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1100W Automatic Filter Coffee Machine £15.99 Andrew James UK
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Automatic Filter Coffee Maker: The Andrew James Automatic Filter Coffee Machine has a large capacity and reusable filter for economy. We’ve included a measuring spoon to help you a… Read more

Yes you can set it up to automatically come on at the time you set. There are 2 versions... The older one which I have will keep the coffee warm for 2 hours, the newer version only keeps it warm for 30 minutes or so.


No you can set the timer for any time you want . And it will keep your coffee warm for 30 mins if you want to keep it warm for longer basically 2 clicks on the start button will do it for another 30 mins


Start Timer and Keep Warm Functions: Set your machine to start when you want it using the delay timer of up to 2 hours and the warming plate will keep the carafe warm for up to 30 minutes. If the description is accurate then it's pretty pants really. That states you can only set a 2 hour countdown, so no you can't say "6am coffee" unless you wake up and set it at 4. You need one with a proper full on clock/alarm type mode. And that 30 minute heat thing is fairly common now, I believe it's some kind of energy saving regulation rubbish. You'd have to turn it back on every half hour if you want it to stay warm.


Do you buy ground coffee for this machine in the Supermarket. Any recommendations on a good one to get??


can you set a timer for the morning or is it just two hours and also doe the hotplay go off after 30 minutes - how does it keep warm after that ?

Stainless Steel Cafetiere with measuring spoon! £19.54 @ Andrew James
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
15% off now only £19.54 1000ml coffee press with measuring spoon that clips onto the coffee bag. Bought this for my nanna for a christmas gift. Comes in a nice box too!!

Got this from (no longer available) for £16.99 came with 3 extra stainless filters and 2 spoons and measuring spoon with bag clip. These are double walled insulated but NOT vacuum. So will not keep coffee warm for long. Used Bodum for years then broke 2 in six months (annoyed)


Identical item, different name - £17.99 VonShef 8 Cup Cafetiere And Spoon


Omg! It comes with a measuring spoon!!!!!


thanks for sharing @MaryDx1 :)

Andrew James Black Friday now live
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Andrew James Black Friday now live 15% off site wide use the code "bfcooking" for an extra 10% off Halogen and slow Cookers use the code "bffryer" for an extra 20% off Air Frye… Read more

All shops have black Friday offers! An example of a good deal would be good or just put it in voucher section

Andrew James Ice Cream Maker £17.99 delivered
Found 3rd Nov 2018Found 3rd Nov 2018
Not very seasonal but bought as a Christmas present, well reviewed for a basic ice cream maker, still £29.99 on Amazon. If you like the idea of delicious, indulgent soft serve ice… Read more

Great machine! Had one of them for couple of years now and it does wonder. Coffee ice-cream are delicious


Love the black one but I have one from about 6 years ago. I couldn't make Greek frozen yoghurt like ice cream as the paddle is not strong enough


Make Bailey's ice cream for Christmas lol


I've had one for about 3 years and its lived all it's life in the shed after only being used twice. They do sort of work but the method of pre-freezing the mixing bowl then adding the ingredients by the time the ice cream timer is finishing its already melting.

Top Rate Domestic Meat Slicer with an additional 5% Deduction - £52.96 @ Andrew James UK
Found 8th Apr 2018Found 8th Apr 2018
Top Rate Domestic Meat Slicer with an additional 5% Deduction - £52.96 @ Andrew James UK
£52.96£57.999%Andrew James UK Deals
Hi All Having spent the last few days researching and visiting catering specialist, I came across the Andrew James slicer. To cut a long story short this has been advertised in t… Read more
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I got one but it didn't have the blade fixing so I couldn't use the machine. Andrew James customer service poor and wanted me to pay for the missing part. (annoyed)


Trouble is I'm poor. I can't afford the meat to be able to use a meat slicer ;)


I’ve got one and it works well, goes as low as £39 on Amazon so worth keeping an eye out there if not in a rush.


A man walked in to his local butcher to find his regular butcher, John absent so he asks the manager, "Where's John?" The manager tells the man that John was fired because he was found sticking his d**k in the meat slicer" Then the man asked, "Where is the meat slicer now?" The butcher then replied, "I fired her too."


