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Pre-Order - 8-String - ESP LTD SC-608B Stephen Carpenter Signature Guitar in Red Sparkle   £499 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 19th AugPosted 19th Aug
Pre-Order for 9th August (estimate) Not all of us have the desire or need to play an 8 string guitar, but if you are up for it, this thing is fantastic value at under £500 8) … Read more

Not into 8-string guitars, but noticed that Andertons also has the little brother of this guitar, the SC-208 8-string, for the insanely low price of £199. Also a preorder. Probably reduced because it's being discontinued, but excellent value if that's your thing. ESP LTD SC-208 £199 at Andertons


Only interested if they can scallop it and add a Floyd rose trem


Can confirm if you saw the £449 second hand sc608b at Anderson’s that was my guitar, traded it in for £400 towards a prs black stone cherry signature. This guitar is a beast and loved it just didn’t have time to push myself to learn 8 string stuff


Nice price, given that it comes with a pair of Fishmans too. :{


Was hoping for an 11 string for my spinal tap amp

Laney 50th Anniversary Ironheart Studio SE Head + Laney GS112V  12" Celestion V-Type Cab  - £499 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 15th AugPosted 15th Aug
Another genuinely good offer on an amp and studio head bundle. The cab houses a Celestion V-Type 12" speaker which is 70W and the head is the special edition red model, which I thi… Read more

V30s might not be the best for very modern tone but they are great for almost everything else tbh. Worst case you might have to tweak the mic placements a bit for recording. They have been the main industry standard for a very long time for a good reason. Personally I wouldn't replace them for anything else, especially at the price Thomann offers, total no brainer.


I would love this but I live in a 2 up, 2 down and I can imagine the neighbours complaining. :p


Haha, I'm using the normal version of this amp with a 2x12 HB cab with V30s and it gives some pretty decent doom tones at reasonable volume! Low overdrive and kick the front end with a decent fuzz - a Way Huge Swollen Pickle is my fuzz of choice - to give it that extra grunt and maybe a little chorus to give some depth. Works for me, but obviously it all depends what music you play!


Better just get a real Celestion V30 Harley Benton cab and then a better amp on top tbh.


I've not come across this one before, time to check it out! :{

Blackstar 60W ID:60 TVP Head & ID:412B 4x12 320W Cab Bundle £449 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
Fantastic price when buying this bundle. Not sure if I missed this on my last Blackstar post, or it went live after? Either way, It's a pretty good shout on both of these. I really… Read more

Nice, thank you for this deal!

cowbutt would be a worthwhile accompanying purchase.


Scorching deal. Heat added.


Perfect practice amp for the spare bedroom.

Albion GLS412 - 4x12" 280W Closed Back Guitar Cab £149 + Free Delivery @ Andertons
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
This is back again after moving to "Pending" for a while. A really good price for a 4x12 cab. If you've not heard of them before then you'll be pleased to know they are owned by by… Read more

Speaker cab, not amp (Just for those who may not be aware of the difference) Looks good though


Haven't played in over 20 years but always wanted something like this - sorely tempted at this price 🤘🎸🎵


I need about 20 of these all lined up at the back of the stage


Good deal. I use a 1x12" because my studio is small and I don't gig, but this is fantastic value for the gigging musician.


Lot of W for your £! Heat added, nice if there was a bass version.

320W Blackstar ID Series TVP412A 4x12 Angled Speaker Cab / TVP412B 4x12 Straight Cab £199 Each With Free Delivery @ Andertons
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Fantastic price on both of these. Not for your average bedroom guitarist, unless you're wanting to blow your windows out :D I'm not really sure how many members of bands we have h… Read more

Excellent cabs, fantastic price, Andertons have lots of really good deals on Blackstar stuff at the moment.


I believe it's these.


Can't beat the feeling of standing in front of a full stack with a cranked Les Paul. Unfortunately I now have tinnitus as a constant reminder....


Anyone know what Celestions are in this?


Absolute bargain!

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ESP LTD Viper-401 Electric Guitar in Black or Flamed Maple Top £499 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Pre-orders for 2nd August - Now in stock Very nice looking guitars! The SG kind of style here is something that's grown on me. Don't hurt me :D I love the sound of the actual … Read more

Nice guitar...the other guitarist in my band had one, but snapped the head stock off on the singers head in the middle of a gig!!! lol 🤘


Hmm, with wires and stuff! Don't know!!


Decent! How are they wired up?


Those pickups are no doubt capable, but nothing comes close to the P90. I was fortunate enough to get hold of a De Armond many years ago, they (De Armond) managed to buy a crap load of original P90's and use them on this particular run. It sounds mint, plugged into a Fender Blues Deluxe. Ear blistering harmony!

