Anchor Spreadable 500g 2 for £3 at Sainsburys

Anchor Spreadable 500g 2 for £3 at Sainsburys

Found 7th May 2009
This deal has been doing the rounds in different supermarkets, I haven;t seen it for a month or two, but its back at Sainsburys now.
Its £2.25 a tub at all the other supermarkets as far as I know.
The deal is for both the full fat & the reduced fat 500g tubs


Good Deal

Thanks for pointing this out, bought one at full price from Tesco a while ago, will get two this weekend

Can't confirm at the moment but I think Morrisons have a similar deal on.

i can confirm the Morrisons deal as i brought 2 for £3 last night and it includes the lighter spreadable tubs as well :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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