Amstel beer 4 cans for £2.13 Tesco

Amstel beer 4 cans for £2.13 Tesco

Found 7th Oct 2016Made hot 7th Oct 2016
Took dog for a walk and grab some beer. Found these in Tesco for £2.13 for 4 x 440 ml the price was marked at £2.50 but either way that still sounds cheap ? Not sure on the taste as yet .
co-op £4.75


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Thought I'd mention co-op are charging £4.75 and one stop are charging £4.00



Nice find & nice beer

Nice stuff.

nice find,very nice beer

very weak beer


very weak beer

tastes OK though

Vastly too expensive for vile, thin, bland, UK brewed fake European lager.

Actually, at this price, I would probably stupidly buy some and then hate myself for doing so at every disgusting sip

good price, but awfull beer. Nothing premium about this, and is nothing like the stuff from a couple of years ago-just rebranded, and everyones falling for it.

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I would say its another general bland larger such as Budweiser, neither offensive or great tasting. OK probably not as bland as Budweiser. Although not as disgusting as fosters, Carling etc. Then again I'm quite happy with the tesco own bottles as well as real ale.

This is a store specific deal, Amstel is being dropped in stores depending on size.
It's not awful for the price but not worth £4!

Would go nicely with my free carling stash.

As cheap cans go, I don't mind this...although the draft stuff does seem to taste better. More of a hint of honey.






it's lovely


unfortunately,not in my Tesco express! boo!,good if you can get them at this price! heat added

not the same amstel as you get on tap...however its nice enough and ive had it a few times recently instead of taking family a case of cheap crap like carling/fosters/tennents. Generally gone down well and ive enjoyed it as a 'drinking for the sake of it to blot out the in-laws' pint.
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