AncestryDNA (£49 + £20 p+p first kit, £10 p+p subsequent kits)

AncestryDNA (£49 + £20 p+p first kit, £10 p+p subsequent kits)

Found 25th Nov 2016
This is the lowest price I have ever seen AncestryDNA in the UK.

Each kit is currently £49
Postage and packing £20 for the first kit you order
P+P is £10 for each subsequent kit

Plus the potential for 12% TCB if not a member (thanks to oB765o for this).

AncestryDNA is an 'autosomal test' and which will takes a small part of your DNA which you have inherited from both your paternal and maternal ancestors.

From spitting into a tube, it can:

- give you a model of your ethnicity
- give you who yo are matched to (list of other people, often by username who you can contact)
- the opportunity to download your results and upload this to other services (for detailed ethnicity or health indicators)

AncestryDNA currently has the biggest database, 2.5 million users and counting (numbers matter for matches).

Here are some examples of DNA use:

- I have successfully assisted a distant cousin (adopted, no records) who was a DNA match to me find their birth parents.

- I am currently using DNA research to identify who my maternal grandfather is where paper records go cold. People who research famiy history call this a 'brick wall'

- Some use DNA because they are interested in what their ethnicity is.

I appreciate this deal is not for everyone but some might be interested and it might make an interesting Christmas present for someone.
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Why are people voting this deal cold? I have never seen Ancestry drop to this price in the UK. This is a deals website, a deal is a deal. This is my first deal that I've posted and I not going to expend any energy in future because quite frankly it is a waste of time.
I think it's a great deal. We paid closer to £120 as a gift earlier on in the year. Heat!
Plus the potential for 12% TCB if not a member.
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Plus the potential for 12% TCB if not a member.

Thank you (plus for the other comment). I have added this to the post description and credited you.
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I was interested in this but after a quick Google it seems they're not … I was interested in this but after a quick Google it seems they're not very accurate

Entirely a different artticle about something else. These have never claimed to see if you're related to Richard III, etc. However, they will give accurate results if you want to find out 1st-4th cousins.

A more accurate analysis is on the ISOGG website:

Scroll down to the percentages. I have located people's parents through this, they were adopted and had no idea of who their parents were. You cannot put a price on that.

EDIT: if you have questions, go to the ISOGG Facebook group and ask questions…gg/ A lot of very knowledgeable people there.
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I've used Ancestry for over 12 months and have bought two of the AncestryDNA kits for willing family members. Both of the tests identified many 'xth cousins' who turned out were definitely related to us and shared great grandfathers, etc. The ethnicity estimator is interesting but it's not worth getting the kit just for that. I'd recommend getting this only if you're already researching your family tree (or are planning on doing so) through Ancestry.

Anyway, £69 including postage is cheaper than any other deal I've seen for it. The best I've seen in the last year or so was £79 (free postage). Plus TBC and Quidco do cashback on top of it.
What's the TCB discount please?
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What's the TCB discount please?

When I did it 2 days ago, it was 13%.
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