and for the fancy dress £11.49 was £46.98 @  Lingerie and Co

and for the fancy dress £11.49 was £46.98 @ Lingerie and Co

Found 6th Dec 2009Made hot 6th Dec 2009
Cor..bit early in the day. Free P&P


Never too early, have some heat.

:thumbsup: top marks..some good picy pics on here !!!!!!

mmmm tempted by the dr hardwon outfit in case I get swine flu over xmas !

in mens sizes?

20% Quidco

[COLOR=black]1 Leg Avenue 8622[/COLOR] please........I've just ordered both of them.... and the lingerie......Please Santa ive been a good boy all year heres hoping in anticipation.......TY.......:whistling:

Lol @ 4469 'Garden Hoe' :-D

Just ordered! I cabn't wait to see myself in this....

Don't think missus will complain either. :-D

Would add heat but not sure how yet :oops:

I might be wrong, but I don't think this is for men. But i live up North, maybe this is in fashion for men down soufff.:thinking:

site is down

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very nice

Her in the red second from left looks like she enjoys a pie or 2!:whistling:

Looks like that is an affliate link, direct link to product is:…tml

Thank You

I ordered a few things for the hubby ;-) Cheers

Quote from quidco:

'any orders over GBP50 you will recieve GBP10 off

Code: 1abb59'

Also have some heat

Check out those inner thighs! x

Is it just me, or are 90% of the women modelling that lingerie overweight / curvy?

As for the woman above, I certainly wouldn't say no, but can't help but feel that she would look hotter if she were 2 stone lighter.

They may well knock 50% off the prices, but at the end of the day a fat chick modelling lingerie 2 sizes too small ain't exactly the best advertisement.

Still, heat & rep for the saucy post! Keep em coming!


if only i had a


if only i had a

Order some , you might get one for christmas ;-)
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