I knew a man who got sacked from a butchers......

Andrew James Digital Slow Cooker (4.5l) £24.50 delivered at Andrew James
Found 27th Mar 2018Found 27th Mar 2018
Andrew James Digital Slow Cooker (4.5l) £24.50 delivered at Andrew James
£24.50£42.9943%Andrew James UK Deals
Use code HAVE5 for an extra 5% off taking this to £24.50 delivered. A well spec'd slow cooker having a delayed start and automatic keep-warm setting. They also have the larger (6.… Read more

The Andrew James Digital Slow Cooker is fully automatic and features a handy timer delay function that lets you set the cooker away even if you aren’t present. You can then cook food for up to 20 hours on 3 different heat settings so your meal is perfectly cook just when you need it. Your cooker will automatically switch to the WARM setting once the timer is up so your dinner stays ready for serving even if you are delayed.


I wonder about this too, I think it might be handy for vegetable dishes or perhaps for a 1-2 hour delay. The useful feature of this for me is the auto switch to 'keep warm' after a pre-determined time.


I'm not sure if I understand the use of the delayed timer function. Say I'm cooking meat and want a 12 hour delay, this means I've got meat sat on the countertop at room temperature for 12 hours getting all bacteria-heavy. Is slow cooking hot enough to kill off that bacteria again during the cooking stage?


Yup, Red only. Bit of a shame - won't been keeping mine out on the worktop ;)


Shame they don't have it in silver.

Upto 45% off many Andrew James kitchen appliances
Found 26th Jan 2018Found 26th Jan 2018
Upto 45% off many Andrew James kitchen appliances
A limited time payday sale with many items reduced including... Digital Slow cooker £24.74 Stand Mixer with 4 attachments £53.19 Multifunctional food processor and blender £48.99 … Read more

Do it's a treat....I "researched "ages trying to find a good one that didn't cost a bomb...I wasn't disappointed with these....enjoy.😊


Hmmmm I have been wanting a waffle maker for a while, thanks for that!!


I hope someone out there benefits from the sale! It's all still full price on the amazon site


Food mixer is a bargain at £53


I have their waffle's fab good deep waffle s and their brand waffle mix is good's in sale too!

Classic popcorn maker  25% off with code £14.99 @ Andrew james
Found 23rd Jan 2018Found 23rd Jan 2018
Classic popcorn maker 25% off with code £14.99 @ Andrew james
Andrew James Classic popcorn maker 25% off with code FFCPM25

Well - I received mine and tried it out. Good: It makes popcorn really fast. No mess, no washing up and very convenient. Looks ok and is more fun. A lot less stressful than making corn in a pan. None of the popcorn flew out into the room - all went into the bowl. Hardly any unpopped which was good and it puffed up nicely. Bad: The popcorn was noticeably soft and chewy. Totally lacking crunch. This same corn cooked in a pan with oil comes out crunchy. Anyway I flavoured it with cinnamon and icing sugar and it tasted ok, just too soft - will need to get used to the texture.


Musssy - Damn, I'd already ended up ordering one after the others posted their comments. I've always made my popcorn in a pan with oil manually but wanted something more convenient and with good results - the popcorn I normally make is really tasty but super unhealthy as I always end up making toffee popcorn for some reason if I'm using the hob. I definitely can't eat popcorn without lots of flavour on it. Also, I looked at the microwave ones, but then saw people on Amazon posting pictures of the glass breaking and smashing on it's own after several uses so that put me off.


Got a similar one. It does the job but I had issue with popcorn flying across the room (minor issue). But for me is the taste that matters. To be perfectly honest, the traditional way taste for much better. Plain popcorn, no oil, the salt won't settle, what's the point? unless you're on a diet. Not a fan of butter on my popcorn, makes it soggy. Now it's doing a darn good job of collecting dust. My advice, save the £15. Use it to buy pretty much anything else and stick to the traditional method or get one that designed for microwave.


We've had this one for a year. The boxs are just paper/card so not really reusable, but the machine itself is well built and worth the money.


I bought one for my daughter for her birthday & we all love it. My wife has butter on her popcorn & she puts a paper towel on the inside of the box for easy cleaning. I personally have mine plain & just fill a large glass bowl (yes a large bowl just for me (popcorn)) For me at £15 you can not go wrong & this is something the whole family can enjoy.

