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Android pay rewards - get £10 Google Play credit when you use Android pay three times in two weeks (maybe account specific)
Found 28th Jan 2018Found 28th Jan 2018
Just had a notification on my phone from Android Pay where you get £10 of Google Play credit when you use Android pay three times in two weeks. Moght be account specific, but worth… Read more

Used it during Christmas period. Even won a free coke coupon from m&s lol


Probably need to have your location turned on and frequently be in the vicinity of shops to get this.


Good to know it's at least not just me!...though not sure what we can do about it now :/


I used it in McDonald's today and the first tick lit up green.



£10 credit on Google play for using Android Pay 3 times
Found 28th Nov 2017Found 28th Nov 2017
£10 credit on Google play for using Android Pay 3 times
account specific, I got an email, offering 10£ Google play credit for using my android pay 3 times in 2 weeks. You need to add the code GOPLAY to activate it, It didn't work on … Read more
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It's in the android pay app not the Google play app


Code worked for me. You find the area to enter code in the settings menu


Right, I have used one of these codes recently but my one was GET10. This doesn’t work because it’s account specific. It isn’t only for users who dont often use android pay to encourage them to use it more. If you’re a frequent user, it won’t work


got it, opened up my google pay and it is already there as a promo card. did not have to put the code in. existing user, use it perhaps once a month.


I keep asking people the same question on this site but never get a response :/ Lots of clueless user seems on this site I guess

Win M&S, Greggs, Pizza express or restaurant vouchers up to £50 when first using a VISA card via Android pay
Found 6th Nov 2017Found 6th Nov 2017
Win M&S, Greggs, Pizza express or restaurant vouchers up to £50 when first using a VISA card via Android pay If you haven’t added a Visa card to Android Pay , add one between 24 Oct and 31 Jan . Then, you’ll get an envelope e… Read more
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I've used the free coke and £3/£5 vouchers ok on self service. There's a button that says something like 'mobile promotion' which lets you enter the code. The button shows while you're scanning, not when you go to pay.


No, the self service won't accept the codes - when I entered it didn't work and the shop manager suggested to use the normal counters where they had to enter the codes manually 1 by 1 on all 52 of them - was painful and embarrassing - but hey I cant complain, thats the way they set it up so be it, hope that helps


were you use the self.service tills, if so would you let me know what option you selected. thanks


Picked up my 52 bottles of free coke from the Westfield shop Saturday - it surely got a bit embarrassing as they couldn't quite fathom for a while what I was upto :D


They are for store use only - and the thing which I found out about them much to my disappointment is that they are not gift-cards (coz then you can use them just like normal cash to buy anything) but are rather promotional codes - so just like the latter there are tonnes of exclusions and you can't stack them. You can just about use them on full price items and use them one per transaction - the best way to use them really then is to find stuff worth £3 or £5 depending on the value of the promo code you were planning on using. Its pretty painful to use these really - the ones on the HSBC tap from House Of Fraser or the Costa ones or the ones from Currys on the other hand are all true GC's so can used whichever way you deem fit. Hope this helps....

Use Android Pay 5 times and get a Costa drink up to £3 plus other prizes
Found 3rd Dec 2016Found 3rd Dec 2016
Use Android Pay 5 times and get a Costa drink up to £3 plus other prizes
collect coins for a free Costa coffee up to £3 Get a coin the next 5 times you use Android Pay in stores through 31 December. 5 coins gets you a £3 Costa Coffee gift card Get a cr… Read more
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On your device, make sure you have NFC setting turned on for it to work!


Thanks just used mine this afternoon, by default they will assume it is a loyalty card and it will give some error message like 'not a valid costa membership card', I had to specifically tell them to select 'egift' or something similar to that and rescan it for it to work. Yes, last day to redeem is today.


"PRIZES/GIFTS MUST BE CLAIMED BEFORE 23:59 (GMT) ON 15 JANUARY 2017" Full terms and conditions (they've removed them from their web site, so here's Google's cached copy).


Just tried using £3 card today and they said it was expired/invalid. I ended up paying with cash. Very poor and frustrating experience, as I had to wait 15 minutes in queue and another 15 minutes to get my coffee as they were so busy they forgot about my order. Does anyone know the expiry date? edit: Expiry date is apparently 1 year? Not 100% sure. The code scanned okay made beeping sound, tried scanning it 4 times, beeped each time, so I think it was most likely operator error. Why aren't the staff trained to know about this promotion and how to redeem the codes?!


