Amps Carrying Case For 240 Discs - £4.49 or less

Amps Carrying Case For 240 Discs - £4.49 or less

Found 27th Sep 2006
A case to store up to 240 discs (without their jewel cases) and keep them safe.

Holds 8 discs per sleeve, held with a 3 ring-binder system for added strength and durability.

Colour: Black with blue trim. Branded with Amps logo badge on front of case.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 315 x 282 x 90mm

It's just been put in the "discount delivery" section of the SVP site so you can get the whole order delivered for 99p so long as you have included the AMPS 240 disc carry case.

Only 1000 available!


They have various similar cases for £3.98.

It looks as though the items in their discount delivery section are usually overpriced.

hehe good eye sabrelord As long as it's not marked up the full delivery amount I guess it's still an offer though have had a good 240 disk carrier on the 'today only' section for like 2 years. It costs about £3.50 and providing you get something else, it's a good deal.

Discs Express have a Datawrite one for £3.22…=23
BUT the postage starts off at £5.75 so it is only worth getting with other items.
(You can get about 5Kg of stuff before the postage goes up though).
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