Anchor Westbury Wiltshire Butter 250g @ Iceland - £1.50

Anchor Westbury Wiltshire Butter 250g @ Iceland - £1.50

Found 7th Nov 2017
Anchor Westbury Wiltshire Butter 250g Anchor salted butter

Deliciously creamy butter

Made with 100% British milk

On offer at Iceland
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Assuming you don't want to buy 2 this the best price of any major retailer.…tml
Crazy how expensive butter has become all of a sudden.
Why has butter in the last 3 months suddenly shot up by 50% if milk had done the same there would be riots in the streets.It shows you the power of supermarkets.
Butter has gone up because the butter milk which makes it is in short supply, so the raw price has gone up because of two things.

One is less milk being milked due to fewer herds the other whats is left after milk supply being used for more profitable products.

it's not just us. Butter is in short supply in France and Netherlands, in fact all over Europe.

This is the time we wish we still had the mythical EU butter mountain.
It's a lump of butter
I, like many, grew up on Anchor New Zealand butter, since they moved production to UK and changed the recipe its not quite the same taste. miss the old taste, but still buy it tho. Good price, enough heat given to melt butter
Anchor tastes awful. Prefer Irish butter!
Butter demand is up globally, led in part by the suggestion that its not as bad for us as once thought. Secondly by cooking which has become popular in China, in particular pastries which it is an important ingredient.
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