Audio Technica System-10 Stompbox Digital Wireless Guitar System £169 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Stomping price for this model, you can use up to 8 transmitters with it so no need to mess around with cables. Just have them paired up and ready to go. For use with gear with 1/4"… Read more

The Boss WL20 doesn't seem any simpler than the Line 6 G10, but is about £30 more expensive. Any particular reason to favour the more expensive Boss over the Line 6?


Prefer the simplicity of the Boss WL20.


Any thoughts on why this would be a better choice than the Line 6 G10 which can be had for alot less? (and also has a much neater 1-piece transmitter)

Andertons Summer Sale 2019 (Up to 50% Off)
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Andertons Summer Sale has just started, 452 items on sale, various guitars, B-Stock, amplifiers, pedals, keyboards etc

Damn, wish I had some disposable cash, would pick up a few things here !

Chapman Guitars - ML1 RS Rob Scallon Signature Model / Neck-Through Guitar £699.99 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Stunning looking neck-through design on this. I posted a Chapman the other night and must have missed this one (Unless it dropped since) All the specs are below and it does come wi… Read more

Depends when you bought them, one of the production lines has moved to a different factory.


Rob Scallon is a legend. Such a great youtuber


He has an 8 sig, and this 6 sig.


Can't be a Scallon, too few strings...


I'm pretty sure they are made in the same factory as PRS SE's. They will have the same machines and tools (and people) used to make them. They'll have the same QC too. Personally I don't like Chapman guitars. I've played a few of them but I've also owned a few SE's. The difference isn't in quality but feel. They're totally different guitars and therefore subjective to whether one is better than the other IMO. I no longer own any of the SE's either. Just my two cents.

Ibanez Tube Screamer with Korg Nutube Guitar Pedal £139 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Fantastic price for this pedal, I think it's been around this price for a while now, but 100% worth a shout out again for this kind of money. If you want to hear it in action, ther… Read more

Thanks OP - ordered one mostly because I was curious about this NuTube ever since Korg announced it - plus the Tubescreamer's control for clean(-er) boost is a plus!


There are many TS clones which are very good. I have used Joyo vintage overdrive which is a fantastic clone . 15 to 20 quid on eBay . Another problem I have with those is that that nutube is broadly advertised as being just as good as traditional tube but at a fraction of the cost. Considering that there is a nutube amp for around 300 quid, a pedal with a single nutube at that cost comes a bit reach from Ibanez. Nothing wrong with the deal, I'lk just boycott Ibanez for these reasons


Fantastic pedal - can put it in front of ANY amp and improve the sound. NeoTrix - you gotta stop posting these bank account is taking a battering (y)


The TO800 is the same circuit as the TS808, Behringer's TS9 copy is the TO100. Why they didn't call it the TO900 I really don't know. Fragile? Not really. Less robust than a Boss would be more accurate.


Same/similar circuit as a TS9 but much more fragile for use on stage. It's all plastic. If you are a bedroom warrior though, there's no point to spend the extra money.

Chapman ML1 Norseman Hjarn Electric Guitar w/Floyd Rose Tremolo + Chapman Pro Hard Case £599 @ Andertons - Various Weights available
Refreshed 30th JulRefreshed 30th Jul
Update 1
Down by another £100 to £599
Dropped from the price I posted at (£699) to £599 Something a little different with this one :) I don't think I've ever posted a Chapman guitar before... That said, I've not no… Read more

If anyone is keen in going the parts route, I can recommend warmoth. Great quality, and you see exactly what you're getting


That ML1 is a looker! I won't try and make my own though :D As it's my first build, I've bought a kit and modified it. I don't have the tools or skills to start from scratch. Maybe one day though. It's been good fun so far. Once I have the hang of the basics then I'll make it more challenging. I've made slight adjustments to the body, shaped the head stock myself and changed the frets out, as they were pretty shoddy. Done some filling and started the staining process. This arrived today :) It's the small things, eh? Can see the reflection of the guitar (It's not photo ready just yet, ha) Tough one deciding on a decal for the head stock though. May leave blank, but feels weird.


How about the Harley Benton Fusion ll Flamed maple featuring an 'Ultra Flame' veneer Stainless steel frets Original Floyd Grovers £396 Hard to beat .


Are you following a set of plans or do you know what you're doing from experience? :{ If I had a spare £699, I'd definitely be picking up the Svart version:


Yeah, same! I can't be 100% that I've NEVER seen them on offer, but I am pretty sure it's a rare occurrence. I'd like to see more too, currently just a couple on Andertons. Some beautiful models on there though.I tell you what I do like though. With some of their guitars, you can pick the exact one you'll receive. Not something you see very often, unless you're buying second hand. Ohhh, someone has good taste :D They are really quite something. I keep meaning to buy a single cut, but somehow end up getting something that I never intended to buy. The worst time was when I had a single cut / hard tail in mind, then ended up with a double with a trem system... I even started to build a guitar (At the staining process stage at the moment) As I looked at it curing the other day, I thought "That's not a single cut either" (y) I was even tempted to add a FR Trem in. Terrible for it! Keeping it as a hardtail and going for the SG HP look. I'm useless!