This worked for me - thanks very much (back to the Co-op for me now) Shame it doesn't pick up on the 5 transactions I already made today trying to get it to work...

2-for-1 Frappuccino at Starbucks with Android Pay
Found 21st Jun 2016Found 21st Jun 2016
2-for-1 Frappuccino at Starbucks with Android Pay
Use Android Pay to buy one Frappuccino (any size) at Starbucks and get another one free. Offer valid only on 21/06/2016 and limited to one per customer.

Seen this advertised on twitter. To be honest, thought it would've been click bait. Voted hot. But you'll still be paying through the nose even at BOGOF.


Ah thanks for that, I saw the offer via Googles blog and totally missed the date! Oh well, good deal for those who did manage to claim it, no starbacks near my work :P



Noticed my nfc chip seems lower down the phone near the base. Works ok on my nexus 6 - is your nfc definitely turned on?


​she can watch me frapping off if she likes (_;)

Android 5.0 Lollipop available for MOTO G - 2nd Gen UK
Found 20th Feb 2015Found 20th Feb 2015
Android 5.0 Lollipop available for MOTO G - 2nd Gen UK
its here for MOTO G 2nd Gen..

Funny you say that .. I always thought that most Phones did/done a 'System Reboot' after any/all System Software Updates/fresh Installations? (the 1 or 2 Phones i've done 'similar' with in the past have done that anyway ..... ) :-)


I believe the 'Back-Up' process ship has well and truly sailed mannnnyyyyyyyy moons ago IF they've already done their 'Upgrade'? (which from where i'm standing, kinda well appears to be the case already?), so ..... Future back-up with what they've accumilated since that back-up however is a whole different 'animal' still ..... hahahahahaha. :-)


Was posted in Misc 2 days ago so not only is it not a freebie it's also spam!


5.0.2 been running fine on my 1st Gen Moto G for weeks now. But this isn't a deal. Nice to read the comments though.



Found 13th Jan 2015Found 13th Jan 2015
You can update your Galaxy S5 using two methods: Kies or Samsung’s FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air) service. To update your device via Kies, connect your device to your computer and us… Read more
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It didn't wipe mine :)


will using samsung kies 3 to update wipe the phone? should i back up first?


Nothing ota but available for o2 handset via kies


What is exactly write to SD, as i can copy to my SD card anything, or am i misunderstanding ? cheers, oh and what are your thoughts on Lollipop, as i have seen a few youtube videos, and i actually like the look of my 4.4.2 better.


Just updated OTA on the G3. Write to SD is still missing. Why is every update a backward step?

Gta 3 android 76p @ Android Marketplace
Found 28th May 2012Found 28th May 2012
Gta 3 android 76p @ Android Marketplace

LOL, actually I was ripping the pee out of the fact that you did not need to tell us (brag) abount your phone, you COULD have simply said that there are two versions for low and high end phones. Instead you took the opportunity to tell us of your greatness.... a typical trait of an iPhone owner, which BTW, I'm not, I have an Android phone...... obviously not as good as yours as I clearly don't earn as much as you (or is it that I dont feel the need to compensate for my small manhood with a fancy phone that will be sent to India in a year when the next "best thing" arrives ;)).


Definition of Upmarket: designed for customers with a high income; towards the more expensive end of the market. Your attempts to goad me into an Apple Vs Android feud have failed...the end


...not as "upmarket" as my iPhone4s :D


playing it now


I suspect the 7p saving comment was made in humour, friends.

PowerAmp full version unlocker for Android £1.26
Found 3rd Mar 2012Found 3rd Mar 2012
PowerAmp full version unlocker for Android £1.26
Poweramp 48h sale, normally $4.99 now only $1.99 Trial version here… Read more
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What version of Rockbox are you using? On the RockBox page it is labelled as "unusable" The latest build hasn't been updated in 7 months and the download link is down.. Edit: Someone else has uploaded their own builds here :)


To fix the audio level out try "Volume+" or if you are rooted (which took me around 5 minutes the other day) you can install "VooDoo Louder" If that isn't enough I highly recommend the Fiio E5 portable amp which costs around £14 Such a gimmick, it's just an EQ preset if it works at all :P


This may fix one of those issues, at your own risk and your mileage may vary...


I too woulda given it a go, as my biggest disapointments with the sgs2 are the audio out level and stock music player. Fwiw I still use a Nokia N95 8gb via 3.5mm h/p out as audio source for the car and home. Nothing i've tried touches it.


