Android keyboard '8pen' now free (was 99p) @ Android Market

Android keyboard '8pen' now free (was 99p) @ Android Market

Found 11th Nov 2010
The Android keyboard alternative 8pen has been made free on the Android market. It was previously 99p and received some mixed reviews, however for free it's definitely worth a go.

App brain link:…pen


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Whoops meant to post this in freebies, have reported for move

I'm intrigued after watching the video.

Will give it a go for a couple of weeks...

Slow downloading but will give it a go

Getting to like it and the ability to add phrases to user defined getsures is good. Saves tping in your email address character by character for example

using swype on my htc desire very good

Looks intriguing. Worth giving a go for nowt. Cheers!

tried it now, and hate it, very rubbish other than the gestures.

Let c. maybe I can do it better then on the keyboard : )
Still better the keyboard then this ap.
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Tried it today. Don't see the point, the standard keyboard is accurate enough, even if I do make the occasional mistake I'm not spending ages drawing circles to get one character.
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