Andrew James - Brilliant Bean to Cup Coffree Machine £85.99

Andrew James - Brilliant Bean to Cup Coffree Machine £85.99

Found 20th Nov 2017
Bought ours last year, great company broke the Jug and they send me a new one free of charge
8% Quidco too
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Comes up as £68.79 due to Black friday discount.


Comes up as £68.79 due to Black friday discount.
Thanks OP - Ordered
Isn't this more of a filter coffee maker with a built in coffee grinder?
GW612 m ago

Isn't this more of a filter coffee maker with a built in coffee grinder?

Yes, I was really excited until I realised it is not an espresso machine. Still great price for what it is.
Great price but take a look at the reviews on Amazon, pretty mixed opinions on it...
Andrew James products are never good quality
No milk frother.
GW6158 m ago

Isn't this more of a filter coffee maker with a built in coffee grinder?

That's precisely what it is but none the worse for that if it is a good design, well executed. Bought a couple of the stainless steel coffee accessories for gifts and was very pleased with the quality. The 20% discount for today only makes this an attractive buy. Free delivery and a two year guarantee..... tempted myself. Bear in mind that this machine is no good for espresso style coffee which needs to be finely ground and the hot water passed through under high pressure.


Done a little research. Looks identical to the Igenix IG8225 on amazon at £84.99, incidentally so is the Andrew James machine at £84.99. Both sets of user reviews give 14-18% one star. Main complaints are about reliability and the machine not dispensing sufficient hot water after several weeks/months use, the recommended solution, not always successful, being descaling. Over 50% of reviews on both machines gave it five stars. Customer Service written response to the various grumbles was good. Cannot expect too much for sixty odd quid so i'm undecided at the moment. Think i'll have a think about it and hope the urge to spend money i haven't got subsides.
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5.25% tcb
As mentioned in my initial post we bought last year and it has been used every day multiple times we buy the Aldi Beans (columbian) everyone who sees it and tries it asks where they can get it so we are very pleased and would buy again
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If you like dishwater.
Got to be the very worst way of making coffee.

A jug which you probably already have will do better.
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I have the Igenix version, the reason you don't always get the amount dispensed that you asked for is 2 fold, one is the fineness of the grind directly relating to how much water is retained in the ground beans. Two you need to fill it with slightly more water than you need as it leaves a bit in the bottom. I did have my first machine replaced as it seemed way too out for my liking. If you test it with no coffee in and just let it drip directly through you find you do get exactly what you asked for.

Its a good machine and well made, look out for the warehouse deals on these as a better deal can be had.
I have one of these and id give it miss overall, despite the actual coffee it makes being semi-decent.

The coffee it makes on the first cycle is lukewarm. This means you cant just make a cup and drink it.

You have to either:
- Run a water only cycle through the system once, then make your cup - this is a hassle every time. or
- Make a cup, and let it sit on the hotplate for about 5 minutes to warm the coffee up and it will get to a decent temperature.

So on average its about 7-8 minutes from turning on the machine to getting a hot cup of coffee and a lot of faffing.

The 2nd issue is with the water, there is no removable water reservoir meaning you have to leave water in the machine overnight which goes stale and its also hard to clean

Now you might think if I want to make a 2 cup quantity ill just put 2 cups of water in, but the water suction will start pulling air in if there isnt enough water inside the reservoir so you really have to have 4 cup amount of water to make 2 cups, leaving 2 cups of water in the system all the time to go stale and manky.
We had 1 of these in our showroom, kept getting clogged up when grinding and the coffee was vile. Don't do it...
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