Oh FFFF... How I've missed it!!!??? NOOOOOOOO

SlideIt Keyboard App 85% off at Android Market
Found 2nd Mar 2012Found 2nd Mar 2012
SlideIt Keyboard App 85% off at Android Market
Usually £3.78 but now 62p this week only. Been using the demo for weeks and was surprised at the sale so grabbed it immediately. Easily one of the best keyboards for Android device… Read more

if you have a samsung, hopefully all of them have a built in version of swype as my cousin has a GS2 and it has a lighting fast swype type thing on it. its so fast you dont need to get any texting apps. my xperia play also has a built in swype thing but its really not as ressponsive and is slower.


Brilliant app,Thanks.


Swype is free and better :)


Meh, I bought this a while ago and found it not very accurate at all. It's infuriating to use. Swype is completely free and much, much better


if there is a free trial make sure you trial it! I have and it didnt really work for me. I'm too used to nokia symbian T9 its taking ages to adapt to android...! I've tried this: slide it keyboard, thumb keyboard, smart keyboard, itap keyboard, and the default, even the chinese default keyboard which gives you the phone pad! currently using swiftkey x - an older version which is ugly but when you adapt it does SEEM faster. thumb keyboard seems fastest to me, but a few odd keys ruins it.

85% sale of SLIDE IT KEYBOARD on the android market
Found 23rd Feb 2012Found 23rd Feb 2012
85% sale of SLIDE IT KEYBOARD on the android market
Check it on the market. The sale is only this week For more

I tried the trial of this and found it great. Once the trial expired I got the Swype beta (as I assumed they'd be very similar, and expected Swype to be better than SlideIT TBH) Having used Swype for a day I'll certainly be going back to SlideIT. I much prefer the interface and style. If you're unsure, get both this AND Swype and make your own mind up!


I went from Swype, to this SlideIT, back to Swype, then to TouchPal, and stayed on TouchPal ever since. :)


I prefer this over swype but I think swiftkey is better than them both


Got it for 10p during the sales. It's not as good as Swype IMO, but it does work on tablet, and Swype doesn't.


Hot from me though I already have it. I much prefer it to swype. The default settings 'out of the box' aren't the best if you ask me. With a little customisation however its great. if those were changed to the defaults i think more would agree

Sky Go now available on Android!  Finally!!
Found 20th Feb 2012Found 20th Feb 2012
Sky Go now available on Android! Finally!!
TV from Sky on the go available at no extra cost to Sky TV customers TV from Sky on the go available at no extra cost for Sky TV customers Enjoy live TV from Sky on your selected … Read more
Sega - iphone / ipad / Android - Valentines game offers (eg sonic ep 1 android £1.26)
Found 11th Feb 2012Found 11th Feb 2012
Sega - iphone / ipad / Android - Valentines game offers (eg sonic ep 1 android £1.26)
Today we are pleased to present some truly heartwarming deals on popular mobile titles, including the hit HD re-release of Sonic CD - just in time for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’… Read more

I've been getting that when trying to buy an album on iTunes. Not sure why though.


When they say it's being modified, that's when they are often putting the price back up! Shouldn't be the case here though as it's supposed to run through to 14th.


try buying on your pc and then downloading at a later date?


it wont let me purchase sonic cd, saying it is being modified :(


That sounds very good, about time too. Might get this now.

Order & Chaos Online from Gameloft for Android OS £0.69 @ Android Market
Found 4th Feb 2012Found 4th Feb 2012
Order & Chaos Online from Gameloft for Android OS £0.69 @ Android Market
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline also availible for £0.69 and Let's Golf 3 is FREE + some games from Gamevil ZENONIA® - £0.61 ZENONIA 2® - £0.61 ZENONIA 3® - FREE ILLUSIA - £0.6… Read more
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** FREE 3-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION GRANTED at your first log in! You can then renew your allegiance for only $0.99/month, $1.99 for 3 months or $2.99 for 6 months! ** Just for anyone who's considering it :)

PhilK This is the proper link.


You can get zenonia 2 & Asphalt 6 free on getjar

SlideIT Keyboard for 99p in Android market
Found 12th Jan 2012Found 12th Jan 2012
SlideIT Keyboard for 99p in Android market
Although it was available for 10p few days back as part of Android Market's celebrations, it is now available for 99p for those who might have missed it
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free with getjar app


Swiftkey X is miles better! Not a swype style, but amazingly accurate.


Don't bother with this if you have the Samsung Galaxy S2 - the inbuilt Swype keyboard is LOADS better than this in terms of accuracy and use (_;)


FWIW the 2.3.4 update for the 2011 Xperia range includes swipe text input as standard.