Andrew James - Brilliant Bean to Cup Coffree Machine £85.99
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
Andrew James - Brilliant Bean to Cup Coffree Machine £85.99
Bought ours last year, great company broke the Jug and they send me a new one free of charge 8% Quidco too
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We had 1 of these in our showroom, kept getting clogged up when grinding and the coffee was vile. Don't do it...


I have one of these and id give it miss overall, despite the actual coffee it makes being semi-decent. The coffee it makes on the first cycle is lukewarm. This means you cant just make a cup and drink it. You have to either: - Run a water only cycle through the system once, then make your cup - this is a hassle every time. or - Make a cup, and let it sit on the hotplate for about 5 minutes to warm the coffee up and it will get to a decent temperature. So on average its about 7-8 minutes from turning on the machine to getting a hot cup of coffee and a lot of faffing. The 2nd issue is with the water, there is no removable water reservoir meaning you have to leave water in the machine overnight which goes stale and its also hard to clean Now you might think if I want to make a 2 cup quantity ill just put 2 cups of water in, but the water suction will start pulling air in if there isnt enough water inside the reservoir so you really have to have 4 cup amount of water to make 2 cups, leaving 2 cups of water in the system all the time to go stale and manky.


I have the Igenix version, the reason you don't always get the amount dispensed that you asked for is 2 fold, one is the fineness of the grind directly relating to how much water is retained in the ground beans. Two you need to fill it with slightly more water than you need as it leaves a bit in the bottom. I did have my first machine replaced as it seemed way too out for my liking. If you test it with no coffee in and just let it drip directly through you find you do get exactly what you asked for. Its a good machine and well made, look out for the warehouse deals on these as a better deal can be had.


If you like dishwater. Got to be the very worst way of making coffee. A jug which you probably already have will do better.


As mentioned in my initial post we bought last year and it has been used every day multiple times we buy the Aldi Beans (columbian) everyone who sees it and tries it asks where they can get it so we are very pleased and would buy again

Andrew James Premium 12/17 Litre Digital Halogen Oven with Hinged Lid - Black £53.67 Delivered @ Andrew James
Found 10th Sep 2017Found 10th Sep 2017
Use this code to get this price "NEWTOAJ" Gives you 12% off site wide, for new customers, plus another possible 8% Quidco. Also available in White for £52.79 This has a hinged… Read more

Not surprised, this deal is 14 months old (y)


Promo code not working


We had this deal a couple of weeks ago, believe me the hinged lid is such a space saver, definitely worth the extra money and the digital two hour timer is ideal for cooking meat joints.


I have a halogen oven and like it but no way I'd pay this much for one, hinged lid or not.


I have this one has replaceable bulb too

Luxury 10 piece Boston cocktail set was £29.99 now £16.39 delivered save 44% @ Andrew James
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Luxury 10 piece Boston cocktail set was £29.99 now £16.39 delivered save 44% @ Andrew James
Andrew James Black Friday event is now live with 20% off site wide with code BLACKOUT and free standard delivery on ALL orders. This luxury ten piece Boston cocktail set was… Read more

Thanks for this - a xmas present sorted! Order through Topcashback to get another 9.2% off.


Excellent thanks Christmas present ordered :D

20% off all orders at Andrew James - £38.40 for Fan Heater, £31.20 for Induction Hob
Found 30th Sep 2016Found 30th Sep 2016
20% off all orders at Andrew James - £38.40 for Fan Heater, £31.20 for Induction Hob
I was looking around to buy a fan heater and induction hob (sadly we are an electric-only household), and their Andrew James' reviews on Amazon are good for their heater and induct… Read more
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Thanks, I had been looking on their site as they were cheaper than Amazon for the hinged Halogen Oven but was still undecided. But I've just got one with 20% off (also free delivery). H.A of course.


I love good quality affordable products

Andrew James premium bread now £59.99 identical to Lakelands bread maker plus 17892 Best Buy which
Found 26th Jun 2016Found 26th Jun 2016
Andrew James premium bread now £59.99 identical to Lakelands bread maker plus 17892 Best Buy which
The Andrew James Breadmaker comes with integrated scales and has £10 off with free delivery. This is an identical model to the Lakeland Breadmaker plus 17892 that Which? experts vo… Read more

Is this bread maker easy to operate with a lizard hand? It's a hassle having to change shape to add ingredients.