Pre-Order - ESP LTD Volsung Lars Fredriksen Signature Guitar in Distressed Black Satin + Case £499 Delivered @ Andertons
230° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Next Delivery Due: Friday, 19 July 2019 Maybe not everyones cup of tea here, but hey... you never know. I never used to be a fan of the SG style shapes until fairly recently w… Read more

Incase anyone was wondering, this is a signature build guitar for Rancid's Lars', a punk band and NOT a metal band. Still, one to play with distortion.


I'm with you there. If it weren't for the ridiculous "relic" nonsense, I'd be very tempted to get one.


Probably just waiting for more stock, as opposed to a new release :)


As an owner of seven guitars,I'm struggling here. How can that be on pre-release yet halved in price?


> I never used to be a fan of the SG style Sacrilege! ;)

ESP LTD EC-1000 ET FM Electric Guitar in Lemon Drop - £799 at
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
A great ESP LTD EC-1000 but this one is equipped with a flame maple top and Evertune bridge system. Pretty mega deal for anyone who wants an Evertune equipped LP. (For reference th… Read more
Get dealGet deal

If it plays well and sounds good, don't worry about the colour!


An extra splash of Old Spice whilst on stage, will retrieve the situation!


Well have I got a honey burst for you!


Nice guitar, but I am not sure that ‘lemon drop’ will appeal to the more manly amongst us!

ESP LTD SC337 Stephen Carpenter 7 String Electric Guitar £349 Delivered @ Andertons
216° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
For those that like their music heavy... and with an extra string :D I reckon this one is brill value for what it is. It's also nice to see 7 string guitars at reasonable prices (… Read more

Stephen Carpenter - guitarist from the Deftones. Rob "Chappers" Chapman - demo guitarist for Andertons music and entrepreneur with his own company making guitars in China to beat the Chinese crap imports and nice bloke who reminds me of a Dad playing guitar as a hobby. It is incredible how cheap some guitars have become now. YouTube is depressing though because even 6 year old girls can play guitar better than me now, and then you have musicians such as the 24 year old Jacob Collier who are in another Universe in terms of their musical knowledge and multi instrumental talent, that if I live another 48 years (very doubtful and horrible to consider) I wouldn't get within 1% of his talent, when I watch his stuff I think "how is that even possible?" Genius is a word that is a true understatement for him.


Use with an amp that goes up to 11 and you have a mega set up.


Not my thing, but excellent value nonetheless.


hot for me too


Heat from me. Tempted at that price, but don’t have a need for a 7-string. If I did, it’d probably a LTD. I have an old LTD that’s still going strong and a dream to play. They’re not ranked with Fender and Gibson, but often the build quality’s better; certainly better than most Epiphones.

ESP LTD EC1000FM FR Electric Guitar with EMG Pickups / Floyd Rose £749 Delivered @ Andertons
160° Expired
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
I actually saw this on the "Sound like Metallica" Video (Appears at around 3:05) Looking at the image on site, it really doesn't do this any justice at all. That flame top and th… Read more

Nice looker. Binding is a bit OTT. I thought Abalone was banned now?


There's quite a big difference in tone, you should watch some video comparisons. Active pickups are usually very high output and don't sound good clean, and even distorted they produce more/louder harmonics than passive. On average that is, there are actives that are lower output too but the EMGs on this are not.


What’s the difference? Yeah I know I could google it but it’s Friday evening and I’ve had a beer...


It would be tempting if it had passive pickups. Not a big fan of active. The specs are really good otherwise.


I love guitars, I have too many of them. I wanted to stay in the EU just so I could buy cheap guitars from Thomann, that's how serious things are with me and the guitar.

Albion GLS412 - 4x12" 280W Closed Back Guitar Cab £149 Delivered @ Andertons
242° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
If you're in need of a guitar cab then for £149 this one is a steal. If you've never heard of them before, then you'll likely question if they're any good as a brand or not. Albion… Read more

Showing back in stock (Went into Price pending so assumed was being pulled) Winner


I guess it can be useful for a professional studio or something, these deals make me want to make a studio lol.


I guess it depends what you're doing with it. I'd not get one for my house, that's for sure :D I had to post at this price though, ridiculous value for those that need something of this size / power


Crazy price for 4x12. That said, 4x12 is a little excessive, I would rather get 1 or 2 higher quality drivers like the Harley Bentons with Celestion V30.