Love this keyboard. Guide here for those who dont have swype already on their phone -

Android Sale Apps and Games as of 5th January 2011
Found 5th Jan 2012Found 5th Jan 2012
Android Sale Apps and Games as of 5th January 2011
Just made a quick list of apps and games on sale that I noticed. JuiceDefender Plus 99p Camera ZOOM FX £1.79 Duke Nukem 3D Episode 1 free IM+ Pro 69p HD Widgets £1.49 HDR Camera+ … Read more

Titanium Backup's incredibly powerful and really easy to use, highly recommended! Juicedefender's good although I tend to use Tasker for automation and a few toggles to manually do things as JD tended to annoy me if it had turned something off and I wanted it back on.


TitaniumBackup didn't work for me a few months back so thats why I didn't continue using it but probably ok now.....


It has options to backup: apps, photos, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, sms, mms, system settings, android home, alarms, dictionary, calendar, music playlist.... And compress the apps/photos to take up less space..... You can schedule it to back it up and in the mytoolbox options you can freeze, unfreeze apps and wipe cache and data..... Thanks 7percent, might try that out and see how it is as my battery life has halved since I have moved from gsm only to wcdma/gsm since I now have unlimited internet data......


If network activity is killing your battery try green power. It will switch off Network connections for x amount of time automatically. i.e. my network is on for 5 mins every half hour to check for messages and then it will switch off again.


Titanium Backup. Does a lot more than just backup. Free edition does everything most ppl need, pro version does even more. Needs root though. If you do go for the pro version, it's cheaper to buy it direct from the developer in $ via paypal than buying in £ from android market.

Co Pilot Live Premium UK and Ireland for Android £19.99
Found 4th Jan 2012Found 4th Jan 2012
Co Pilot Live Premium UK and Ireland for Android £19.99
Cheapest I can find for a good sat nav.

There is a very good (if slightly out of date) comparison of all the different satnav applications for Android at this web site. @punkstoner1 - What will your next Hot Deal be? How to shoplift from Tesco? How to steal an old lady's purse? How to break into somebody's house?


WOW! Now, let's hear all the moral maze argument posts .................. LOL


The iphone version of sygic is even cheaper, I think 11.99 euros but I must say that their website is slow as!


A slightly cheaper alternative is sygic, which I use and I must say it is brilliant, so much better than google maps and at 19.99 Euros for UK & Ireland. All maps are downloadable so if you go to Europe you don't have to worry about data traffic.


Yes you can Download/Pre-cache google maps. Whilst in google maps press the menu button and you should have a 'Labs' option, then select 'Precache map area'. You then pick an area and an area with a 10 mile radius is downloaded. Info from this months Android magazine.

Pirates of the Caribbean and NFL Pro 2012 Free on android market
Found 3rd Jan 2012Found 3rd Jan 2012
Pirates of the Caribbean and NFL Pro 2012 Free on android market
Pirates of the Caribbean - Disney NFL Pro 2012 - Gameloft… Read more

Thanks OP Heat


They both want too many ermissions on android. Thanks for the post but I'm not installing.




Boohoo. lol Always free anyway. Add BlackBaron619 on pirates (_;) Heat.



Modern Combat 3 £0.69 @ android market
Found 2nd Jan 2012Found 2nd Jan 2012
Modern Combat 3 £0.69 @ android market
Modern Combat 3 is 69p and apparently its only going to be there for 24 hours, not sure how many hours left.



Sadly, MC isn't available for the Archos tablet I bought from HMV. Tintin game is also 69p as is Uno and Assassins Creed Revelations. Bargains, thanks OP.


YES YES YES HAAAWWWWTTTT i was to buy it 1 hour ago at 4.99 HHOOOTTTT


This should be hot.


why so cold?

Sky Sports Score Centre finally available free
Found 23rd Dec 2011Found 23rd Dec 2011
Sky Sports Score Centre finally available free
Been waiting for this for ages!! Just in time for Boxing day matchs :) On the mobile so a picture would be helpful....anyone.

it's been available on iphone but not android.


Sorry if i've been missing something here but has'nt this been avaialable for free for the last couple of years or am i missing something? The only thing i can presume is it's either just come out for android or it's the actual gillette live moving scores update? Maybe a better title would help peeps out?


They should get some fitness on here like the some of the females sky sports presenters. There is 1 or 2 who are alright


Maybe not the eye candy you might hope for but light years ahead of Garth Crooks and the BBC offering! If only they would get Rodney Marsh back, that would make my Christmas :)


Good looking bunch :{