Very tempted. I don't care much for baking my own bread, but the dough-making is really useful. You can make your own pizza, dim-sum, cake, noodle, amd etc! Wonder if they have a cheaper dough-making machine.


Fresh home baked bread worth every penny :)


Can't see anywhere if it has a retractable paddle? I don't think it does sadly.


Might not have as many functions (and doesn't have the weighing scale), but I bought one of these recently and it's more than up to the job. An extra year's warranty, too - ALDI Premium Bread Maker

Andrew James XXL Teppanyaki Electric Table Grill £29.99 Delivered @ Andrew James
Found 30th Mar 2016Found 30th Mar 2016
Andrew James XXL Teppanyaki Electric Table Grill £29.99 Delivered @ Andrew James
As above. I think this is a bargain for the XXL large super duper size. Ideal alternative to a barbeque - no mess no fuss just plug it and sizzle them sausages :) 2 year warranty… Read more
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i seen these on a gadget so a while ago, they looked really good for the money


Got one of there ice makers, works a treat


X) not at all matchstick lids but it looks like you've already gone to the trouble of checking mine :3


​Ooh, a bit defensive aren't we. Are you going to check my history now?


Bought a slow cooker from them, it arrived faulty, contacted them an a replacement arrived next day - no quibble... Would buy from them again.

Sports and Fitness Sale at Andrew James
Found 5th Feb 2016Found 5th Feb 2016
Sports and Fitness Sale at Andrew James
Found this sale on Andrew James, there are some great sports and fitness products on there at very low prices. I got myself a gym mat, water bottle and foam roller, and they seem v… Read more
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Massive 8 litre Slow Cooker for £26.99 delivered Andrew James
Found 10th Dec 2015Found 10th Dec 2015
Have been trying to find a large family-size slow cooker in time for Christmas. This model gets great reviews on Amazon and ranges in from £35-£50 on the Internet. Andrew James do… Read more
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Just got the red one. Promo code didn't work, but the free delivery alone makes this deal awesome. Thanks xx


Thanks for the post, hopefully i can get a whole leg of lamb in this without having to get the saw out.


Ha ha I was thinking the same thing.. People here just catch themselves out everytime with all the rubbish they post but you can spot the bulls*i tters a mile off!


How are people unable to understand how to use larger pots? oO At the risk of pointing out the obvious, you don't actually have to eat it all in one sitting... I make a huge pot of currys or casseroles with mine, then dish it out into freezer trays. With one session at the weekend I can make enough meals for the whole week for two people, which then only have to be heated up when needed. Usually costs about £15 all in for a kilo of meat, a load of veg and some sauces from Home Bargains, so just over £2 per serving (or £1 per person).


I've got one of these, bought it 18 months ago from Amazon. Very pleased with it

Yoghurt Maker For Fussy Households £21.99 + added bonus of proving dough + 10% off via code + Free P&P Andrew James
Found 10th Dec 2015Found 10th Dec 2015
Yoghurt Maker For Fussy Households £21.99 + added bonus of proving dough + 10% off via code + Free P&P Andrew James
This yoghurt maker is great when not everyone likes the same flavour, like my household. In silver or red with a LCD timer, 12 individual jars with replacements easily purchased, 2… Read more

easy way. 1st time use 2 dessert spoons of natural yoghurt after that save 2 dessert spoons of your own yoghurt you have made. Boil a pint of milk, let it cool a bit (i wait till it just feels quite warm, not hot), stir in the yoghurt, pour straight into a flask and put the lid on, Put the flask in a warm area of the house for 8 hours or so, Give a good shake, Pour into a container (anything you can cover) and put in the fridge. This way i make some fresh every few days.


I normally make a 1 litre tub in an insulated container but everyone in my house like different consistencies and flavours so this is handy to cater for everyone and I use the unit to prove my bread as I have a cold kitchen.


​But you can probably cook. No one makes food from actual ingredients anymore. :)


I do this in a flask. just need to buy natural yoghurt for 50p and a pint of milk.