Android Archos Tablet 7" Delivered ONLY £39 - Tablet made for Kids @ Ebay/Tesco Outlet REFURB

Android Archos Tablet 7" Delivered ONLY £39 - Tablet made for Kids @ Ebay/Tesco Outlet REFURB

Found 11th Jan 2014
Archos now introduces the new version of the Archos 7 home tablet. This new tablet comes with a faster processor to speed up all your applications and multimedia playback. The new Archos 7 home tablet comes with the operating system Android 2.1 Eclair, the new version of the famous operating system, providing more reactivity and more applications.
This product is specifically designed to enhance the digital lifestyle at home. The Archos7 home tablet bridges the gap between the Smartphone and the desktop PC to provide always-on access to the web, customization through Android apps, and multimedia content, all in a large-screen format
All our refurbished Tablets are supplied with batteries that have been tested to ensure they hold a charge however we cannot guarantee that the manufacturers advertised maximum battery life can be achieved. Batteries are a consumable item and may need to be replaced within the lifetime of the product
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Ooooold tablet, bad specs, quite overpriced.

256MB ram (which will be near useless these days)
800MHz CPU (very slow)
Android 2.1 (lots of apps won't run on an old OS)
800x480 screen (about as low as tablets get)
8GB storage (probably enough for most people, with added microSD storage as well)

Really, even just for kids this will be terrible.
horrible machine
avoid this tablet, was very bad when I bought it a while back
Depends how much you hate your kids.
It's worth £20 at a stretch...certainly not worth more...unless you're a sentimental nut job !

I'd still not buy one though. Tried one years back and it's utter shizer. Resistive screen is worse than the Archos 5 that I still have.
Had bad experience from Archos customer support over a warranty repair on an Archos 5.

Item should have covered by warranty so I went through their rma rigmarole and sent it to their repair department to have the faulty charge connector repaired.

Archos wouldn't honour the warranty, because I'd got it at a discount which they claimed was unrealistically low.
Instead they wanted £160 for a new mainboard.
When I told them I wasn't prepared to pay, they ripped the connector right off the board before sending it back, just to ensure it could never be repaired.

I will never buy an Archos product again, and wouldn't recommend them to anybody.

I did manage to sell a lot of the bits on ebay though - so at least 4 other people didn't get ripped off as a result.
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