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Posted 27 November 2022

Andrex Classic Clean Washlets 12 Packs - £12 / £10.50 with Subscribe & Save + 15% Voucher on 1st S&S at Amazon

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£3 off at checkout, stacks with 15% off & 15% off first sub and save.
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    Just using Aldi version (although prefer Lidl version) about 60p, so cheaper, certified fine to flush and 10% more wipes in a packet (40 vs 36).
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    These are one of the only wipes which you can flush. A lot of the wipes say "fine to flush" but actually clog up pipes. These ones are certified "fine to flush", which has been approved by water.org.uk
    A few Amazon brands are as well e.g. presto
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    8.25 for me. Great price.
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    Something to bear in mind is the medical condition Pruritus Ani (Anal itching). This is the reason that supermarkets are now selling wet wipes.

    In Asia it is common for Bidet sprays to be used - basically a mini shower hose to wash the back passage.

    Imagine taking some nutella and smearing it into the floor with cracks. Then just using dry tissue to clean it. It will clean to an extent but there will still be some residual left behind in the cracks... If instead you used some water then it would clean fully and wipe right up.

    Food for thought. Much more hygienic!
    Agreed using water is the way!!
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    There was an extra £3 off at checkout for me so I only paid £7.50!
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    £7.50 S&S Have some heat!
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    Wow worth a wipe at this price
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    £8.25 for me. Thank you 
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    Thank you
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    £7.50 for me! Thank you
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    Same here had random £3 off voucher. £7.50 on S&S thanks for posting
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    For those who can't get these delivered, they're also £1 a pack at Sainsburys/Boots/Waitrose.
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    Up to £15
    £3 is taken off at discount
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    £7.5 for me. Thanks!
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    Thanks OP, £8.25 for me