An additional 20% off all Amazon Jewellery and Watches!!
An additional 20% off all Amazon Jewellery and Watches!!

An additional 20% off all Amazon Jewellery and Watches!!

This is an additional reduction on the already competitive prices!!
1. The 20% off all Amazon.co.uk Jewellery & Watches Offer (the 'Offer') ends at 23:59 on 11th May, 2008, or such other date as Amazon.co.uk withdraws the offer.

2.Offer has no cash alternative.

3.To receive the Offer, customers should select their jewellery and/or watches, and add to the basket. The 20% discount will be automatically added at checkout

4. The items included in the Offer are subject to availability.

5. Offer only applies to jJewellery & watches purchased from Amazon.co.uk at our website amazon.co.uk. It does not apply to purchases made from third-party sellers at Amazon.co.uk's Auctions, zShops or Marketplace or at any of Amazon.co.uk's Trusted Partner sites, or from Amazon.com, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.cn, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.ca.


good deal, some nice stuff on the site

Good deal, but Amazon has increased all the prices by more than 30% compare to last week :x



this has been 39.99 for weeks now they have put it up to 49.99 with 20% off same price as always then....

Agreed. I noticed several watched which are now about 20% more than they have been in recent weeks. This must be against trading standards.

There was one I noticed which was the same price but that was almost at the RRP anyway.

Might be some decent buys, good find, but voting cold because this is very deceitful behaviour by Amazon.

Typical I buy a watch from them yesterday and now it wont let me cancel my order to take advantage. Anyone know if I can use the 30 preice drop policy to claim my 20% and if so how to do it?


just send it back when it comes. or phone them and say "you may as well save yourself the return fee" then re order

[SIZE=3]I bought a watch from here one week ago. The same watch has gone up in price by 20% in the interim and therefore with the further 20% off, the watch still costs the same if you buy it now.

This appears to be a marketing gimmick rather than a true offer as stated in some of the above posts!

I do agree - their prices are already inflated. However, there is a watch on there I like and it's £120 and been so for ages. However, when I add it to basket and go through to checkout, I dont see the 20% off applied anywhere.

Do you literally have to go to the final payment page i.e after youve entered your card details and submitted the order?

oh yeah, and it is sold by amazon.co.uk so it is elligible


yes it only comes up on the final page.

nice deal. voted hot

Extra £2.50 off can be applied if ur lucky enough to have a voucher in the hunt too!
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