Amsterdam Mini Cruise £96 for 4 People @ DFDS

Amsterdam Mini Cruise £96 for 4 People @ DFDS

Found 1st Feb 2015
Not a bad deal in my opinion, with Half Term dates available as well!
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These are good fun but the cruise is the method of transport the boats are ferries not cruise ships and the cheapest accommodation is very basic. The only reason I am putting this is up is not to put people off its great value but I would not recommend for families
Food not included so can't be compared to a normal cruise. IMO more time in the city would be better.
The buffet dinner is great, around €30 per head but well worth it as a wide range of foods are available. Overall great value trip and you can get a lot done in 4 hours in the Dam!
Yes this is basically a ferry, not a cruise.
We did one of these to Bruges once, the 2 nights is literally 1 night in a tiny tiny cabin, barely 8 hours to explore the city (so you can't wander too far), and another night back in said tiny tiny cabin. Was very rough waters when we went too, never again! Good deal for those with sea legs though!
Friday night is a party booze cruise basically. Not cheap drink but good laugh.

Food extra and expensive. Book it in advance if you want to eat.
Being trapped on a ship full of roasters is my idea of hell. Also hardly any time in Amsterdam itself. Better flying and staying for a long weekend in my book
I see the DFDS Ferry passing my living room window every evening on its way out of the Tyne - it was extremely late coming in today - rough seas last night! Was on a particularly rough crossing in Dec 2011, and I managed to get one pint in before I was spewing my guts up. Bad all night. On a calm crossing it can be a laugh on the ship, but i'd rather take a KLM flight from Newcastle airport in the winter for about £70 each way and stay over.
My partner went on a trip like this with her family. They had a horrible time. Sea sickness, very little time in Amsterdam, you spend nearly 2 days on a horrible ferry and very little time there. Worst "holiday" they had ever been on. You have been warned.

Still they paid a damn sight more than this so not knocking the deal!
The visiting time in Amsterdam is the secondary aim of this trip on DFDS ferries - primarily it's 2 nights out in a floating bar, if you know this upfront then you won't be disappointed.
Only departure is from Newcastle so you have to add that to the journey as well. Two daily sailing in rough seas on a cold day on a 1 hr flight from a local airport. Know which one I would chose and flights can be found very cheap. Although Amsterdam is the main airport in Holland there are other small airports dotted around the country depending on which place you want to visit. The flower fields are so amazing but a bit early yet, night clubbers go to Amsterdam and the typical Dutch villages are great places. Having lived there for 12 years I have probably seen it all but wouldn't mind going back again for a short trip. The Dutch are quite friendly compared to other places and I so fancy a patat special (chips special) to those who don't know is a portion of chunky chips served in a cone and topped with mayo, ketchup, raw chopped onions, hot peanut sauce and maybe some spicy brown sauce or if you are really brave try some of the raw fish but you have to be dutch to be able to slick it down in one go!!! Keep the cameras ready for a bit of fun. There are also many other attractions to visit in Holland so worth staying a few days. Don't forget you will need Euros and anyone without an EU passport will also require a visa.
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sounds like a ferry crossing with a few extras. not sure if this is actually a special deal or not, so not voting.
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