Anchor Butter 250G 2 for £2 @ Tesco

Anchor Butter 250G 2 for £2 @ Tesco


Thanks will stock up, heat added

do they have unsalted?


excellent. I was thinking of watching Last Tango in Paris

I really hope they have it in NI also!

oho..thank you OP

Hot deal... Finding it in stock around my way... Not so easy!

Great deal and Great New Zealand butter!!!

Thanks OP

Great deal but dates on the ones in stock were Jan 2012

heat added my mum will not eat marge only butter

Original Poster


do they have unsalted?

I have never seen unsalted in this brand

Can't get excited about this ...small tubs 250g!

Short dated at mine.

None at my two local Tesco - Chester Le Street and Dragonville.

All short dated...

The main shelf they stack Anchor butter was displaying full price £1.60 for 250g. I was disappointed at first that there is no deal on offer. Later on found the offer at the side shelf displaying the offer price. To find the offer sometime you have to search for it.... thanks.
(Tesco, Hodge Hill, Birmingham)
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