Anaconda 1/2/3/4 Boxset £3.97 @ Tesco Ent
Anaconda 1/2/3/4 Boxset £3.97 @ Tesco Ent

Anaconda 1/2/3/4 Boxset £3.97 @ Tesco Ent

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We can not have enough Anaconda box set deals now can we !

A big-budget B-movie thrill ride, ANACONDA stars Jon Voight as Sarone, a hardened, crusty river man riding the Amazon who is rescued by a film crew when the propeller on his boat malfunctions. The crew, led by director Terri Flores (Jennifer Lopez), hopes to make a documentary about the Amazon tribe known as The People of the Mist. She is joined by her cinematographer (Ice Cube) and a scientist (Eric Stoltz), among others. Unfortunately for all of them, a monstrous, 40-foot anaconda--which habitually swallows its prey whole--is on the rampage. The snake, which is a marvel of effects technology achieved through a seamless combination of animatronics and computer animation, helped make this one of the box office success stories of 1997.

ANACONDAS THE HUNT FOR THE BLOOD ORCHID - Some greedy scientists discover the 'blood orchid' holds the secret to immortality, blooms once every seven years, and only grows deep in the jungles of giant python-infested Borneo. Quickly, an expedition is formed but it's the rainy season and the only boat they can charter is a leaky barge belonging to unshaven Captain Johnson (Johnny Mesner). The cute blonde in the expedition (KaDee Strickland) digs Johnson's stoic demeanour, while her scientist boss (Matthew Marsden) tries to win her through promises of untold riches once they find that orchid. Some of the other potential items on the snakes' menu: Johnson's burly co-pilot (Karl Yune), a handsome ship's doctor (Nicholas Gonzalez), a shrieking techie nerd (Cole Burris), Johnson's pet monkey, and two corporate money-grabbers (Morris Chestnut and Salli Richardson).

ANACONDAS 3 THE OFFSRPING - Two giant snakes are undergoing testing in a covert research facility, conducted by brilliant scientist Amanda (Crystal Allen, MAID IN MANHATTAN). However, Murdoch the financier (John Rhys-Davies, THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy) pushes the experiment too far and the snakes escape, heading towards the nearest city. In addition, one of the snakes is pregnant. Hammett (David Hasselhoff, BAYWATCH) is a merciless soldier of fortune and snake slayer who is given the task of heading off the deadly snakes before they encounter the general public.

ANACONDAS TRAIL OF BLOOD - The fourth instalment from the adrenaline filled saga ANACONDA begins where the last chapter left off. A genetically modified baby anaconda is stolen from a lab minutes before it is destroyed by a bomb. The thief flees to Borneo and, on behalf of black-hearted industrialist Murdoch, carries out a series of experiments on the snake, in order to create a serum capable of regenerating its cells. The creature grows strong and voracious and breaks out of the cage where it is kept and escapes, not before having dismembered the ill-fated scientist.


Someone would pay money for THIS????

I found a pretty good deal on a fresh dog turd this week. I didnt post it because i didnt think anyone would want to buy it.

See where im going with this?

come on, the first 2 films aint that bad

I thought the first film was quite fun to be honest....in a silly ,OTT, cheesy B-movie kind of way.

I didn't even know they made a 3rd or 4th movie. I'm guessing they were straight to DVD/ TV movies.

£3 too much.

Might be worth it for the disc coasters and the reusable DVD cases inside. Cardboard outer box can be used in the fireplace. Best to get toasty with this horrible weather lately.

The first three films are amazing... and that's ponly cause i've not seen the 4th... the Hoff and giant man eating snakes? you cannot beat that cheese!

woo i have only seen 1-2 and that's because as i work from home i have a spare monitor on my pc and watch around 5 movies a day..thats it im getting 3-4 and seeing if they are as dire as the others.

Don't forget 8% quidco

So let me get this straight - I have to pay £3.97 to waste approx 8 hours of my life watching this unimaginative, unoriginal drivel...

Once upon a time I watched the first one for 30 minutes and then switched off. The only good thing was Jennifer Lopez before she had a nose job

IMDB ratings are funny for the other films though - Anacondas 3 (with the Hoff)....scored nearly off the bottom of the chart!

Anaconda - 4.2/10
Anacondas 2 - 4.3/10
Anacondas 3 - 2.8/10
Anaconda 4 - 3.3/10

C'mon life is short - don't waste it watching this drivel... :-D

Bought. Daft, even terrible films but for £4, definitely fun drunken viewing.


come on, the first 2 films aint that bad



no.2 is OK

no.3 is pretty bad though

ain't seen no.4 yet


So let me get this straight - I have to pay £3.97

You don't have to do anything :whistling:
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