Andrex Toilet Roll x4 - 2 Pack (8 rolls) for £3 @ Tesco

Andrex Toilet Roll x4 - 2 Pack (8 rolls) for £3 @ Tesco

Found 5th Feb 2009
As above. That's a good price considered that a pack of 12 cost close to £4.50. I think it's a good deal. Vote however you want...


Not as good as 24 rolls of Charmin in Lidl for £6.49 which has been posted already

DOH! if 8 costs £3...and 12 costs £4.50....where is the deal??

youve got a point karagh1 Voted hot though as I need some loo roll and dont have a lidl

not really a great deal there

the 9 pack + 3 extra free is £4.70

2 x 4 packs are £3.00

so , pence per roll its cheaper to buy 2 x 4 than it is the 9 with 3 extra free.

Triple velvet are £2.77 for 9 in somerfield at the moment which is cheaper than 8 rolls for £3.

at local asda i got 9 x andrex with 3 rolls free (12 rolls total) for £4 last week.
for those who are not close to a netto like me =(

Nicky Rolls 9 for 2 quid at farm foods....just as good


The toilet paper game is one of many cons. There are 4 ways of assessing them:

1. A real bargain is 20p per roll [divide the price by the number of rolls] and don’t let the pennies fool you. Like 23p/roll is not the same-ish as 20p/roll, it is actually costing 15% more and 15% is a massive difference in distribution/big-boy-beancounting;

2. The cardboard core of toilet rolls have slowly increased in diameter over the years which means per roll, you are getting less toilet paper. So the discounts don’t really count for anything unless you get the 20/21p per roll deal;

3. The real way to judge toilet paper is the number of sheets per roll [actually the weight] – if the jokers declare that – and some do. Those who don’t are out to deceive – simple as that;

4. The quality of the paper is another factor. By most botty accounts, Charmin’s bear, say, is probably avoiding their paper – he’s probably got sore-a-titis having been brought up in a universe of fairies and lilac.

In summary, you won’t know where you are unless you are armed with a calculator, looking like some inspector in the supermarket – and even then, you’ll have a hard time nailing the b****rs. Rule of thumb is to get that 20p per roll deal and take no prisoners – but you’ll probably be better-off looking for hen’s teeth – but they do exist – including Bog-ofs. Too-the-loo ...
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