Ancestry DNA Test package £69 (reduced from £99 for this weekend)

Ancestry DNA Test package £69 (reduced from £99 for this weekend)

Found 27th Nov 2015
I'm not sure if this is really worth the bother as DNA tests like this are a bit quesitonable and personally I'd also be concerned about privacy and a large corporation having access to that kind of data. Don't forget your relatives have the same DNA, so you're effectively sharing their data too.

But it may appeal to some people so I thought I'd make them aware of it.
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Didn't notice this bit,

Price excludes shipping costs or applicable taxes. Surely that price includes VAT and the minimal shipping required.
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It's funny, i know I didn't exactly make it appeal to people, I have my concerns about it but I think it's a very interesting idea.

Won't be long though until you can get your whole genome sequenced for 99 quid at this rate. It's about a 1000 dollars at the moment.
Get one on Jeremy Kyle for free if you are a rough northerner with bad teeth.
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