Android UI Design FREEBIE book - packtpub

Android UI Design FREEBIE book - packtpub

Found 1st Nov 2017
Absolute stellar find for someone like myself, who has a few plans in that direction...

"Plan, design, and build engaging user interfaces for your Android applications
  • Take an initial idea for an Android app and develop it into a detailed plan, supported by sketches and wireframes
  • Provide a better experience for your users by following best practices and the new material design principles
  • Work more efficiently and save time by testing your ideas at an early stage by building a prototype"
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Thanks OP
I grab one of these free books most days but they've changed something on their site today.
Couldn't find until I tried your link.
same here...
yh, it wasn't working earlier as the numpties hadn't put the "grab this book" link up on their webpage properly!

i've had it a few times (tbf, not many), but they've usually got it sorted within a few hrs... it certainly is now!
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Looks like they are offering free ebooks every day from today to 7th.
even better than that... they offer free ebooks ALL yr round (incl w/es, & b/hs)!!!
each free ebook is available for 24hrs, starting/ending at midnight UK time.
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