Andrex Toilet Roll Pack of *45* Rolls - £14.63 @ Amazon via S&S (£17.50 without) and £2 (Auto) Voucher

Andrex Toilet Roll Pack of *45* Rolls - £14.63 @ Amazon via S&S (£17.50 without) and £2 (Auto) Voucher

Found 23rd Jun 2017
45 rolls of cotton like Andrex for less than £15.

Stocked up on 9 rolls at £4 the other day, but can't pass this up as it'll just sit in the airing cupboard waiting to be brought in at a moments notice

Activate the £2 voucher on the product page. Select every 6 months, await dispatch and then cancel the subscription.
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As I usually post on these deals, go for the Andrex quilts which are a few pounds more,and you'll use far less tissues and they'll work out the same or even cheaper
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Never get why these deals go cold.

Am I the only one who likes to buy in bulk?
Great deal thx

3x18 roll nicky farmfoods for £10.
Got those on S&S while ago for £16...
Now cancelled the old subscription and added this instead,two pounds savings can not complain.
Thank you for posting ! Great deal on decent toilet rolls
Asda Shade quilted are £7 for 24 so £14 for 48. The quality is just as good or better than andrex and available to collect anywhere

3x18 roll nicky farmfoods for £10.

​Waitrose Essential Toilet roll is on offer at the moment. Instead of £3.75 for a pack , they are doing them for 2 packs for £6. Plus another 20% off on PYO. That equals a total of £4.50, a total of £3 saved on the 2 packs.

1 pack off Essential in area is equivalent to 1 pack of Nicky. I can vouch that the paper is soft and not thin. When it's on offer like this I stock up.
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3x18 roll nicky farmfoods for £10.

​That rice paper is costing me heat.

thanks for this
I've just got it for £12.70, so now even cheaper!
Can't see where to activate the £2 voucher?
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