for this, bargain!

You've gotta love that deal!

A quid off, then 6% Quidco making a price of £8.45 delivered for a game that normally costs £44.99!

Thanks cat!

Heat and Rep Added.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:


what an awesome deal, thanks, just ordered it :thumbsup:

Remember the 10% code only works once per account so make sure your not after anything else more expensive before using it for a £1 saving on 1 item

Thanks for this! Top Stuff... VHWR! (Voted Hot with +REP) :thumbsup:

Awesome find!

nice find!! :thumbsup:

Good find


[SIZE=2]Bought this from HMV instore about a week ago, 12.99 not played it yet, but have to say it doesn't look that great. Just had to buy it being a 360 game for 12.99 [/SIZE]

I got it instore today before this popped up for £11.69.
Have played it. It is okay deffo worth it for a tenner. Can be funny & is a bit mad.

Bargain. Even if its not worth a tenner, you can but for £8.99, play it and get £12 on Ebay afterwards!

class deal! now if only i had an xbox 360

brill got mine today!

bought this and peter jacksons king kong both for the xbox360 came to £23.98 added to your rep and voted hot, nice one millarcat

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Wow! I didnt think this deal would be quite as popular .. thanks for all your responses and of course for the rep :-D

Now says its £44.99!!

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Thanks for the update kevb30, deals now over so i've clicked expired
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