An American Werewolf in London [Blu-ray] £5.19 delivered with code SIGNUP10 @ Zoom

An American Werewolf in London [Blu-ray] £5.19 delivered with code SIGNUP10 @ Zoom

Found 26th Oct 2017Edited by:"andywedge"
Was chatting with a mate about what is the best Halloween / Horror movie and I suggested An American Werewolf in London and to my disgust he'd never seen it; so off I went to find it cheap on Blu-Ray. This is the best price I can find, seems to be around £8 to £10 elsewhere although Amazon have it at £7.66 delivered (£5.67 if you have Prime).
American students David Kessler (David Naughton) and Jack Goodman (Griffin Dunne) are spending their holidays backpacking around England. Seeking shelter from a storm at unwelcoming Yorkshire inn 'The Slaughtered Lamb', the pair are soon spooked by the unwelcoming locals, who nonetheless warn them not to stray from the road. Sure enough, the duo become lost on the moors and are attacked by a savage animal. Jack is killed, but when David wakes in a London hospital weeks later he is told that his attacker was in fact a rampaging madman. Already shocked and confused, David is horrified to receive a visit from the rotting corpse of an undead Jack, who informs him that the creature which attacked them was in fact a werewolf. Unless David kills himself he will fall prey to the monster's curse at the next full moon, and transform into a savage killer...
Special Features:
Beware the Moon: Remembering an American Werewolf in London
Rich Baker: I Walked With a Werewolf
Making an American Werewolf in London
Feature Commentary with actors David Naughton and Griffin Dunne
An Interview with John Landis
Make Up Artist Rich Baker on an American Werewolf in London
Casting of the Hand
Storyboard Photograph montage
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Not nowooooo
Nice one thanks 🏻
Stick to the road, stay away from the moors
'Have you tried talking to a corpse? It's boring.'

Excellent film!!!!
Terrific film with a great documentary to match. And Jenny agutter in the nude.... need I say more ....
Man i love this film so much some london filming was done near me and i watched it being made.
John Landis made some funny films and the classic see you next wednesday Easter egg is in most if not all.
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A small Guiness will suffice
The Slaughtered Lamb. Look out for Rick Mayall playing chess in the pub.

I never could work out how a hiker injured on the Yorkshire moors managed to be taken all the way to a hospital in London to be treated !
all these years later and its still the best werewolf film there is.
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