Amped 3 XBOX 360 Now Only £9.99 Delivered From HMV!!!!!
Amped 3 XBOX 360 Now Only £9.99 Delivered From HMV!!!!!

Amped 3 XBOX 360 Now Only £9.99 Delivered From HMV!!!!!

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Great price for this. Cheapest elsewhere is £14.99.

Don't forget 11% Quidco as well for more saving.


Amped 3 stays true to its roots as the most authentic trick-based snowboarding game on seven new real-world resorts. Amped 3 is three times larger than the levels in the preceding Amped games. The Snowbox offers hundreds of challenges at various resorts, including the option for players to test their skills snowmobiling and sledding and then have their top scored runs, hang-times and crashes automatically posted on Xbox Live online gaming service. Given the vastness of the mountains, players explore the backcountry on snowmobile to find the perfect spots and then use the Park Builder for planting their own jumps and rails.


Just spotted this via a price alert from [url]www.find-games.co.uk[/url]

This has got to be the lowest price an XBOX360 game has reached!


Rated 72/100 on Metacritic:


Good price Tolgak :thumbsup:

absolute bargain!, got it already.. nice game.. and should be asumed as its cheap its rubbish.. thats not the case with this one.

expired :-(


Price is now up to £45, thanks for the update Jomppa :thumbsup: Good while it lasted, i've clicked expired now.

HMV have still not dispatched. I am also still waiting for Ghost Recon Advanced warefare last time it was cheap. Any chance they will NEVER dispatch? :?

awwww schucks....just missed as well.....oh well another deal will be along soon...


Still £13 in store!

Back down to £9.99. :giggle:


Back down to £9.99

Thanks Steve, I'll unexpire it

Excellent!! Bought and rep given


I rented this game and had to send it back before i could finish it, Just bought.

£8.90ish after quidco!

Voted HOT, Thanks

Something wrong with this. Says £9.99 but when you add it to your basket, it comes up as £44.99.

Maybe I'll try emailing them.

i ordered the game on the 4th dec, ten mins before a mate did. his arrived yesterday, mine still isnt here!!! why is that always the way lol.

:shock: :shock: :giggle: :giggle: :santa: :santa: :giggle: :giggle: :shock: :shock:

hmm, can't find email address and can't get through on CS phone number.



hmm, can't find email address and can't get through on CS phone number.


SHOWMAN36, Thanks! Buried in the help section I assume?

Cheers anyway.

now says £44.99 I think it's expired


Ordered it on the 7th of December when it was in stock and have just had an email saying stock's out and that the item won't be shipped until the 20th of January, cancelled will go buy it instore tomorrow for £13.

My order (£9.99) still says "Item to be ordered from supplier"
and no delivery date.
No Xbox360 yet so I can wait! :santa:

Hoping Boxing Day Sales will see a flood of Xbox360 Premium bundles around the £200 mark :-D


Your joking right Jomppa? The 360 Premium is not going to drop by £80 for the new year, you'll be able to get the core edition for just under £200...

No not joking!

Like a good bargain !



Then you'll be waiting untill next christmas because Microsoft announced that there will be no price drop for the premiums untill june next year.

mmmmmmm....mine ordered the 7th and says item to be ordered from supplier....bah humbug....no email or anything yet....wonder have they charged my card

It's still costing just over £200 to manufacture the 360. Market analysts predict they'll look to bundle big namers like Halo 3 rather than drop the actual price of the machine - They need to show a profit at some point!

Well, sent them an email. Didn't bother responding but did change the price. To £44.95! ...oh well. I also notice the delivery date has changed from 24 hours to 3 - 5 days. Does that mean people have actually been buying it at this price? I don't know why. Its a lot cheaper everywhere else.

Yes its cheaper in store I saw it in Hmv today for £12.99 !!!
I ordered mine last week and have no note of a delivery time. Tryed phoning them the other day, hung on for ages and then they hung up. Great customer service - since they have increased the price I will just hang on to the order. Dosent look that great a game anyway. It was also £13.99 in the game.

still not got mine....but will happily wait to get it at £9.99.....oh yes....quidco has already tracked it at 11%....do I get to keep that?

It's going in the basket at 9.99 now and is showing 'in stock' normally shipped within 24 hours?

Me too, £9.99 and I have my confirmation email, nothing on there about waiting for stock.

£8.99 here... student discount, love it

Well after all this time they have just cancelled my order.

HMV suck. :x

hmmmmmph! mine is still sitting as an outstanding order awaiting supply !!!!

its back up to £44.99......

oh crap didnt realise this post was from before christmas!! haha....sorry!

It's £12.99 in-store for those who really want it!
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